“What We’re Made Of” is an inspiring hot new banger from @itsDaveEdwards featuring @MarkAsari

DAVE EDWARDS featuring MARK ASARI, “What We’re Made Of”

The year continues to close out with some real gems, and I’ve been waiting especially for this one after hearing an early version of it some time ago.  NYC producer/remixer Dave Edwards is now coasting the path of original music and what a triumphant start he has with “What We’re Made Of” for Tipsy Records.  It features the earthy and urgent tones of Ghanaian UK-based singer Mark Asari, and with some highly creative synth work make it sound like an almost-sequel to Armin van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like”.  “What We’re Made Of” is an inspiring ode to determination and keeping up all those good fights that we know can suffer if we give up too easily.  It’s an immediate call to the dance floor that can be an easy high point of the evening for club DJ’s who built up to it.  Plus it is so pop and radio-friendly that listeners will wait to hear it again and again.  Dave Edwards has it in the bag with “What We’re Made Of” and you can support it by listening above, playlisting it, and picking it up at your favorite online digital store.

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You’ve never liked “Hollywood” as dark and intense as brought to you by @iamDNMO featuring #Nevve

DNMO featuring NEVVE, “Hollywood”

At only 16, British producer DNMO has already been named by Soundcloud as one to watch for in 2018.  And if there’s a record to help crush that honour in only the best ways it’s his latest called “Hollywood” for Deadbeats Records.  It’s a dark, intense, grinding feat of electronica featuring the always resplendent vocals of Nevve, whose best recent work has been with the likes of Illenium and Elephante among others.  “Hollywood” goes by in such an instant at only 2:18 but it’s crammed with everything hard and loud that a lot of lovers of the genre enjoy.  Maybe some remixers should be enlisted for an extended version or two?  In any event, DNMO’s “Hollywood” is an enticing signpost of what’s fresh and defiantly futuristic.  Check it out at the link above.

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L.A.-based singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor @iamaxelm creates another winner with “Talk To Me”


Ever since I heard “Wasted My Love” earlier this year, I’ve been anticipating whatever L.A.-based singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor might release next.  It went on to “Out Of My Head” – along with “Wasted”, two of my most favourite songs of the year – and more recently his collaboration with Louis Vivet on the retrospective “Hit Rewind”.  With “Talk To Me” Axel shows that like many fine songwriters, he looks for that moment in time or that crucial scenario to which so many people can relate.  Along with a really enjoyable video, “Talk To Me” is about unrequited love which now seems to be complicated by distance that comes through loud and clear through texting or Facetiming.  But, standing invitation notwithstanding, then what?  Axel has some of the sweetest vocal tones I’ve heard all year which draw you into every one of his songs.  Like “Wasted” and “Head”, “Talk To Me” offers a lot, including a charming, buoyant rhythm, and it goes a long way.  Watch out 2018!

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Cozy and funky “Space For Us” comes from NYC’s @itsWingtip and UK vocalist @YOUNGR

WINGTIP featuring YOUNGR, “Space For Us”

Rising upstarts Wingtip and YOUNGR are off to instant collaborative success with “Space For Us”.  It’s a cozy, funky slice of mid-tempo dance music to keep you that much warmer this winter.  New Yorker Wingtip uses a classic melody structure and some ear-catching, uncomplicated-sounding effects to counter and enhance British singer YOUNGR’s inviting, versatile vocal (accent, what accent?).  The theme of everyone belonging and being welcome is starting to emerge readily in new music, whether its in a play for romance or about having a party.  Wingtip is getting some fabulous recognition – from the likes of Giorgio Moroder no less in the form of another recent collaboration.  But I definitely think this in-sync pairing of Wingtip and YOUNGR shouldn’t be a one-time deal.  Check out “Space For Us” at the Spotify link above.

