French producer @Khamsinmusic goes huge future bass with “Second Guess” featuring @Anukamusic

KHAMSIN featuring ANUKA, “Second Guess”

At times sometimes sounding a bit contrary to its lyrics, “Second Guess” comes confidently from French producer Khamsin, who, along with Kidswaste and Rusty Hook, is another member of the collective Slow Hours.  With a major bonus, it features vocalist Anuka, who you’ll remember from her persuasive singing in last year’s “Heavy Hearted” by Murky.  When the song is quiet, the arrangement surrounds Anuka’s voice like a velvet envelope.  But when it’s loud, it’s almost a future bass battle cry complete with knights, catapults, and castles all a rage in your head.  “Second Guess” has a big movie soundtrack with a fairy tale love story of uncertainty.  It will make you shiver and then want to cheer.  Khamsin isn’t about to leave any stone unturned in in this majestic production.  He is definitely one to watch with “Second Guess”.  Add it to your big and loud electronic playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Perfectly Me” by @JamesPoole_ is a jubilant ode to loving yourself the way you are

JAMES POOLE, “Perfectly Me”

UK singer/songwriter James Poole is on to a great thing with “Perfectly Me”.  It’s definitely a bit of parade down Mika Street that truly could go hand-in-hand with that singer’s own recent single about inclusion, “It’s My House”.  For it’s perfectly okay to just be you and love yourself for who you are.  You don’t need to make excuses or adjustments just because someone thinks you should.  It’s all about empowering self-confidence, and James channels this in a gleeful and unbridled performance.  I hope that many listeners will jump on James’ thoughtful messages as well as how fun he gets his points across.  But yeah, this is an anthem Mika didn’t happen to think of writing – James Poole fans will be especially pleased.  Add “Perfectly Me” to your feel-good playlist using the Spotify link up top.

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Austin’s @Renat_music offers a classy and uplifting remix of @iamAlanWalker’s “All Falls Down”

ALAN WALKER featuring NOAH CYRUS & DIGITAL FARM ANIMALS, “All Falls Down” (Renat remix) (free DL)

In a wise choice of a cover to offer us as a “Happy 2018” free download, Austin producer Renat returns with his take on Alan Walker’s recent “All Falls Down” (featuring Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah and British producer Digital Farm Animals).  Out of all of Alan’s subsequent dance hits to the monstrous “Faded” – and bear in mind that he just turned 20 last August – “All Falls Down” should have been the pop hit to follow it up.  Renat puts a classy and uplifting spin on the song featuring a lot of staccato high notes and synth washes to create a bigger, shinier sound for the song.  In addition to opening for acts in concert like The Chainsmokers in recent past, Renat also had the opportunity to open for Alan Walker last year, and so what better tribute could there be than an upscale and highly complimentary remix.  Get “All Falls Down” for free at the link above.

“White Lies” is fresh pop with intrigue from Dutch duo @TheHim

THE HIM, “White Lies”

Alternating between true club bangers like “Everybody Hurts” and pop morsels like “Always”, Dutch duo The Him (Jeroen and Steven) are back with “White Lies”.  The song definitely has more of a dance/pop flavour but remixes could help it shake down on the dance floor too.  An uncredited male vocalist sings an intriguing tale of a potential hook up that could lead to much more if the object of his desire wants it.  The Him embellish it all with airy vocal effects and a fluid bass line that anchors the song at its key moments.  The Him keep cranking out great songs and in turn are a crowd-pleasing presence in concert.  Watch 2018 to be a breakout year for The Him!  Add “White Lies” to your mid-tempo playlist of mysterious pop/dance songs at the Spotify link above.

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NYC-based duo @weareAnden return with progressive electronica of “Retrograde”

ANDEN, “Retrograde” (extended mix)

NYC-based producers/remixers Anden (aka brothers Pete and Tom) follow up the originals they released in 2017 with possibly their most dynamic song yet with the progressive-sounding”Retrograde”, which is featured on the EP Unified Vol. 7 jointly with songs with Max Ruby.  Definitely go with the 7 minute extended mix of “Retrograde”, which starts with a slow-burn tribal introduction but proceeds to show off a lot of inspiration from 80’s electronic music that would stand comfortably beside songs of that era by Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby or Jean-Michel Jarre.  There is an abundance of contemporary flash with a barrage of flowing synths and minimalist-styled vocals that will keep you entertained.  Add “Retrograde” (extended mix) to your playlist of electronic wizards at the Spotify link above.

