Tuned-On! Top 30 #351 – April 25/11

I’m going out on a limb, but I think “Popular” by Sweden’s Eric Saade could be the first worldwide smasheroo arising out of the Eurovision contest in years.  The theme is so universal that I think it can conquer all shores in time.  That having been said, of course it sits atop of my personal chart this week and looks to reside there for a long stay.  And I love the “Beat It” inspired choreography in the video above!  With all focus on the title track from his upcoming album Do It In The A.M., which debuts at #25 this week (and you can follow the promotion of it at Cherrytree Records’ site), that leaves the previously free download of “Hurt You Again” at #2 – I’m hoping the song will appear on the album… it’s too good not to make the cut!

The Top 10 is just loaded with great songs.  Adele’s “Someone Like You” rises to #4 while the 2011 anthem “Rolling In The Deep” slips to #6.  That other anthem, “Born This Way” by Lady GaGa climbs to #7, while the simple spot-on alternate rendition by Elouise moves up 21-15.  Kyle Brylin’s hypnotic “Everything I’m Missing” joins the Top 10 by moving 12-8, along with Mirrorwriting’s second single from Jamie Woon called “Lady Luck” (14-9), and “The City” by Patrick Wolf (#10) from the upcoming long-awaited Lupercalia.

Catchy, irresistible, infectious… there are so many songs out right now that fit that bill as we head into warmer weather where I live.  You must get by at least two or three listens for “Stupid” by Databoy to sink in.  This is what smart fun is all about, and the song is the fastest riser on the chart this week, soaring 25-16.  Right below is Toronto-based Shawn Desman’s latest, “Electric”, which climbs 22-17.  Nelson Clemente’s dark and sexy “No Protection” moves up 28-23 and makes a good mix with “Everything I’m Missing”.  Nelson’s”You’re A Star” will also see release on iTunes within the next few weeks.  And if you didn’t get to hear the Nicki Minaj/Kesha remix of Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends”, you can find it below courtesy of Jon Ali’s blog.  It becomes her biggest hit on my chart moving 30-22.

Our other two debuts include the #20 premiere for “Another Dimension” by Bass Robbers featuring Matt Blue, which I blogged about on the weekend.   Matt’s voice is so powerful it goes right through you on this track!  Our last debut comes from Ro Danishei, who will be performing at the Electroqueer showcase in London along with Andrea Lewis and Simon Curtis (with whom I hear she may have a duet on Simon’s upcoming R∆ release).  This is another song from her release End of The Rainbow, which is available entirely as a free download right here.  This one hasn’t had as much attention as Simon’s or Andrea’s albums, and is very deserving.  Take a listen to “Drunk Txt” below.

You can view the full chart using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right here.  Be sure to leave any comments you might have, and thanks for reading :)

It’s Time for Spring Popervescence!

There’s so much great new music to talk about that it’s difficult to know where to begin.  So here goes…

“Another Dimension” by Bass Robbers
featuring Matt Blue

Dutch producers Bass Robbers have released “Another Dimension”, a hooky but uncomplicated new house track that should be a delight for the dance floor.  What makes this song special is the vocal from fellow Dutchman 18 year old Matt Blue, who was featured on this blog back in February with his sparkling cover of Jason Derulo’s “What If”.  The vocal not only has loads of personality but at the :54 mark, Matt’s powerful voice lifts the song way into orbit somewhere for 19 seconds, which is enough time to make my jaw drop to the floor and stay there for a while.  Listen to the track below and be sure to purchase it on iTunes.  This is only the beginning for Matt Blue, who is one to watch in 2011!  Great work Bass Robbers 🙂

“Tainted Love” by Elouise

Elouise’s show “Little Belter” had its latest production in London on April 17.  I had been dying to hear her rendition of “Tainted Love”, perhaps expecting something a little campy or slinky.  But I should have known better – the songs in “Little Belter” are class acts, and what Elouise and producer Steve Anderson have done to “Tainted Love” is nothing short of phenomenal.  Stripped away is the sleaze of the 80’s Soft Cell version.  It’s been replaced by sultry and saucy at the start, and then some unexpected empowerment later in the song.  You have to hear it to believe it.  Do I foresee a North American tour of “Little Belter” in the future?  I sure hope so!