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Infatuation gets an emotional reading in “These Days” by @iamJamesCarter1 feat. #ZoeMaxwell

JAMES CARTER featuring ZOE MAXWELL, “These Days”

Young UK producer James Carter’s star continues to shine with the emotional electronic beats of “These Days” featuring singer Zoe Maxwell.  It follows James’ sultry “Lost Without You” but on a jazzier tip at times.  The song is about the singer’s infatuation with a guy who leaves her but keeps coming back, and she keeps letting him.  The melody plays on that same constant emotion which throbs when you’re in it.  However when you’re outside looking in, you want to shake some truth into the affected person.  Zoe’s vocals use songs like San Holo’s “Light” or Chet Porter’s “Stay” as jumping off points, but it’s the sum of all of its parts that really elevate “These Days”.  And the recent newsflash that James now has an official remix out for no less than Rihanna for her latest single “Consideration” makes the future look even brighter for songs like “These Days”.  Check it out at the link above.

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L.A. alt.rockers @DanaAndTheWolf return with complex and moody guitar-soaked “Him”

DANA AND THE WOLF, “Him” (free DL)

Taking some serious cues from modern rockers who started in the 90’s like Fiona Apple or Garbage, but with some humble folk roots at the song’s core, L.A. duo Dana And The Wolf return with “Him”.  It’s a deep, complex, guitar-soaked song of many moods that on one hand talks about distancing oneself from religion but on another parallels what might be going on in a relationship too.  “Him” is not for everyone but singer Dana Hobson and guitarist/producer Daniel Wolf definitely set out to make a real conversation piece, led by a rich and sometimes hard-hitting vocal and impressive guitar work that grinds the song to its biggest edges.  Give “Him” a good solid listen and strike that conversation by downloading it for free at the link above.

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#BILLCSTop30 #524 – December 11, 2017

This is the second last chart for me of 2017, and is also blog post 1,701!!

The five entries from two weeks ago make distinct impressions, causing some songs to stop rising or to fall.  As a result too there are only two new songs on the chart.

Two weeks ago I was in a rush to get the blog post up and for the first time didn’t post song links.  With this post the song links are back 🙂

The Top 10

  • The classic house of Latchmere’s “Need Your Heart” (above) is enough to keep it up top for a third appearance, guaranteeing it a high placing on my year end list, which will be posted before year’s end.  Latchmere also bookends the Top 10, with “Monster” (featuring Dylan, below)) climbing a notch to #10.
  • Shoffy’s delightful, thoughtful “Flags” (featuring Yuna, above) rises 3-2 but will be in a battle for the top in two weeks.  Also check out the video for his song “Motions”  (below) from his self-titled album.

  • The powerhouse on the chart though is Miguel, from one of the finest albums of 2017, War and Leisure, with “Pineapple Skies” (above) the fastest riser tearing up the chart 27-3, even surpassing “Sky Walker” (featuring Travis Scott, below), which is still moving up 8-6.  I can’t wait to hear it all in concert in March 🙂

  • Alyx Ander’s “Wake Up For The Night” (featuring Caroline Pennell) surpasses the #5 peak of Alyx’s “Memories Of You” from earlier this year, climbing 6-4.
  • The Him get their third Top 10 song on this chart with the gorgeous and emotional “Everybody Hurts”, featuring Australian singer Ivy Adara, rising 15-9, and it’s still available as a free download!  Big things coming for The Him in 2018!!

Movin’ On Up

  • New York-based British singer YEBBA continues her rising double presence on the chart with the unique and lovely “Evergreen” up 18-13 (above), and her duet with Sam Smith from The Thrill Of It All “No Peace” also climbing 23-17 (below).

  • Don’t forget to check out the fun animated lyric video for “Free” by singer/actor Carlos Nóbrega featuring JVEL from the fine album The Art Of Making Love, up a notch to #15.
  • Dzeko’s biiiig sounding cover of Seal’s “Crazy” in its Tiësto Big Room remix gets trapped mid-chart and moves up 21-16, but watch out in two weeks…

  • The other trio of deep house songs to debut two weeks ago follow each other up the chart.  Loud Luxury’s “Body” (featuring Brando, above) just debuted on Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart and rises 28-18.  Nora En Pure’s luscious and emotional “Tears In Your Eyes” (below) is up 29-19, while Ryan Shepherd’s down and dirty “Right Now” (featuring Dirty Hary, also below)  is right behind climbing 30-20.


