“Take Me Back” is lovelorn electro-pop from Washington DC’s @OrdwayRaivis, @BretSears & @CasuEncounter


Coming full circle from their Casual Encounter album release from 2017 after some solo work on their own, Ravis Ordway and Bret Sears come back together with the Casual Encounter moniker to offer “Take Me Back” for your consideration.  It’s similarly appealing electropop with honest lyrics and a light, relatable story about being broken-hearted that makes it well worth your while.  These guys know how to put together a solid production that’s  bouncy, melodic and radio friendly, and “Take Me Back” will sit well with fans of talent such as MAX, Lauv, and Jesse McCartney.  

Baltimore/Washington DC pop duo @CasuEncounter launches with self-titled debut featuring “Kerosene” (video)


CASUAL ENCOUNTER, self-titled album

CASUAL ENCOUNTER, “Kerosene” featuring JOE BENNY and PLAYIN’ FIELDS (video)

Bret is the singer and Raivis is the producer, and you can have a look at both members of duo Casual Encounter in their video for “Kerosene” (featuring production assists from Joe Benny and Playin’ Fields).  The song hails from their self-titled album, which revels in many inspiring songs set to pop or tropical dance rhythms, not entirely what you might expect to come out of the Baltimore/Washington DC area.  But Casual Encounter know what they want to achieve and can do well with familiar-sounding songs told in different but interesting ways such as “Dancing In The Rain”, “Night To Remember” (also featuring Playin’ Fields and an irresistible chorus), “Keep On Fighting”, and another one that happens to be called “I Like Me Better” (but with different subject matter).  “Kerosene” however is likely the song on the album that aims more directly at a pop audience with on-point imagery brought to life in a well-shot and edited video that might leave your heart in your stomach near the end.  Check it out at the link below, and Casual Encounter’s full album of songs is yours for the listening and playlisting at the Spotify link above.