“Do It In The AM” by Frankmusik
featuring Far East Movement

There it is, the cover art to Frankmusik’s upcoming single “Do It In The A.M.” from the album of the same name.  And below you can hear this irresistible track, which features not only an amazing lyrical hook (the melody reminds me of another song whose title I have yet to place) but yet another fantastic vocal from Vince.  I think the song will be a wake up track for many people in the months to come (it’ll make a great ringtone!)… I’m still adoring both “The Fear Inside” and “Hurt You Again” right now but my playlist will definitely make room so I can do it in the a.m. 🙂  You will have the single on iTunes on May 4.  I’m also enjoying the Les Loups Funkstep remix.

“Body Moves” (Prince Vince remix) by Van Go Lion

Van Go Lion is a Portland, Oregon duo comprising co-songwriters Amy Paige (vocals) and Josh Loerzel, and they specialize in upbeat lyrical electropop.  They’re brought to us by the same wonderful folks who have given us songs by Kyle Brylin and Adam Tyler – Ninthwave Records.  “Body Moves” will keep you glued to some inspirational dancing while Amy’s vocal (which has Annie Lennox undertones) tantalizes you with ear candy.  This is one dance track where the sum of all of its many influences creates a unique and contemporary experience.  Hear the remix below and buy the original on iTunes.

“Atlantic” by The Midway State

Here’s your first taste of The Midway State’s upcoming album Paris or India called “Atlantic”.  The Toronto-based quartet adds a more uptempo variation to their lyrical, emotional rock that won over many fans with “Never Again” and “Change For You” from their debut album Holes two years back.  I’m definitely looking forward to the full album and more concert dates from these guys.  You can purchase “Atlantic” on iTunes.

“Bad Girl” by Matt Webb

By day, Matt Webb is erstwhile guitarist for Canadian rock stars Marianas Trench, who are currently experiencing some success in the U.S. with their 2009 Masterpiece Theatre album.  But by night he transforms into pop star Matt Webb, who has just released his debut solo single “Bad Girl”.  This is one catchy piece of business that will introduce Matt to another audience within the pop/rock spectrum.  It sounds like a throwback to a lot of early 80’s pop tunes like Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” or other artists like Huey Lewis & The News.  Get it on iTunes and hear it below.

“What I Want” by Jon McLaughlin

You know him from “Beautiful Disaster”, “Beating My Heart” (my very favourite song of 2008), and a featured part in the film “Enchanted”, which netted him an appearance on the Oscars singing the nominated song “So Close”.  Two years or so later, and Indiana’s Jon McLaughlin is back with chipper anthemic piano-led pop/rock in the form of “What I Want” from his upcoming album.  You can get this one through an email subscription to Jon’s newsletter at his website, but you can give a listen below.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a song or two but will make up for that within the few days.  Watch this space for my new personal chart and blogs about Jamie Woon’s Mirrorwriting and Songs For A Sinking Ship by April Smith & The Great Picture Show.

No Frills Late Chart Blog: Tuned-On! Top 30 #350 – April 11, 2011

It’s not often that the chart is posted late, but between dealing with personal staff and getting ready to head to Grand Ol’ Opry land for five days then good things have to wait a bit.

“Love 2 Baby” triumphs for a second chart appearance at the top for the talented Christian TV.  But that feat is pretty much fleeting as Eric Saade’s amazing triumph “Popular” soars 18-2, and looks ready for a hefty stay at the top.  Frankmusik’s gorgeous ballad “Hurt You Again” has to settle for third place though in another chart year it would be a chart-topper.  Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” appears to have longer legs than I’d imagined but slips to #4, and Adam Tyler gets a second Top 5 hit on my chart with “I Won’t Let You Go”.  You can hear one of Adam’s latest projects, “Time Bomb”, right here.

Adele mach #2 on this chart, “Someone Like You”, rises to #8 – slow but steady I promise you.  New to the Top 10 besides “Popular” are Andy Grammer’s MTV O video award nominee “Keep Your Head Up” (see the chart for the link) and Lady GaGa’s now ubiquitous “Born This Way”… which has made an impact in another version….