  • My 1,700th blog post belonged to “Small Talk” by Giiants, a great danceable pop song to watch for in 2018, with more to come from the talented trio and the other artists they are involving in this project.  “Small Talk” arrives two days after official release at #23.
  • L.A.’s waitwhat became a duo earlier this year, which was a real turning point for Troy Skinner’s original project.  With the addition of Damon Dokhani, they complemented each other’s strengths, and after some interesting remixes they arrived at an infectious original “Alive”, featuring vocalist Rielle.  “Alive” premieres at #26.

View the full BILLCS Top 30 right here, and be sure to click on the photos to hear all of the songs.

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“Small Talk” by new L.A.-based trio #GIIANTS is massive pop waiting to happen

GIIANTS, “Small Talk”

December brings us one of the finest songs you’ll hear going into 2018 in any genre.  It’s “Small Talk” by new L.A. production/songwriting trio GIIANTS for Tipsy Records.  “Small Talk” is the kind of song that makes songwriting sound easy when actually writing something so breathtakingly simple is in fact so hard.  Anyone who has often gone to a party and finds themselves standing and talking to no one for what might seem like a long time to others knows the feeling of being unable to make small talk, usually because it’s not interesting or doesn’t come naturally.  The lyrics capture this sentiment beautifully.  Another reason why “Small Talk” sounds like a hit out of the box is that the trio of GIIANTS have loads of experience as producers, songwriters, remixers, and singers in previous projects.  In time who they will be unveiled – if you want to try to put pieces together head over to their new Facebook page – but I will say that I’ve written about some of the trio over many years of these blog pages.  GIIANTS is a much more straight ahead pop project surrounded by finely honed synth work.  There is more coming with different vocal mixes amid variations of irresistible danceable pop.  GIIANTS are ones to listen for and who could ask for a better start than “Small Talk”.  You’ll want to playlist it immediately using the Spotify link above.

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Baltimore/Washington DC pop duo @CasuEncounter launches with self-titled debut featuring “Kerosene” (video)


CASUAL ENCOUNTER, self-titled album

CASUAL ENCOUNTER, “Kerosene” featuring JOE BENNY and PLAYIN’ FIELDS (video)

Bret is the singer and Raivis is the producer, and you can have a look at both members of duo Casual Encounter in their video for “Kerosene” (featuring production assists from Joe Benny and Playin’ Fields).  The song hails from their self-titled album, which revels in many inspiring songs set to pop or tropical dance rhythms, not entirely what you might expect to come out of the Baltimore/Washington DC area.  But Casual Encounter know what they want to achieve and can do well with familiar-sounding songs told in different but interesting ways such as “Dancing In The Rain”, “Night To Remember” (also featuring Playin’ Fields and an irresistible chorus), “Keep On Fighting”, and another one that happens to be called “I Like Me Better” (but with different subject matter).  “Kerosene” however is likely the song on the album that aims more directly at a pop audience with on-point imagery brought to life in a well-shot and edited video that might leave your heart in your stomach near the end.  Check it out at the link below, and Casual Encounter’s full album of songs is yours for the listening and playlisting at the Spotify link above.


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Funky and fresh from France: “Watch Me Dance” by @SaraCostamusic featuring @OpeSmith

SARA COSTA featuring OPÉ SMITH, “Watch Me Dance”

“Watch Me Dance” is a delectable feast of 70’s and 80’s-styled jazz-influenced R&B that just happens to come from France, courtesy of producer Sara Costa and featuring the smoky and gritty style of singer Opé Smith.  Opé’s often deep, gracious, and natural tones compliment the lyrics about a relationship that’s collapsing, and how the subject isn’t having any of it.  Sara Costa has been well-established in Europe for many years, and like many of the women producer/DJ’s I’ve written about this year, it’s about more than just NERVO and Krewella – their time is coming for worldwide impact.  Sara crafts a classic disco/R&B rhythm with organic sounds, with emphasis on horns and piano, making the song retro yet quite current-sounding all at once.  “Watch Me Dance” comes out of Sony France but with international appeal.  Check it out at the link above.

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