Uplifting “Better” is the latest from L.A.’s @PhilGoodsmusic

PHIL GOOD, “Better”

L.A. singer/songwriter Phil Good has a great way with lyrics and music as you will find with the catchy singalong “Better”.  It even has an anthemic bounce to make you dance and sway as well!  But regular readers of this blog know that I’m quite fond of the Sean Turk ‘bedroom bass’ remix of his song from last year called “Sleeping In” – perhaps about a little more than just sleeping in, if you know what I mean 😉 – which was followed up by the knowing “Growing Up”.  “Better” is a sincere song whose intent is to make you stand up and cheer, and perhaps pass on some good advice to someone going through a rough time.  Phil Good makes thoughtful indie pop at its finest and is one to watch.  You’ll find yourself smiling as you listen to “Better” up top.

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Meet mystery newcomer @Vincent_Pine with engaging indie alt.rock of “Perfectly Familiar”

VINCENT PINE, “Perfectly Familiar”

I’m going to let Australia-based singer/songwriter Vincent Pine be an enigma for now to let the highly engaging “Perfectly Familiar” stand on its own.  It’s rich-sounding, straight-forward, guitar-oriented indie alt.rock with a striking and convincing vocal that might appeal to those who enjoy performers like James Bay, The 1975, or Jake Bugg, but also seems to draw unintentionally on late 80’s sounds familiar to fans of bands like Stone Roses, The Railway Children, or House Of Love.  It’s an interesting side project for the performer, who is also becoming known under another name as a splendid electronic dance producer.  “Perfectly Familiar” goes down really easy, as you will find by listening to it at the link above.

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Meet Southern California’s @JayBirdmusic with folk-inspired electronica of “Up Here”

JAY BIRD, “Up Here” (free DL)

Taking his years of playing in folk/rock band The Jaybirds and applying that style to future bass electronica isn’t an easy feat, but California producer, singer and songwriter Jay Bird has achieved it with “Up Here”.  It’s a song that requires multiple listens to embrace its authenticity around the need for escape and fantasy in our lives.  We’re still the same people even if we dive into our hobbies and interests for a while, despite what others may think, and you can always find the ‘real’ us – if you really want to.  The production is smooth and top notch, you’ll definitely want to sway away to “Up Here” while you hold your significant other tight.  However the vocal is raw, not what you’d expect in this kind of production, and you’ll understand why when you listen closely to the lyrics.  Jay Bird’s “Up Here” is an out-of-left-field indie alt.electronic charmer and you can add it to your inspiring mid-tempo dance playlist using the Spotify link above.  It’s also available as a free download at the Soundcloud link below.

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“Fade” by @Kidswaste featuring duo @Hunting_Stories is an impressive electronic folk-pop hybrid


French producer Kidswaste (Quentin Beauvois) returns to stretch the edges of pop and electronic dance music once again, this time with the anthemic “Fade”, featuring New York vocal duo Hunting Stories.  His EP from earlier this year, “Spleen”, was ambitious and accessible enough to catch the ears of Ultra Records, chock full of sophisticated electronic pop.  And Kidswaste also surprised us with a sparkling (but unofficial) redux of Lemaitre’s “Playing To Lose”.  “Fade”, however, is entirely different – an electronic folk-pop hybrid which might have you recalling  songs from Avicii’s landmark True album in terms of style and intent but without the big beats.  A more current potential companion song from these blog pages comes more quickly to my mind – Lars Beck & Henri Purnell’s “Silent Games”, which features the folk storytelling anchor of vocalist Zekt.  The guys in Hunting Stories also give “Fade” its earnest beating heart while Kidswaste builds his complimentary musical storyboard around it.  “Fade” is not entirely an easy sell and you have to stick with it.  But once you do, I can guarantee repeated plays will occur!  Counter Records – home of Giraffage, ODESZA, and RAC – steers the ship for this one.


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Minimalist feel-good indie electropop from @PhilsGoodmusic with “Growing Up”

PHIL GOOD, “Growing Up”

L.A.’s Phil Good is currently off to a great start with the vibrant “Sleeping In”, particularly when Sean Turk worked his remix magic on it.  The follow up is “Growing Up”, simple lyrical slice-of-life feel-good indie electropop that will help keep Phil’s minimalist style in clubs, particularly suited for early evenings.  His knowing vocal is spot-on and this song reminds me of what might happen if Joshua Radin traded in his whisper-rock for synths. It’s an engaging delight that comes to a quick end, leaving you wanting more. Be sure to have a listen to “Growing Up” up top.

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Especially for guitar fans: “Home” by @Ugochill


“Home” is the stuff that dreams are made of for rock guitar fans and guitarists alike, courtesy of The Netherlands-based veteran indie performer Ugochill (aka Alex Radojcic).  Reminiscent perhaps of Genesis transitioning from Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins years with guitar work that instantly brings to mind some of the most renown – Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck or Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Home” also features a deep haunting almost spoken-word vocal and a prominent bass that will plow right through you.  Its melody is so familiar yet distant at the same time, and the sound overall is crisp and contemporary.  But Ugochill’s distinctly brilliant guitar work is the star here.  Listen to “Home” on Spotify at the link above.