Jumping straight to the debuts, I blogged about Elouise’s live version of “Born This Way” a week ago, and it’s such an impressive redux that it joins GaGa’s version on my chart at #21.  Top 10 bound?  I think so – which will make it 3/3 for Elouise as recent #6 hit “The Winner Takes It All” leaves the chart.  Then at #25 is Databoy, who I enjoyed so much at the Superfraiche show in New York City 10 days ago.  The free download of the Brad Walsh remix of “Stupid” bows on the chart.  Aussie Nelson Clemente is such an underrated talent.  He has a solid EP Love.Feel.Dangerous on release as a free download which I blogged about a while back.  The dark but danceable “No Protection” arrives at #28.  Richard Barone’s album Glow has been long-lasting on my iTouch in regular rotation since its release in September.  An offbeat track “Sanctified” – which takes a cue from late 60’s early 70’s guitar rock despite an acoustic beginning – premieres at #29.  The title track from Barone’s album got to #2 last year.

I’m saving an entire paragraph for the song at #30 because I honestly never thought it would appear in my chart.  And the performer really does not need any extra promotion.  But the song’s infectious club beat – yes I still think an audience for a soccer game will arrive on the scene at any minute – reminds me that performers that I’m not fond of often make good, fun records.  So for the first time since 1999, Britney Spears appears in my chart with “Till The World Ends”.  Her last song to chart?  “(You Drive Me) Crazy” – and it got to #24.  Only “And Then We Kiss” (not one of her biggest hits) and “Toxic” could have come close to charting in the intervening years.  Looks like “Till The World” could pass that “Crazy”.

The middle of the chart is quite busy, so don’t overlook great songs by Patrick Wolf, Kyle Brylin, Jamie Woon (I look forward to Mirrorwriting’s arrival next week), Bright Light Bright Light, and Brandon Flowers.

You can view the full chart using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right here.  Be sure to leave any comments you might have, and thanks for reading :) It’s 350 charts later after 13 years too!

How Does The Music Industry Support the Free Online Music Community??

A not-so-fleeting thought occurred to me while at lunch today, and I can’t get it out of my head, so have to put hands to keyboard.

There is so much great, free online music – I blogged about this back in December – to me, as good as any major record label can provide.

So how does the music industry in fact support this ever-growing online music community?

Quite frankly, I don’t see support.

The goal of a performer used to be to get a record deal so that you can make lots of money.  If signed and successful, the record company may make lots of money too.  While everyone wants success and money, am I incorrect in suggesting that this is no longer necessarily the goal?

Record companies are signing less and less performers, probably to invest more money in those that provide them with success.  Pop music radio stations by and large do not play songs by performers who have released their records independently, let alone free and online only.  The industry feeds itself, and also invests in these performers for concert tours (though even some of those have fell by the wayside in recent years).

So given the VAST amount of talent online and in the public eyes and ears, wouldn’t the music industry want to invest in these performers?  Wouldn’t a big investment of proven and popular unsigned online performers generate revenue, variety, and support for those performers?  Am I just being naive about this?

The world’s music fans who go online every day to write about their favourite songs, albums, performers, and concerts, are the new A&R guys and gals, and that ‘R’ (for repertoire) now represents a city, province/state, country, or the world.  It is no longer about someone’s vision of a catalogue of performers who get signed by a specific record label.  Long gone are the days of the Motown Artist, the Stax Artist, the Atlantic Artist…

The ‘R’ in A&R should also signal something else that’s very much needed – Reinvention.

Your thoughts, please 🙂

To paraphrase the immortal Rocket J. Squirrel, and now onto some performers I know you’ll really like 😉

Elouise “Born This Way” (live)

That delightful UK singer , Elouise, is performing a new show called “Little Belter” with a new set of gorgeous interpretations of the likes of songs by Dusty Springfield, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and others through July at Madame JoJo’s in London.  Available for a free download right here with email subscription is her simple, touching rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way”.  The humble sparseness at the song’s beginning leads you through GaGa’s story of positivity and diversity in an almost fairytale kind of sung narrative, through to a powerful, resounding finale that is becoming trademark with Elouise’s records.  A glorious treat.

Christian TV “Girl I Used To Know”

The above photo shows Christian TV trying to fix some leaks, unsuccessfully.  Speaking of leaks, it’s been only a hot moment since my current #1 song “Love 2 Baby” got those dancing feet moving, and now a new song “Girl I Used To Know”, is made available to you for free right here.  Every song that Christian releases shows the dimensions to his talents.  This one is a mid-tempo urban ballad featuring a gorgeous falsetto.  It’s not quite as engaging as “Love 2 Baby” or “When She Turns 18” but only whets your appetite for the singer’s upcoming album.

