About This Blog… and Me Too

The BILLCS Music Blog began in 2009 as the BILLCS Is Tuned-On! blog, and is the online home of the BILLCS Top 30 chart, Bill Smith’s personal chart (formerly the Tuned-On! Top 30), which began in 1998 – yes currently celebrating its 22nd anniversary online!  The blog contains the link and regular posts about the chart, but you’ll also read his views on all things music and entertainment from the past and the present.  There’ll continue to be listings which show Bill’s unique perspective on music and how it got to be what it is today.  Here’s hoping you’ll check in regularly!  The blog has been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch column and is read and followed by many music industry performers, producers, managers, and tastemakers.


Bill Smith is a historian, researcher, chart phile, former college radio station programmer/manager, author, and most of all, MUSIC FAN, from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.   Bill has been following contemporary pop music since age 9 when he began collecting local radio station music charts.  He became a college radio programmer at age 18, managed the station at 20, still graduated from university at 22, wrote two self-published books in his late 20’s… you get the picture.  Time out in the 90’s to  start a family didn’t stop Bill from following music.  With the advent of the Internet, personal chart making and connecting with music buffs all over the world started an entirely different revolution.  The BILLCS Music Blog is the latest piece of the evolution! Bill resides in east Toronto and is the proud father of Ryan and April. He is a recently retired human resources manager in the education field.  Bill has contributed to the two editions of the book “The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia” by Jaimie Vernon.  Bill is also currently music consultant to the Internet Radio station Radio GTA, which showcases music from the blog on Wednesday evenings at 10pm EST in the show “The Big 20”.  Other projects are currently in the works!

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