You’ll feed off @LeahKatemusic’s 80’s inspired DGAF energy in “Shit Show”

LEAH KATE, “Shit Show”

Already a young entrepreneur and Tik Tok favourite who has racked up over 30 million Spotify streams alone with her song “Fucked Up The Friendship”, L.A.-based Leah Kate’s appealing DGAF approach and fun, 80’s inspired spirit are front and centre in her latest release “Shit Show”.  The singer, songwriter and guitarist is kind of the antithesis of the dour pop being purveyed by Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish in favour of energetic rock’n roll that has The Go Go’s, Katrina & The Waves, and Cyndi Lauper 80’s moments written all over it. What I like best about “Shit Show” is that it’s earnest and not exploitive, and it’s refreshingly not so much in your face. You’ll either love it or leave it but Leah Kate is well on her way and you can expect to hear and see a lot more of her.

#BILLCSTop30 #624, October 11/21

October kicks off with a brand new #1 song on the BILLCS Top 30, as well as five songs debuting. Otherwise the top portion of the chart retains relatively stable, with lots of activity brewing in the lower portion. 

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Rising 3-1 is “Sanctuary” (above) by Dutch producer Howen and “American Idol” finalist Robbie Rosen, who is also a wonderfully prolific songwriter and producer.  From the first note of Robbie’s voice to the piano coda, this is an emotional and euphoric house track that is not to be missed!  And there’s more good news for Robbie – one of the five new entries on the chart is “To The Top” (below), which he recorded with German producers Natixx and Lyon Brotherz, and arrives at #25.  That makes it three songs on the chart – “Don’t Want Perfect”, with Quebec producer Kayliox, slides 9-15.

It’s strange for songs #5-#8 to get stuck all at the same time, but that should shake loose in two weeks, especially for the wonderfully q-wacky “Nonchalant” by Duck Sauce (#8).

Two songs make their first appearances in the Top 10.  “Life’s Okay” (above) is a gentle, feel good, soulful house track by Russian producer Marava and Canadian singer/songwriter Eadie, which climbs 11-9.  And “15 Minutes” (also above) by Damon Sharpe and The Disco Fries edges up 12-10.  This is the fourth visit to the Top 10 (and second time this year) for The Disco Fries (aka Danny and Nick). Check out Damon’s recent release “Paint The Sky” (with Polina Grace) below.

Gina Naomi Baez is currently celebrating the EP release of “My Time”!  Not only does it include the uplifting power anthem and title track (above), which moves up 17-14, but also its “fueling my fire version” remix, which turns the ballad into an equally powerful house-flavoured track (below).  The EP also contains recent single “Liquor Love” packaged with three previous releases.

Charging into the Top 20 are “Chasing Stars” by Alesso, Marshmello and James Bay (23-17, above) and “Almost Home” by trance masters Above & Beyond with singer Justine Suissa (24-18, below).

The Fastest Riser on the chart is the previous chart’s Highest Debut, the rollicking “Turn Off My Mind” by Morgan Page and Lights, rising 27-20.

Also making headway, without surprise, is “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” by German producers John Skyfield and Shoby and NYC vocalist Victor Perry, moving up 28-22.  It’s a soul-filled interpretation of Angie Stone’s huge dance and R&B hit from 2002.

At the top of the debuts is the joyous “Summer In Brooklyn” by Canadian producers Young Bombs and L.A.-based singer Jordy, which bows at #23.  Take a moment to let the wonderful reminiscences fill your head – and then dance and create wonderful times again.  “Summer” follows Young Bombs’ “Better Day” (featuring Aloe Blacc), which got to #3 on this chart last year.

Next at #24 is the first appearance on the chart for Australian DJ and producer Sonny Fodera with “Angel” featuring the beautiful voice of Clementine Douglas.  It’s culled from Sonny’s upcoming album Wide Awake. “Angel” also becomes the sixth song with that title to appear on my chart in its 23 year history, which puts it in a tie with “Breathe”.

This could be the only time you see Ed Sheeran songs back-to-back on my chart, so bowing at #27 is “Shivers”, a brisk and lively follow up to “Bad Habits”, which recently peaked at #5.

The final debut at #30 is “Play It Cool”, the sophisticated but brief house track by UK/Irish duo Menrva, with a cool rhythm and equally cool vocal by British singer Island Banks.

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Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter @HaleyJohnsenmus sings of internal pressures and self-realization in “Goner”


Haley Johnsen is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon who has released a few EP’s and albums (including an acoustic one from 2020 that was recorded live at Abbey Road Studios in London) over the past five years, and plays bass with dance artist Big Wild.  She returns with “Goner”, which has a downbeat, sombre melody that argues with lyrics about internal pressures before self-realization rears its head, meaning that neither the present nor the future should be feared.  In fact, it reinforces being at peace with oneself and as realizing, as she says, ” that my childlike self is still very much alive in me”.  Haley’s voice has been aptly compared to the late British singer Eva Cassidy, and fits nicely into the pocket with many other indie women singers that I’ve written about such as Molly Moore and Gillian.  So don’t let the relaxed pace of “Goner” trick you – it’s a lovely, authentic pop song with an unexpectedly inspiring message.

