With UK duo @YESBABEZ ! it’s all about the vocals with fun Bluegrass-flavoured “Round Around”

YES BABEZ!, “Round Around”

You first encountered UK duo Lily and Mick, aka YES BABEZ!, in these blog pages in June with their smile-worthy doo wop-meets-Scandinavian-styled electronica in “Madame Beaujolais”.  The pair returns with the even more decidedly different crowd-pleaser “Round Around”, and hey if Avicii and others can add Country elements to dance music, then YES BABEZ! can flirt with Bluegrass-flavoured indie pop.  The showcase here again is on the effortless vocals, which are imperfectly unpolished and totally suited to the raw Bluegrass and Country tones of “Round Around”.  It’s a brisk 3:25 blast that will win you over like a crisp breeze of morning air.  Check it out at the above link.

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Doo-wop pop’s gonna get you in “Madame Beaujolais” by British duo @YesBabez !

YES BABEZ!, “Madame Beaujolais”

You read that right – London duo Mick and Lily, aka YES BABEZ!, have a flair for fun and it arrives doo-wop pop style with “Madame Beaujolais”.  The song itself is much ado about nothing but in a Bananarama kind of way, and YES BABEZ! dazzle with minimal instrumentation and emphasis on sublimely fine vocals.  I could do without the keyboard sounds which make it sometimes more of an unintended companion to Scandinavian dance pop, but YES BABEZ! have the start of a good thing with “Madame Beaujolais” and I’d definitely like to hear more like this.  Give it a spin at the link above.

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