Quick Listen, Instant Blog: Nick Hagelin “Sometimes I Cry”

I’m a total sucker for the male blue-eyed soul singer voice:  Boz Scaggs, Robin Thicke, Alex Chilton, Steve Winwood, George Michael (to a point), and the list goes on.  Via Fly Guy Music Blog comes a cover of Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I Cry” by Atlanta singer Nick Hagelin.  I’ve heard a few of his songs but nothing like this.


Superfraiche NYC: Simon Curtis, Databoy, Sky Ferreira

Combine it with a need for a quick getaway from the daily routine and the opportunity to see Arjan Writes’ Superfraiche featuring a set by Simon Curtis… I had no choice but to go 🙂

So despite tremendous flight delays from Toronto due to bad weather on the east coast and in New Jersey, I got to the show via LaGuardia airport instead of Newark at around 9:30 pm (I was supposed to be in NYC around 3:30!!).  New duo She’s The Queen was already performing and I couldn’t focus in on their set, but with beverage in hand my day of travelling finally finished!

(stunning photo courtesy of Gabi Porter/Metromix New York)

LA-based, Oklahoma-raised Simon Curtis played his first ever New York City show as part of the Superfraiche series, this time held at the Galapagos Art Centre in Brooklyn – the lovely intimite but open concept setting was great for the performers.  Simon’s set of powerful dance pop songs from last year’s 8-bit Heart and the forthcoming R∆ was indeed raw and intense in so many ways.  Highly emotion-charged new songs like “Pit Of Vipers” and “Enemy” worked the audience over, while 8-bit fans heard “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” and a medley of the always rousing “Beat Drop” and no holds barred “Diablo”.  Best of all was “Laser Guns Up”, which I have a terrible time getting out of my head – all it needed was some actual laser effects!  And with props to Ms Spears’ release of Femme Fatale, Simon’s vocal prowess was showcased in an acapella sing-along of “…Baby One More Time”.  All in all, our Simon has more than enough stage cred to get into the major leagues.  The hot, aggressive new songs from R∆ will help get him there.  And as a side note, the amazing photo above from Metromix New York speaks volumes.  See more pics from the evening right here.

Simon’s set

Don’t Dance (first single)

Pit of Vipers

Don’t Wanna Be Alone

Chip in Your Head

Beat Drop/Diablo medley


…Baby One More Time

Laser Guns Up

The evening was full of surprises for me.  Immediately before Simon, Austin duo Cameron Maxwell and Adam Bailey, who comprise Databoy, performed a four song set of playful, energetic, and smart electronic dance/pop.  In fact they could have used some fun props to fill some of the space on stage as they bounced and danced.  You may have already heard the deliriously catchy “Stupid” and can certainly get this single on iTunes.  There’s more lyrically to this song than meets the ear.  The rest of the set included “Click”, “Only Human” (featuring a prominent sample of Toto’s “Africa”), and my favourite of the night, “Just Once”, which embodies a high voltage “here comes summer” spirit.  Good things are coming from these guys soon so keep your eye on their website.

Headliner 18 year old actress/singer Sky Ferreira won me over with her magnetic stage presence.  The sound was a bit off – when she spoke I couldn’t really hear from where I was in the room – but her singing was spectacularly on-point, showcasing songs from her new Capitol Records EP As If! (in advance of a full album release this summer) including a top notch single “Sex Rules”, plus “99 Tears”, and “108” (there’s even a bit of Canadiana in there, with “Traces” co-written and produced by Toronto’s Colin Munroe).  Sky came across alternately vulnerable and sexy, and the crowd could have watched her all night.

Thanks once again to the charming and personable Arjan Writes for curating the Superfraiche series, you sir have a great thing going.  I was also thrilled to meet and chat with Simon after the show too.  Superfraiche is a great way for the spotlight to shine on new performers on the bubble in a classy setting.  I’m sure I’ll get to another one of these events – I’m a big city boy, and Los Angeles or New York can call me back anytime 🙂 (Toronto could use one of these events too 😉 )

I took some photos but they are trapped on my blackberry, which has decided not to work properly.  Once I get them off of it, and if they turned out decently, I may post a few in this space.