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Revel in the unique soundscape of @missMollyMoore’s “Free Spirit”

MOLLY MOORE, “Free Spirit”

“Free Spirit” is the new song from Molly Moore’s upcoming second EP, following Shadow Of The Sun.  It’s nothing like what you heard on that record.  As produced by Craig Dodds of Massive Attack, it definitely recalls the 90’s experimental electronica that made Massive Attack’s early records (particularly Protection) so timeless and memorable.  The same principle is applied on “Free Spirit” where Molly’s voice is shaken and shifted amid a unique soundscap, and in this co-write with beau Brandyn Burnette, there is a distinct progressive soul backdrop similar to some songs in his own latest EP State I’m In.  But “Free Spirit” is unmistakably Molly doing her own great things with music, and should call attention to fans of Banks, Halsey and Grimes.  Pick it up on iTunes.

You spin me round: Austin duo @BronzeWhale extend and reshape @runCryWolf’s “Slow Burn”

CRYWOLF, “Slow Burn” (Bronze Whale remix)

At first I wasn’t sure if Austin duo Bronze Whale were out to drive me a bit mad with their reshaping of their friend Crywolf’s “Slow Burn”.  I think that was because I could relate to the lyrics of the song, which perhaps are so honest and cutting that it slid under my skin too much.  But really this remix is a whirlwind, with so much going on in the first two minutes that you may not know which way is up.  It represents the crazy feeling when you’ve been in a relationship for so long, as singer/songwriter Justin sings I can still feel your claws in me twisting ’round, Bronze Whale capture the essence of that sentiment perfectly.  The mix goes on about a minute longer than the original but is well worth sticking through because it’s inventive with an ending that peters out deliberately just like memories of a now-gone relationship begin to fade.  “Slow Burn” is beautifully sung too and this chaotic but bang on remix perfectly suits the vocals.  You’re gonna want this one – download it for free at the link above.

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Cool Summer Vibes in the @iamEauClaire remix of “Sink Like A Stone” by @NaomiPilgrim

NAOMI PILGRIM, “Sink Like A Stone” (Eau Claire remix)

Rising Washington, DC producer/remixer Eau Claire puts a summery spin on “Sink Like A Stone” by Bahamian-Swedish singer Naomi Pilgrim.  Her remix relies on a lot of high end instrumentation, which almost sounds Caribbean-meets-Asian at times, to make it memorable next to Naomi’s vocal, which sometimes recalls Santigold.  There’s an anthemic singalong chorus too, and the song will easily carry across loud speakers at outdoor events.  So be forewarned that Eau Claire’s remix of “Sink Like A Stone” will charm you and go down easy in these summer months.  Give it a listen above.

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NYC Rockers On The Rise: @ManonEarth and @TheUglyClub

The only things Man On Earth and The Ugly Club have in common is that they are from New York City, they play solid rock ‘n roll, and have a determined journeyman style which just naturally generates a loyal following and praise from various sources.


MAN ON EARTH, self-titled album

Man On Earth have a solid, earnest rock style that will appeal to fans of Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench, Hedley, and Theory Of A Deadman.  While they clearly like to rock out hard, and don’t sacrifice melody in the process, there’s a fair bit of depth in their songs that will keep you listening.  “If Not Now Then When” is a sea of thoughts amid power rock that’s well worth blasting out your car window on a summer’s day accompanied by a fine bass line.  It’s probably the most immediately ear-catching song on the record, but also well done are “Bombs Around Me”, “On Our Way”, and “There”.  The biggest surprise that shows this quartet’s versatility (and perhaps singer Stephen Nathan’s best vocal) is “We Are All Dreamers”, definitely a thoughtful ode of reassurance to that important art of dreaming.  The band will continue playing some gigs in June, so if you get a chance check out their website and get out to see them.  Man On Earth, the album, is available on iTunes.



The Ugly Club is another NYC quartet but one who draws their influences likely more from British psych/indie rock – Radiohead, Oasis, all that good stuff from the 90’s.  The Ugly Club though bridge some very accessible moments on this three song EP with some experimental, danceable sounds that will please fans of the genre.  Both “Loosen Up” and “David Foster Wallace” are rhythmic, sometimes R&B/funk influenced songs which definitely beg  listening, while “Under the Great Wave” has an arrangement with some prominent synth work that reminds me of California’s Saint Motel but perhaps with some jazz influences.  Overall, the EP (which you can stream below) is a pleasing, diverse surprise carried by another strong vocalist in guitarist Ryan Egan.  All of the songs are repackaged from the band’s 2012 album You Belong To The Minutes, available on iTunes.  Lend your eyes above to the snazzy vinyl album cover art and blue vinyl on limited release through the band’s website.

The Ugly Club play NXNE in Toronto at The Hideout on Friday, June 20.