#BILLCSTop30 #503 – February 20/17

The new music keeps coming and the last chart’s runner-up takes the pole position this time… but what will follow it in the coming weeks? The new music keeps coming and the last chart’s runner-up takes the pole position this time… but what will follow it in the coming weeks?
The Top 10

  • So much is happening for The Chainsmokers after their Grammy win for Best Dance/Electronic Song for “Don’t Let Me Down” (featuring Daya). An album is forthcoming and it will consist entirely of new music, which they apparently are previewing while in Europe. In the meantime, “Paris” has followed “Closer” to the top of this chart while official remixes of the song have arrived by Pegboard Nerds, VINAI, LOUDPVCK, Jewelz & Sparks, Party Thieves, and FKYA!
  • As another song featuring his wonderful voice lands on the chart, Victor Perry moves up 6-4 with his piano cover of Everything But The Girl’s “Missing”. In even better news, Tunecore, through its new label Wunder, has officially released the song, which was previously available as a free download. If you haven’t got it yet, buy it!
  • There’s so much buzz about The Netherlands’ San Holo on the EDM scene that he’s already landed spots in a number of American EDM festivals! In the meantime, his song “Light” continues to find new friends and advances 9-5.
  • Felix Cartal continues with two songs on this chart, the highest being “Drifting Away”, featuring Ofelia K., which is great for imagining a drive down one of the U.S. coasts. It climbs 8-6.
  • “Sleeping In”, that splendid new song by L.A.’s Phil Good is remixed by Sean Turk to reimage what else you might do when you claim you’re sleeping in on a Sunday morning. It moves up 12-8.
  • L.A.’s Mahalo climbs an important notch to #10 for “Be My Love” featuring a beautiful vocal by Cat Lewis.

Movin’ On Up

  • Continuing to delight us from her EP Now You See Me is Molly Moore with the atmospheric “Imaginary Friends”. As remixed by both Pluto and TELYKAST, it rises 14-11.
  • Right behind “Imaginary Friends”, as it has been for the last few charts, is Germany’s JPB featuring England’s Luke Cusato on vocal with the heartfelt “For You”, up 15-12.
  • The fastest riser on the chart belongs to another German performer, producer/guitarist Koni, who is one half of Saxity (at #7 with “Brothers”) and charted last year as a remixer of “Burn Fast” by Bryce Fox, which peaked at #15. Now with vocalist Danelle, Koni is at his best with the simple pop/dance mix of the engaging “Mad About You”, which soars 23-13.
  • “Memories Of You” is one of the most deliberately mysterious songs on the chart as brought to us by Miami’s Alyx Ander featuring a seductive vocal by Srey Davi. It glides 19-15.
  • All of the last chart’s debuts besides “Mad About You” are well on their way at #20, #21, and #22 respectively: “Windswept” the epic progressive EDM song by L.A.’s Crywolf (above), now on tour; another mysterious song by Toronto’s Blajk called “Lethal” (below); and the whimsical remix by Christofi of Elohim’s “Hallucinating” (also below).


  • Collaborating with Germany’s Levi, American singer/songwriter Victor Perry is on point with cool restraint on “Sail” which arrives at #24, to accompany #4 “Missing” on the chart.
  • Toronto’s rising Loud Luxury pairs up with fellow Torontonian Ryan Shepherd for “Something To Say”, which is a UK house-inspired redux of Craig David’s “Fill Me In” in disguise, and it is glorious, remixed by Ti√ęsto no less!! It bows at #25.
  • I’m so excited about the arrival of this song that I wrote about recently that it lands on my chart a few days before official release. Brandyn Burnette’s adventurous progressive soul-meets-hip hop in “Manifest”, from the upcoming Feature Films EP, premieres at #29, just as “Plans” featuring Brandyn with Elephante leaves the chart after a mandatory 10 appearances.
    • The more you hear “Know Myself” by Denmark’s Owkey but featuring UK vocalist Ashdown, the more it will stick in your head. Everyone can relate to this song and its melody is quite memorable. It debuts at #30, accompanying another release by Heroic (“For You” by JPB at #12) on the chart.