More Simon Curtis Excellent Internet Adventures

So it’s two Mondays after Billboard dropped the first teaser mix of Simon Curtis’ upcoming album called R∆… I look at my cell phone Twitter feed after work today and it’s flooded with tweets about the second teaser, this time courtesy of blogger extraordinaire Arjan Writes.  The songs featured, “Chip In Your Head”, “Soul4Sale”, and “Get In Line” sound darker and similarly aggressive to the four songs featured in the first mix.  What I like the most about what I hear in these songs is the in-your-face brutal honesty of some of the lyrics, as well as some of the creative verses which simply exclaim “Score!!!”.  Read all about it and listen right here!

I’m attending the Superfraiche show at which Simon is playing in Brooklyn NY on Friday April 1.  It’s one of my most anticipated events in years and I think will prove to be memorable in many ways.

Two years after “Spectacular!” and a year after “8-bit Heart”, and our Boy Robot has come such a long way 🙂

Tuned-On! Top 30 #349 – March 28/11

As much as I can’t resist the laid back and mysterious charm of Jamie Woon’s “Night Air”, the song gives way to the summit of my personal chart after one appearance in favour of the positively infectious, can’t-stand-still hedonism of Christian TV’s “Love 2 Baby”, whose video was featured two weeks ago in these pages.  “Love 2 Baby” should by all rights be a must-play this Spring and Summer, so listen for it and get it on iTunes in advance of Christian’s upcoming album.

That leaves Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” holding in third place this week, while Frankmusik’s supurb ballad “Hurt You Again” climbs to #4 – if you thought Mr. Frank was only a remixer and dance artist, this song proves what an amazing voice he has.  And the Top 10 is packed with fine vocalists.  Adam Tyler’s Euro-inspired pop dance song “I Won’t Let You Go” continues to climb, with Dan Black complementing Aussie producers Bag Raiders on “Sunlight”, and the Red One Jimmy Joker remix of Usher’s “More” right behind.  Adele’s current UK chart topper – her 5th week at the top there – “Someone Like You”, is the lone new entry into the Top 10.

The feel good vibe of Andy Grammer’s “Keep Your Head Up” is paying off slow and steady as the song’s about to crack my Top 10, with the Richard X remix of Patrick Wolf’s “The City” in tow in anticipation of his upcoming album Lupercalia.  “Born This Way” by Lady GaGa hasn’t worn on me and it jumps to #13, while Enrique Iglesias’ party-hardy “Tonight” also rises up to #16.

The song that has grown on me the most these past few weeks is the fastest riser on my chart.  Kyle Brylin is a new singer from Wisconsin and his alternately hypnotic and eerie “Everything I’m Missing” soars 24-17.  Double back to the video featured a few weeks back while you’re at it.  BT’s warm electronica of “The Emergency” cracks the Top 20 along with the softer sound of “How To Make A Heart” by Bright Light Bright Light.  I think Brandon Flowers’ fans should convince Island Records to release “Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts” as a single to extend the life of his fine Flamingo album.  The song rises to #21 this week.

Our four new entries are led by Sweden’s Eurovision entry – which I think has a great shot at winning the whole deal.  I was so glad to see Eric Saade’s “Popular”  (arriving at #18) take home the Melodifestivalen award – it could very well be one of the finest songs of the year, and I’m going to say again that it has immense international potential, now all Eric’s handlers have to do is get him on Twitter and use this opportunity to promote the hell out of this song.  Check out that starmaking video again from a few weeks back.  Next is the second single from Jamie Woon’s upcoming Mirrorwriting album.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it right away, but like so many UK soul-inspired records over the years, its understated appeal and the contemporary dubstep rhythm make “Lady Luck” (debuting at #22) unique, and you can view its video at the bottom of this page.

