#BILLCSTop30 #533 – April 16/18

Despite so much activity on the chart, including a new #1 song and SIX debuts, this will be a shorter blog post than usual about the new chart.

The Top 10

  • It’s one of the more unusual #1 songs that I’ve had in years, but to me it’s absolutely irresistible.  Norwegian singer/songwriter/producer Dyrisk scores with “Smile” along with producer Nik Ernst.  There is so much potential and for anyone who loves dance music that’s a little left of centre, this one is for you.  In particular, it is of great interest to fans of Massive Attack and Radiohead’s 90’s output.

  • “Sick Boy” by The Chainsmokers follows “Smile” right behind, up 4 to 2, but will likely get locked out in favour of the rising “Everybody Hates Me”(up 24-15, below).

  • The fastest riser on the chart arrives in the Top 10 up 22-9.  French producer Mercer’s non-stop fun with “Satisfy” features an excellent vocal by Chicago’s Ron Carroll.
  • Also new to the Top 10 is “Baby I’m A Queen” from Sofi Tukker’s brand new album Treehouse.  “Queen” moves up 17-10 becoming their second Top 10 here after 2016’s “Drinkee” (#5).

Movin’ On Up

  • Both “Sanctify” by Years & Years (20-16) and “White Lies” by The Him (21-17) (both above) don’t move up as much due to a busy chart, but should see more upward action next week.  The Him recently released a remix to Avicii’s “Without You” – check out the busy boys’ latest below 🙂  More new music coming soon!


#22 is “Butterscotch” an unexpectedly funky slice of electronica by Canadians Robotaki, Jamie Fine and Falcxne – it joins Robotaki’s “I Want You” on the chart (#5).

#25 is “Better With You” by Jesse McCartney, his first entry since 2009’s “How Do You Sleep”, and co-written by Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore.

#26 is “Lost In Japan” by Shawn Mendes, a Justin Timberlake-inspired romantic throwback to songs of the pre-rock era.

#27 is “Be Like You” by Chicago’s Whethan, who performed at Coachella on the weekend, with vocals by Georgia of Broods.

#28 is “Hurt You”, a collaboration of The Weeknd and French producer Gesaffelstein, from The Weeknd’s new EP My Dear Melancholy.

#29 is “Cautious” in a remix by Halifax’s Famba, from Canadian singer Tyler Shaw, who has a national radio hit with it.

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Positive vibes and diversity flow from “Hands Down” by @BrandynBurnette and @itsDWilly with @KayoGenesis


It’s come straight out of left field, from Monstercat no less, but “Hands Down” is a total winner for dance music lovers and clubs from singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette, L.A. producer DWilly, and guest hip hop star Kayo Genesis.  The song oozes good times and diversity.  There is so much going on that is rooted in 80’s soul and early hip hop (with some jazz riffing too) and somehow the trio have pulled it all together into a shiny and sometimes romantic pop sound.  Everyone can identify with a song about a crush when opposites might attract.  Kayo Genesis’ few verses are key and add an even more positive flavour to the song.  “Hands Down” should score well with dance radio and clubs and continue to open doors for Brandyn and his collaborators.

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“The In-Between” brings future bass feels from @iamtheElephante and @Anjulie

ELEPHANTE and ANJULIE, “The In-Between”

He’s been touring the hell out of North America for the last year or so, but L.A.-based producer Elephante still carves out a cool song every now and then until he’s ready to tackle his next project following the I Am The Elephante EP, which set the bar pretty high not long ago.  “The In-Between” is a nice slice of future bass, a bit unexpected given the roll that Elephante was on with more pop-oriented songs like “Closer”.  But I enjoy hearing artists grow and he definitely worked with the right vocalist for this one.  Anjulie appears on many dance music songs but she killed this one, almost sounding Taylor Swift-ish in her precision.  Aside from the vocal, “The In-Between” is all about the smashing production with big drops that will keep the most fervid EDM fan satisfied.  

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Hello arpeggios: “Feels Like Gold” is an early decade throwback from Sweden’s @Qulinez featuring American singer @itsLostBoy

QULINEZ and LOST BOY, “Feels Like Gold”

If you’re hankering for some Hardwell-ish inspiration from earlier in the decade, you can transport yourself back instantly with “Feels Like Gold” from Swedish production duo Qulinez.  The song is going to be highly recognizable in the clubs because of its slick sound, but taking it up a few notches is a majestic vocal by San Francisco-based singer Lost Boy, who we haven’t heard from in a while and reminds me of Matthew Koma in his distinctness.  “Feels Like Gold” thus is a party all unto itself and all you have to do is join in.  Yes my friends, the arpeggio-laden songs of the early decade can live on and be reinvented, so you’d best be getting together Fresh Feel Good Vibes playlist and add “Feels Like Gold” to it using the Spotify link above.