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“Come First” is breezy fun by @TerrorJrmusic as remixed by @KidFroopy

TERROR JR., “Come First” (Kid Froopy remix)

“Come First” by trio Terror Jr. as remixed by the elusive Kid Froopy is a quirky bit of breezy fun with some punchy guitar riffs that will pull at your ears and make you sway. ¬†This is a next level official remix released by Atlantic that focuses on making “Come First” playful with a shiny, arpeggio-laden melody¬†and a fair bit of repetition. ¬†This may give it a bit of a short shelf like but you’ll be guaranteed to keep coming back to it. ¬†Kid Froopy’s remix of “Come First” is definitely a fine early evening song to successfully coax folks onto the dance floor. ¬†Check it out above and pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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France’s @iamCocovan returns with memorable ‘glam pop’ “Summer Nights”

COCOVAN, “Summer Nights” (free DL)

Last summer I introduced you to the multi-talent that is singer/songwriter/video director Cocovan with her delightful, summery pop song “Chic (Someone To Love)”. ¬†She returns with an equally bright-sounding but more reflective song – labelling it quite appropriately as ‘glam pop’ no less – with “Summer Nights”. ¬†It’s perfect as we are about a month away from Spring to think back upon summer romances gone by with a sigh. ¬†Cocovan once again instills an honest and committed emotion in “Summer Nights” that could easily perk up the casual music listener. ¬†The song also has a lot of focus on the rhythm, and you can visualize it being played at a late night beach party. ¬†Be sure to get it for free at the link above.

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“Red Light” is a terrific party slammer from Australia-based @Latchmeresound featuring @missAmyPearson

LATCHMERE featuring AMY PEARSON, “Red Light”

There’s always interesting dance music coming from Down Under as history will frequently present itself, and transplanted Brit Latchmere has a banger with “Red Light” featuring fellow Brit singer Amy Pearson. ¬†“Red Light” indeed is all about being played under the shiny disco ball and accompanying light show, with Amy’s vocal reminding me a lot of Rita Ora. ¬†Latchmere’s releases in the past year have been switching it up a fair bit, but seem to be at their best when they’re crunchy with bubbling synths and propulsive¬†drum rhythms. ¬†“Red Light” will slide handily into any house mix wanting to shake it up for a solid three minute ride. ¬†Latchmere has another one deserving your attention here, so check it out at the link above.

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Snappin’: Progressive, trap-influenced “Portrait” by @Bamfsounds

BAMF, “Portrait” (free DL)

“Portrait” by London electronic artist Bamf is a song that could easily get lost if the sum of most of its parts was wrapped around the more quiet elements of the song. ¬†After a real long tease of a slow start, Bamf gives listeners a BAM all right with an instantly potent¬†synth drop right before the minute mark and by then you’re curious as to what “Portrait” is all about. ¬†It’s essentially an instrumental that relies on a wildly creative mix with many percussive moments to keep it flowing. ¬†“Portrait” becomes one of the more unique songs out there as a result and is well worth checking out at the link above, where you can download it for free.

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“Manifest” is direct hip hop/progressive soul from @BrandynBurnette’s “Feature Films”


Brandyn Burnette continues to find unique ways to deliver his contemporary progressive soul takes on important messages. ¬†“Manifest”, the second dip into the upcoming “Feature Films” EP, is about trying to head off what are normally everyday¬†problems before they start and ultimately fester, but what does that really mean in terms of living life in today’s world? ¬†It’s one of Brandyn’s most philosophical offerings to date, this time featuring hip hop verses as well as spoken word, which also makes this particularly¬†personal. ¬†The song it reminds me most of what he’s released so far is the hip hop remix of “I Wanna Be (Free)”. ¬†Brandyn continues to be one-of-a-kind, seemingly carrying his own flag, but if you listen much closer, that flag is for all of us.

