“Your Love” by @Cartaofficial will keep you pumped

CARTA, “Your Love”

Shanghai-based producer/DJ Carta is Asia’s #1 DJ at only 23 years old, and “Your Love” is foot-stomping dance bop that will keep you pumped through the Fall festival season.  Carta definitely plays on a familiar formula as the basis for “Your Love”, having some fun with sonic adjustments along the way.  “Your Love” is one of those songs you’ll hear and remember because it begs for colourful flashy lights amid a frenzied crowd of club-goers.  I’ll be happy to wait for an extended remix of this one!

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“Your Love” is big-sounding deep house with retro flavours from NYC’s @MishaKmusic

MISHA K, “Your Love”

Continuing to be a regular name to watch on the club and festival circuits is NYC’s Misha K.  Like a growing number of producer/DJ’s these days, Misha K is also a trained musician on piano, born into a family of Russian classical musicians.  So a steady ear-catching melody is a given, but what drives “Your Love” home is its simple chorus of only a few, but big-sounding, synth notes.  Surrounding it all is an uncredited soulful vocal that seems to be borne out of early 2000’s British or Chicago house music.  Misha K is already a known protégé with the best of them – lately Hardwell and especially Galantis – so “Your Love” is definitely a big attention-getter for clubs.

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“Your Love” by @ENVmusic featuring @LittleNikkisays is an irresistible dance mover ‘n shaker

E.N.V featuring LITTLE NIKKI, “Your Love”

At a time in this year when some of the dance music coming out of the U.S. is starting to sound a tad stale, there is always Britain and the rest of the world to help kick up a storm.  “Your Love” is a rollicking, deft slice of straight-up British electrohouse by E.N.V featuring Little Nikki.  It rarely lets up and takes it up several notches beyond so much downtempo songs that are surfacing right now.  If you want your crowd to keep dancing without any crazy trap or dubstep effects, just add dance radio-worthy “Your Love” to the mix.  Check it out at the link above.

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