Further down, I’m bucking the singles that have been released from The Script’s sophomore album Science and Faith in favour of an extra song on the North American version of the album.  I think the pairing of rapper B.o.B. with the band has given their song “Walk Away” an extra boost, and it arrives on this chart at #26.  Listen to the song right here to see what I mean.  And last is a singer from the Toronto area who first appeared on this chart in late 1999 with a slice of pop/electronica called “Don’t Wanna Lose You”, and then again in 2002 with “Get Ready”, both of which got to the Top 5.  After that I thought a lot of his songs began to sound awfully similar, so I was glad to see a new approach with his latest album Fresh.  Shawn Desman is back with the fun “Electric” at #27, and you can view the video mashup with “Night Like This” right here.

You can view the full chart using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right here.  Be sure to leave any comments you might have, and thanks for reading 🙂

Bill’s Fun 90’s Dance Mix!!

Listen to my half hour Fun 90’s Dance Mix!! if you:

  • have pent up energy that needs to be released on the dance floor (or your living room or basement floor will do)
  • want to hear some songs you haven’t heard in a long time or perhaps not at all
  • need a distraction from a difficult day

Guaranteed to put you in a better mood, at very least 🙂 I’m not a pro, and these aren’t what I would call ‘correctly beat mixed’, but not too shabby at all.

You can leave some comments to identify the 15 songs… once the majority are identified I’ll post the listing.

Have fun… and if you like it you can download it 🙂

Canadian Music Week Follow-Up: Long Story Short and John Nathaniel

Connection makes the world go round.  Through my love of music, and particularly in the last 5 years through social networking, I’ve been able to hear music and meet people that never would have happened before that.  On March 12, I took in an evening at a small club in Toronto called The Central for a brief set by Canadian/US duo Long Story Short accompanied by their producer and co-songwriter John Nathaniel.  Here are my comments about recent releases by both.

Long Story Short “What A Scene”

Montrealer Daniel Luka and L.A.’s Nicky James are Long Story Short, and have been writing songs together for about the last year and a half.  Their debut independent release What A Scene is thoughtful adult contemporary pop with an edge, featuring songs that would not be at all out of place next to ones from Lifehouse, The Fray, fellow Montrealers Mobile, and The Script.  The CD kicks off hard and in your face with the rockin’ “Fall Awake” and “Caved In”, certainly one of the record’s best tracks which won second place in the Canadian Radiostar songwriting competition during Canadian Music Week.  Softer and romantic songs find their way into the music later on, such as the touching “What Mattered Most” (my favourite song, (which Daniel said began as a melody when he was in the shower – had to get out to write it all down!), “Forever” (which Daniel says has already been played at weddings!), and “Someone”.  The duo both play piano and sing, with Daniel’s lead vox reminiscent especially in his lower range from songs by Howie Day (“Collide”, “She Says”) from a few years back.   All in all, with sparkling production by John Nathaniel, What A Scene comes off as slick and savvy.  It’s available on iTunes Canada and you can visit the duo’s Facebook page right here.  Hear “What Mattered Most” and see a pic of the duo below.

John Nathaniel featuring Phoebe Sharp “Undecided”

Montreal singer/multi-instrumentalist/ and award-winning producer (Pat Groulx, Marie-Mai) John Nathaniel was one of the first indie artists that I encountered when I joined MySpace back in its 2006-08 heyday.  John had already used that site in his campaign to promote music that would end up on two records, Crash and Burn as well as Shades Of Grey, in 2008, and he acquired over 100,000 friends which led to numerous fan sites being developed throughout the world.  This led to a third album, Overdrive.  Most recently, John has issued a single with U.S. singer Phoebe Sharp called “Undecided”.  Much different from his quieter songs (“Ever” is my favourite and reached #6 on my chart in 2008) or Collective Soul-inspired rock (such as “Crash and Burn”), “Undecided” starts off as a rocker that whirls into a duet that has this Big Movie Feel – you can visualize it being played over the opening credits of a major movie, reminding me of songs like Train’s “Ordinary” (from “Spider-Man 2”).  All of John’s records are available through iTunes Canada, and you can visit his MySpace site right here.  Listen to this interesting pairing below and see a pic of John below.

Although their set was sabotaged by poor sound, Long Story Short have great potential, and it was terrific to spend some time with Dan, Nicky, and John afterwards.  Sometimes I think it’s best to see sets like this first in a small club setting. I was also very pleased with calibre of talent that Canadian Music Week put together for this evening.  Enjoyable sets by 17 year old Maddy Rodriguez, Montreal’s Matt Stern, and Vancouver’s Steph MacPherson all followed.