Gripping, cinematic “Warrior” comes from Grammy-nominee @SteveJames with vocal by @Lights

STEVE JAMES featuring LIGHTS, “Warrior”

While it has a somewhat common Asian theme to its melody, the latest from Grammy nominee Steve James (for co-writing Justin Bieber’s song “Purpose”) comes with a huge win of an assist from another Canadian, the award-winning Lights! ¬†Her vocal is suitably ferocious, actually recalling fellow countrymate Alanis Morissette at her fiercest. ¬†It’s a big cinematic story – maybe an accompanying video will surface – with a lot of rock flavour mixed into Steve’s complex production. ¬†Steve James and Lights are definitely a winning force together with “Warrior” ūüôā

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“Stay Up Late” is the latest potent R&B/Dance original from @MonsieurAdi” featuring #Red

MONSIEUR ADI featuring RED, “Stay Up Late”

I’m hoping that with “Stay Up Late” we will hear much more from the ever-talented French (but often U.S.-based) producer Monsieur Adi, about whom I’ve written so many times since 2010. ¬†After 2013’s amazing “What’s Going On” with A*M*E, Monsieur Adi’s releases and even remixes were very select (albeit Katy Perry’s “Rise”though…), but when they did arrive we continued to be blessed with top notch original productions with fine vocalists. ¬†“Stay Up Late” though has managed to get¬†the attention of long-time dance label Robbins Entertainment. ¬†It’s almost like Adi picked up where “What’s Going On” started, with “Stay Up Late” featuring another potent but controlled and soulful vocal by Red, and his production being suitably recognizable with its percolating rhythm and synths building with¬†such a distinguished orchestrated effect. ¬†Listen up top and also check out the extended mix.

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As love and mind connect: “Brainheart” by @LucienDante

LUCIEN DANTE, “Brainheart”

In 2015, one of the most unique and refreshing albums I heard was Lucien Dante’s Our Of We, an independent release which yielded one of my favourite songs of that year, the completely enchanting “Black Water”, which featured an easy going, expressive vocal. ¬†That was followed up by an animated video of the song as well as another video for “Love Me Lessons”, which celebrated young people having a joyous blast¬†together without attention to gender, clothing, etc., just being who they are. ¬†It definitely set the stage for where Lucien, now based in L.A. after relocating from Chicago, is heading with “Brainheart”. ¬†The song is about how love and the mind connect, when emotions and thoughts are¬†synchronized to a point and you revel in being with your partner. ¬†Lucien is extremely ambitious – producing, writing and mixing this song, as well as being a painter, sculptor and clothing designer. ¬†“Brainheart”, in addition to its loving lyrics, is completed with a bright, feel-good melody and a more assured vocal. ¬†Watch for more about Lucien Dante as the year goes on, including the possibility of a tour.

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Insanely prolific @CosmosnCreature return on #EDM songs by @TwoFriendsmusic and @PLSandTYbased

The duo of Cosmos & Creature, aka Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette, are so insanely prolific with their own recent and upcoming solo releases, being featured on other artists’ songs, and having side project Cosmos & Creature also release its own songs and be featured as well! ¬†How they stay on top of all of this, I don’t quite know. ¬†But everything Molly and Brandyn create has high quality rubber-stamped on it!

TWO FRIENDS featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Out Of Love”

Their pairing with L.A.’s Two Friends is on a new original by the in-demand and frequently touring production/remix duo¬†called “Out Of Love” for Spinnin’. ¬†It may be at the same time Two Friends’ most chilled out and anthemic song yet that’s also enhanced by some saxophone riffing. ¬†Brandyn’s self-reflective leads the way on this one while the crowd-pleasing chorus will have you swaying away.

PLS&TY featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Good Vibes”

Also chilled out but with a more hip hop flavour¬†running through it is “Good Vibes” by another L.A. producer, PLS&TY (that’s ‘please and thank you’), for the PMRD label. ¬†PLS&TY has had his¬†own share of steady¬†remixes with a few originals under his¬†belt. ¬†In “Good Vibes”, Molly and Brandyn trade off vocals in a song that will set a positive stage for whatever you want to do, whether it’s a lazy Sunday or the start of an evening at a club. ¬†They’re countered¬†with a slick dubsteppy break that totally suits the song to give it some bounce.

Listen to both at the Spotify links above, and watch for Cosmos & Creature’s follow up to their debut single “Young” very soon! ¬†Cosmos & Creature are also touring with Call Me Karizma on dates throughout select U.S. cities in March and April.

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