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Hip hop inflected European deep house will have you grooving to “Multiply” by #IDEO featuring @JPaulished

IDEO featuring JPAULISHED, “Multiply”

“Multiply” is one of the more intriguing songs to kick off 2018 that caught me off guard listening to it repeatedly over the holidays.  It brings Italian producer/DJ Ideo together with American hip hop vocalist JPaulished for a hot one-of-a-kind dose of fun that will both engage club DJ’s and listeners.  Although the song is 5 minutes long, Ideo switches it up so much that you want to know what will keep coming next.  JPaulished’s gritty vocals don’t start to appear until about halfway, which is an interesting production angle, but it really makes the song come alive when other songs would be ending.  Club DJ’s can pick or choose what parts of the song to mix into a set, they will all work.  “Multiply” is a surprise that totally slams hard with lots of bounce, from our friends at Balmung Digital Recordings, and you can check it out at the link above.

Canadian rockers @Kapturmusic are back with powerful “Spirit” and a unique lyric video

KAPTUR, “Spirit”

St. Catharines, Ontario rock quintet Kaptur are back with the first of several new songs to come in 2018, “Spirit”.  It’s a potent, well-played high-energy rocker to please any fan of current rock music that takes its jumping off point from groups like Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, and Korn. What makes this release even more interesting is the clever lyric video that accompanies the song.  It was made with a Critter & Guitari Video Scope, a video synthesizer which allowed them to feed a variety of images to be set against the oscillating waveform of the song.  Check it out at the You Tube link above, and watch for more from Kaptur soon!

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Disco and funk vibes are alive and well in “Patagonia” by UK trio @Patawawa

PATAWAWA, “Patagonia”

Although the UK has been noted for many wonderful R&B/soul and dance artists since the 1970’s, you’d hardly think that a broad, funky slice of disco like “Patagonia” would come from an electronic UK trio from Matlock in Derbyshire like Patawawa.  It’s from their upcoming EP called Bedroom, and “Patagonia” is just so refreshing with a lot going for it in a cluttered dance music market.  Members Sam and Rory start off the song with soul-influenced vocals complementing a snappy funk rhythm that reminds me of Penguin Prison or Dan Black from earlier in the decade, along with a catchy chorus.  Then BLAMMO in comes the secret weapon of Beth Garrett’s vocal where one would not expect it, at around the 1:20 mark.  I like that “Patagonia” takes risks like that while still being blissfully entertaining because you’re going to want to hear Beth’s voice again… and you shall 🙂  Patawawa will easily draw you in to all of the intrigue of “Patagonia” so make sure you listen above and watch for the EP to drop on January 26.

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“Turn It Up” has NYC’s @PenguinPrison back in strong form


It made an inauspicious arrival back in the Fall, but after the onslaught of November and December releases, January is a good time to get reacquainted with “Turn It Up”, the first new music in over two years by NYC’s ever-talented Penguin Prison.  PP – aka singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist Chris Glover – sounds very fresh again on “Turn It Up”, recalling many of the best songs from his 2011 debut album.  2015’s Lost In New York took on a more pure pop vibe, and “Turn It Up” combines that with infectious guitar riffs and memorable electronic effects.  While I expect we’ll have more new songs soon, let’s hope PP follows them up with an EP – more Penguin Prison is always worth an extra wait.  Check out “Turn It Up” at the Spotify link above and add it to your playlist of songs with great guitar hooks.

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Dizzying confusion of “Caving” radiates in a @SpekeroftheHouse remix by @Justin_Caruso featuring @JamesDroll

JUSTIN CARUSO featuring JAMES DROLL, “Caving” (Speaker of the House remix)

While he’s subject to receiving nasty erroneous tweets and messages meant for Paul Ryan, L.A.-based producer/remixer Speaker of the House has a great ear for melody and providing a balanced remix.  Justin Caruso’s latest, “Caving”, is a perfect case, carried by an amiable and expressive vocal by Nashville-based singer James Droll.  Lots of high end sounds make “Caving” sparkle, and the focus on a bright and uptempo rhythm contributes to the confusion that the lyrics in the song are facing.  It’s a well-rounded remix that you should check out and add to your summery Spotify dance playlists at the link above.

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