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“Hang Up” is savoury disco-tinged pop from @WRLDmusic and Savoi

WLRD and SAVOI, “Hang Up”

After the success of “Hideaway” from about a year ago, Dutch producer WRLD returns to collaborate with Australia’s Savoi again for “Hang Up”.  Like with some of his other creative songs, WRLD adds a lot of disco-influenced touches to “Hang Up” – think “The Hustle” with that flute melody.  The song flows by and goes down easy thanks also to Savoi’s earnest vocal which will help definitely draw couples together on the dance floor.  Be sure to add “Hang Up” to your Disco Inspiration playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Sad songs say so much: “Going Numb” by @AashMehtamusic and @BriTolani


It’s always a pleasure to listen to the softer, romantic side of electronic dance pop with music by Chicago-based producer Aash Mehta.  He returns with the familiar voice of Bri Tolani as collaborator with “Going Numb”.  Bri was of course featured in Aash’s Stardust EP last year on “In Your Eyes” but her voice is well known in dance pop.  With dance or electronic pop music, there aren’t many outright sad songs, usually in favour of uplifting, post-relationship tunes.  Well life doesn’t always work that way and “Going Numb” tells a realistic and heartfelt story about those feelings right after a breakup, nicely conveyed by Bri amid Aash’s usual lush but gentle synths.  “Going Numb” is solid electronic pop for your mind and heart. 

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Going big: “Too Far” by Kerbside featuring Eskayi

KERBSIDE featuring ESKAYI, “Too Far”

Trap Nation must know something about new act Kerbside that they haven’t yet revealed to us upon the release of their debut single “Too Far”.  Right now, this is a mystery production – nothing available online that tells you more about who this might be – that wastes absolutely no time in going big for some huge, attention-getting drops.  The urgent vocal by Eskayi is compelling and well-suited to the production.  What “Too Far” needs is a longer version.  It fades quickly around the 2:30 mark, just after it winds you up wanting another drop or two, so let’s hope for some remixes.  Add “Too Far” to your New and Notable EDM playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Producer @royalKingArthur reinvents himself with playful 90’s throwback “Laidback”

KING ARTHUR, “Laidback”

American producer King Arthur returns to the scene, after teasing us with some remixes of songs by The Killers and Bastille, with “Laidback”, for Casablanca no less.  Rethinking his own kind of signature sound, which led to a debut album in 2016, King Arthur was drawn to the 90’s sounds of Daft Punk and Moby, which led to the arrival of “Laidback”.  It’s an incredibly well crafted, playful song that will have dance club goers jostling on the floor, enjoying a false stop in the middle, while the best is still to come.  So if you miss the classics in early EDM/techno but want the pronounced influence with bigger and deeper beats, then “Laidback” is just for you!

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“Let You Go” is full of Spring vibes courtesy of @bvdKULTmusic and @sound_OT

bvdKULT and OT, “Let You Go”

Enigmatic British producer bvdKULT is back with a bit of a change of pace in “Let You Go” for Tipsy and Epic Oslo.  It’s a spirited, upbeat, tropical-tinged track full of good Spring vibes, with highly complimentary vocals by Belgian singer Olivia Trappeniers, or simply OT to you.  And, along with OT, the mystery producer even reveals himself in the charming video below, which captures the essence of the song very well.  No rocket science here – everything about “Let You Go” is solid and where it ought to be in order grab your ears and not let go.  Remixes could help bring this one even more star power on the dance floor.  Add “Let You Go” to your Spring Fling playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Sway away to the dreamy melody of “Movements” by @Elementthecity and Sydney Sahr

ELEMENT and SYDNEY SAHR, “Movements” (free DL)

Just when you thought future bass sounds were getting typecast with big house rhythms, and along comes “Movements” by New York producer Element to send things into a different direction.  Featuring an expressive and versatile vocal by fellow NYCer Sydney Sahr, “Movements” gets all caught up in being dreamy and adoring, and I am totally into it.  From the softer piano notes and the quiet pauses, through to the future bass influence which mirrors heartbeats accelerating, “Movements” is a winner that you’ll want to hear over and over again.  And, gotta say I’m surprised, but you can get it for free for now at the link above.

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