“You” makes it two consecutive winners for NYC producer @Elementthecity with @Khamarimusic

ELEMENT and KHAMARI, “You” (free DL)

Quickly following up the success of the melodic and free-flowing “Movements”, NYC producer Element (aka Chris Cruz) is back with “You”.  He moves away from dreamy, female-led electronica to a powerful, soulful, male-led release with vocals by Boston singer Khamari.  The production is equally slick but when you have a song simply called “You” the affect is that much more personal.  Khamari has a fantastic voice and Element plays with it a bit for emotional effect that completely works.  So with two delightful and ever-so-different songs in a row, Element shows how fluidly he can move from style to style within the genre, and I look forward to more new songs from him this year!  Like with “Movements” you can download “You” for free for now, so get it while you can at the link above.

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Australia-based @Latchmeresound shines with summery “You”


UK-born, Australia-based producer Latchmere continues to showcase the diverse mix of dance music he can offer with “You”.  While essentially an instrumental with vocal effects, “You” has an summery classic house vibe with some slight hip hop flavour to create a big bounce that makes you feel good when it all meshes together.  It’s pretty straight-forward and immediately likeable 🙂 Be sure to show “You” and Latchmere’s other songs some love by starting with the link up above for a free download.

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“You” is captivating progressive soul from #Toronto-based singer/songwriter @itsJoelmusic

JOËL, “You”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Joël Lemay is back, dabbling this time in acoustic progressive soul with “You”.  You’ll recall that when I wrote about Joël’s “You Fucked Up” last Spring, it received the most blog post views I had in a few years for one post, and the song subsequently reached #12 on the BILLCS Top 30.  “You” is very understated for Joël, after seeing his live show back in November, it seems like it draws on the potency of songs by R&B singers like D’Angelo and Maxwell, and also fits alongside recent songs by the likes of Brandyn Burnette.  Where the song ignites more is about 2/3 of the way through when some wild background vocals surface and bring out a different side to the song.  Be sure to stick with “You” all the way through at the link above to hear more of what the music of Joël is all about. 

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Serenely Soulful: New EP from @AdamExler, “You”



Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Adam Exler is no newcomer to music, as you will tell from the highly professional execution of the songs on his EP, You.  He did trade in a career as a national tennis champion some years ago for music, and more recently received high critical acclaim for his band Everblue.  You is his latest release, and if you could put a dollar value on such splendid, learned, and soulful voices like Adam’s we’d all be rich 🙂

Not only is You so very solid in terms of production and overall sound, but Adam’s songwriting is extremely earnest, something that’s missing often in the songs you hear on the radio.  So while the songs on You aren’t really Top 40 ready, other adult contemporary formats would find favour with the positive messaging behind “Dreamers”, or perhaps the deep down soul of “Rain” or “Inside”, which would slide in comfortably next to Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, or even John Legend, or Frank Ocean.  Country flavour shows up on “Sunshine” and “Crying Time”.  But Adam’s anchor appears to be blues, having been inspired as a youngster to pursue music after hearing B.B. King’s seminal “The Thrill Is Gone”.  I’m going to throw in my own personal obscure comparison to British singer William Topley, whose rock/R&B band The Blessing was one of my joys in the early 90’s.  He since went to some success as a country singer and still performs today.  Check out The Blessing’s video for “Delta Rain” below to see what I mean!

Adam Exler’s music is instantly likeable and should take him to good places in 2014.  Listen to the entire EP on his Reverb Nation page and buy it on iTunes.  

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