UK electro indie singer/songwriter @Lostchilduk returns with playful and jaunty “Like Like” and EP


UK singer/songwriter Lostchild first came to my attention a couple of years ago with a boldly spot-on, sinewy cover of Madonna’s “Skin” from Ray Of Light.  Then last year, he had one of my favourites with the warts-and-all honesty of “Blacklist” (which got to #5 on my personal chart).  He’s back with a song that continues to showcase his diverse talents as both singer and songwriter with “Like Like”, also the name of the accompanying EP. 

For Lostchild, “Like Like” is an uncharacteristically playful and jaunty electronic pop/dance tune that, like “Blacklist”, shows off the singer’s hugely appealing personality while recounting the frustration of not being able to find a successful relationship.  But the message is hopeful and open-ended, with a showy video, like the ones for “Blacklist”, that’s all Lostchild (above). While “Like Like” relies on an electronic vocal hook, the song to me is actually improved in its OKJAMES remix below.  This is the version to which you can let loose even more.  It’s got a bounce missing from the original and this is the version I’d prefer to hear on the radio.  The EP is rounded out by an acoustic version of “Like Like” plus two more new songs, the more self-reflective “Tall” and the slick, UK soul-influenced “Know U 1st”.  

If you like singer/songwriters like Lauv and Troye Sivan who write genuine, personal songs that so many of us can relate to, then you’ll adore Lostchild too. So jump on the Lostchild train and enjoy the fun ride (with donuts!) of “Like Like”.

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Baton Rouge duo @thisisPlake are back as emotions and thoughts collide in “Bleeding Out”

PLAKE, “Bleeding Out”

The brothers Plake – singer Hunter and guitarist Dakota – circle back to the unique appeal of their first single “Eden” and some of Hunter’s performances on “The Voice” (where he should have gotten into the Top 4) a few years back with “Bleeding Out”.  Taking those times when there are too many voices wrestling for space inside your brain and you can’t make sense of what’s happening around you, the lyrics of “Bleeding Out” are countered by a soft electronic melody and a dreamy vocal by Hunter.  “Bleeding Out” tells it like it is, and doesn’t compromise with a happy ending or closure because some times are tough and the reality of emotions sink deep.  “Bleeding Out” puts these guys back solidly on the pop music map and you’d be remiss if you didn’t take a listen.

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It’s downright cool to be “Peachy” as sung by L.A.-based songwriter and producer @EMMinreallife


EMM, “Peachy”

Don’t be fooled by its title – “Peachy” is a powerhouse alt.rocker that is all about empowering yourself to be just your cool self.  And let it sink in because it should be nothing more than “Peachy” to be you, like it is for the pop chameleon that is Michigan-born, L.A.-based EMM, despite any ongoing hardships.  There are so many people in the world with anxieties and pressures, many of which are a result of other people diminishing their self-worth.  “Peachy” puts that all to bed with a ferocious vocal and melody that definitely recall No Doubt, Blondie, and Cyndi Lauper.  EMM refuses to compromise her touch-edged lyrics, which makes the song even more powerful.  The musical arrangement is a catchy but haunting contrast to the song’s message.  Listen to the song at the link below and you’ll understand why “Peachy” fits for EMM as well as for others.

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SoCal duo Inspired & The Sleep @insprdandtheslp help us out with “Getting Through”


Although the lyrics are perfectly serious, SoCal duo Inspired And The Sleep (Max and Bryce) are determined to help us all out with “Getting Through”.  Its empowering message compels you to listen, which is countered by a soothing melody carried throughout by a some chipper piano chords, giving it a 1970’s Doobie Brothers kind of vibe (think of songs like “Minute By Minute” or “It Keeps You Runnin'”).  Max’s vocal really shines as well, making “Getting Through” likely the best release I’ve heard from them to date.  It’s definitely indie alternative, and college radio stations should enjoy this one immensely.  But it’s also unique pop music that will stand apart from the rest in a set, not an easy thing to do these days.

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“We Out Here” by @AlmostOwenmusic is fun, summery memory-making music

ALMOST OWEN, “We Out Here”

It’s short and sweet at only 2:06 but boy does Boston’s Almost Owen cram a lot of detail into such a quick song.  “We Out Here” is meant to be played loud, and it’s a raucous and upbeat song about when we are at our most vain and ridiculous – take the “Old Time Rock & Roll” scene from Tom Cruise’s movie “Risky Business” and run with it.  You’re in command of your own setting and fun when you’re by yourself or with a good friend, and some of those times create some unique memories.  Following up the rocker “One Lucky Man” and the acoustic “One In A Million”, both of which I have written about, Almost Owen continues to impress with “We Out Here” with the best kind of diverse fun.