Meet Australian rock quintet @Moonwoodmusic who sing of relationship struggles in “Slow Down”

MOONWOOD, “Slow Down”

A mainly-acoustic track is not always an easy introduction for a new artist, but Moonwood’s “Slow Down” is a song that will stick with you long after it’s over.  Moonwood is an international rock quintet based out of Sydney, Australia, who acquire their influences from names like Bruce Springsteen and U2, and I can even hear a bit of 90’s INXS (reference “Beautiful Girl”) in “Slow Down”.  While the lyrics sing of troubles in relationships that are relatively common in songs today, what gives Moonwood an edge are the sometimes weary, sometimes provocative vocal style of lead singer Jake (think Nick Drake meets Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer), and the burst of electric guitars which set “Slow Down” ablaze amid the otherwise acoustic setting. 

Newcomer Nick Rannikko @itsrannikko offers lo-fi, soulful and affecting “More”


I’m not normally a fan of lo-fi recordings, but every once in a while a song comes along that offers way more than the sum of its parts.  Such is the case with “More” by singer/songwriter Nick Rannikko, who hails from just outside of Springfield, Massachusetts and attends the esteemed Berklee College of Music, and is also an engineer and producer. “More” is about trying to move on and to stop thinking about the other person after the breakup. Distorting vocals like on many same-sounding rap tracks can be a turnoff, but Nick cleverly uses the effect to his advantage, and his voice becomes more and more affecting as the song moves on. It also lends an unexpected soulful quality to his vocal.   “More” keeps you listening with its atmospheric melody, and is a smart and memorable release for Nick Rannikko.

Indie singer/songwriter Bishop Ivy returns with forthright “Stand Up”

BISHOP IVY, “Stand Up”

Pittsburgh-based Bishop Ivy is a singer/songwriter who grows more with each release, and there doesn’t seem to be a set pattern either to his style from song-to-song, which always leads to some pleasant unpredictability about what he will offer next.  “Stand Up” is a chill song with a forthright message. It’s about using your own power within to challenge and perhaps take control away from others in your life. The melody is eerie at times and almost seems to belong in another song, and when there’s a bit of a pause after the two minute mark, instead of shutting the song off, you wait because his story isn’t entirely finished, and neither is the wistful melody. “Stand Up” gets props because it’s an ambitious song but fans of alternative and college radio will enjoy.

“I Kissed You Politely” is a powerful dialogue about the wise use of femininity by London’s @KittyMontague

KITTY MONTAGUE, “I Kissed You Politely”

Despite its unassuming title, “I Kissed You Politely” is a provocative new single by London singer/songwriter Kitty Montague.  It’s a powerful dialogue on how women can use their femininity to their advantage by consistently showing exactly what they mean through their actions. Somehow over the course of time, it came to be that men often think that a kiss is an invitation for affection and even more; a wise woman knows that if she provides a kiss on a cheek or a slight kiss on the lips that she’s being polite, and nothing more. So “I Kissed You Politely” is about women taking back control, because if more women do, then men will get the right message without issue – after all, it’s better to have had a nice time with someone even if it didn’t go further than you might expect. With pulsating synths and an unexpected tropical guitar sound, “I Kissed You Politely” has a rich melodic backdrop that you can delight in when your attention is not diverted by Kitty’s soul-tinged voice and fine choice of words.

Check out the captivating new duet “Everything” by Brandyn Burnette @Eman8 and @CharlotteSands


I’ll say right off the top that “Everything” is a duet by L.A.’s Brandyn Burnette and Nashville-based Massachusetts native Charlotte Sands that needs to be repeated. In no time, the song will have you singing part of its chorus “But you can have everything / None of it matters to me / Just the way it happens to be / And if I leave just know I leave you everything”, mainly because the place that it’s all coming from is undeniably honest, vulnerable, and real. Then there’s the interplay between Brandyn and Charlotte, who just seem to naturally feed off of one another, introducing me to Charlotte’s pristine voice, and offering one of Brandyn’s best recent vocals. “Everything” is a captivating and soulful pop release that you’ll want to hear again and again.

Indian artist @Ashwynmusic releases uplifting new single “Pyar”

ASHWYN, “Pyar”

Indian producer, singer and guitarist Ashwyn follows up his recent singles “Deja Vu” and “Sell My Soul” (which has reached #9 on my personal chart) with an uplifting new lyrical single. It’s called “Pyar”, which is the Urdu word for “love”, and quite a change of direction from when Ashwyn was recording EDM records under the name Astra.  The song is about how transformative love can be in one’s life, and more than his other songs showcases Ashwyn’s pleasing voice and personality, which you can see in the video above. “Pyar” is a song meant for sunny days, touching indie pop with a universal message. It’s also suited for days when you need to put your head into a different, positive space – it will certainly help you get there.  

Austin, Texas-based duo @MeNdAdam bring it with early 2000’s alt.rock throwback “Get The Money”

ME ND ADAM, “Get The Money”

“Me” is Vince Winik and “Adam” is Adam Walker, and the Austin, Texas-based redheads together are Me Nd Adam, who have recently released the alt.rock anthem “Get The Money”.  The song is an intriguing ode to wanting a better life, where often the means to that is by making more and more money, hence the hook “get the money get the money get rich”.  So what does one do, betray a simpler, modest life for big money?  The song rocks out nicely and is highly reminiscent of early 2000’s Third Eye Blind or Fastball, which I’m confident will prompt interest for college and alternative rock stations.  Check out the video above which aptly spoofs the film “Office Space”.