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More intriguing alt.rock from new #Toronto duo #Homestead with “Rather Be Friends”

HOMESTEAD, “Rather Be Friends”

If last month’s “Runaway” was an interesting slice of music, then “Rather Be Friends”, by Toronto duo Homestead (producer/guitarist Liam DeBoer and vocalist Joël), ups the intrigue ante a few more notches.  You must stick with this one.  The beginning definitely starts off a little slow, but just after the minute mark things start to brew, and electronics creep in.  Then with some change-ups to Joël’s vocal, at times sung/spoken, the mystery of the song starts to reveal itself – who is it that would actually ‘rather be friends’ here?  The last minute of the song is well worth waiting for, as Joël’s vocal totally rocks out and catches you by surprise.  Like with “Runaway”, there’s a lot of mystique in “Rather Be Friends”, but this time it’s more rock-flavoured and could appeal to fans of Toronto’s Edge 102 or Indie-88, where it should find favour on either of their playlists.  I guess we will never entirely know what’s up Liam’s and Joël’s sleeves, and because of this, a few songs in, Homestead as a project has a lot of potential.

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Boston’s @AlmostOwenmusic rocks out with “One Lucky Man”

ALMOST OWEN, “One Lucky Man”

In early May, I introduced you to Boston’s Almost Owen through a delightful acoustic indie bedroom production.  He’s followed that up with a full blown alt.rock effort called “One Lucky Man”.  He’s got a great voice and like with many classic rockers, he can sing a lot of powerful, meaningful lyrics and draw the audience into his story without worrying that he’s actually singing too much.  The song has a straight-forward arrangement with a steady rhythm that steers it quickly through three and a half minutes without it seeming even as such.  Definitely keep your ears open for Almost Owen – he’s a sharp songwriter who knows what his listeners want to hear, and delivers a great message with “One Lucky Man” in the process.

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“Feels Like Summer” is a bright pop song with R&B influences from UK singer/songwriter @SamuelJackmusic

SAMUEL JACK, “Feels Like Summer”

It seems easy enough to think that a song called “Feels Like Summer” might be a simple, straight-forward pop song about fun in the summer.  But UK singer/songwriter Samuel Jack was raised partially in Johannesburg, South Africa, and his interest in music was sparked by Paul Simon’s Graceland.  So I’m confident there is a myriad of influences brewing inside, which leads to Samuel’s rich, R&B-inspired vocal that gives “Feels Like Summer” extra depth.  The song itself is reflective, looking back on a teen romance that brings back the summer setting all over again, even when it isn’t even summer.  All too many of us can relate to those feelings, which is why “Feels Like Summer” is a charming winner and Samuel is a singer to watch.  If you like music by Hozier and Passenger then add Samuel Jack into the mix.

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Lilting, compelling “Overwhelm” by @Bridesmen (aka @itsKenton) encourages us to confront and embrace our feelings

BRIDESMEN, “Overwhelm”

It’s not an easy sell at first listen, by “Overwhelm” by L.A.-based electronic artist Bridesmen is a beautiful song that encourages us all to confront and embrace our feelings.  With a slant on mental health and well-being, the song is supported by a compelling and lovely lyrical dance video for you to check out above.  Bridesmen is the recording name for Kenton Chen, who some of you may know from TV’s “Sing Off” a number of years back, when he put together an impromptu acapella group that sang in the finale.  Kenton’s career has been mainly focused on jazz and acapella, so Bridesmen offers another avenue for him to raise awareness about a variety of issues as well as his own barriers he has faced as a Gay Asian American.  “Overwhelm” has a classic song structure that allows it to be both affecting and relateable.  You can hear vocal and songwriting styles of artists like Joni Mitchell and Carole King in the story, as well both classical and modern influences in the music which perhaps reminds me of tauter songs by electronic artists such as ZHU or Odesza.

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“Flower” is enchanting, sexy, soulful pop from Dallas’ @JohnnyStimson


I first got to know the voice of Dallas, TX native Johnny Stimson when he surfaced on Kat Krazy’s dance track “Run Run”, which got to #6 on my personal chart a few years back.  The Elton John protégé who has toured with the likes of Tori Kelly has this time self-released “Flower”, an enchanting, sexy, soulful slice of indie pop that should not go unnoticed.  It’s a delicate tribute to someone special that Johnny wrote, produced and mixed.  You can easily put “Flower” side-by-side next to anything recent by L.A.’s Axel Mansoor, about whom I’ve written much in these blog pages.   “Flower” is ideal for inclusion in a Sunday set of quiet, acoustic songs that will make you smile.

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