Show Us Your Teeth: Tuned-On! Top 30 #320 – March 1/10

Could Lady GaGa get her first #1 on this chart?  While Mika’s “Rain” reigns steadily with former #1 “Delusional” by Simon Curtis right in tow, “Teeth” by Lady GaGa charges 12-3 to become her biggest hit on this chart, surpassing the #4 peak of “Bad Romance” and the current #4 position of “Speechless”.  It’s really hard to say what’s my favourite song from The Fame Monster, I could pick and choose between the three and be very happy.  Not to take away anything from “Teeth” (whose King5kat remix is outstanding) or even “Bad Romance”, but there are other challengers that could get to #1 too…

Also new to the Top 10 besides “Teeth” are Blake Lewis’ retro happiness of “Heartbreak On Vinyl” and “Pick Up The Phone”, the plea from the dancefloor by Dragonette.  But just outside of the Top 10 is our first debut, and it’s the highest one in quite some time.

I lumped Penguin Prison’s “Something I’m Not” in with last week’s highlighted songs, but the tune has grown immensely on me during the last week to make it one of this year’s must have records, and it debuts on the chart at a huge #11!  And the great part of it all is that it’s a free download!  Chris Glover has a massive talent up his sleeve, and it’s too bad Interscope Records didn’t take him up on it as cited in this excellent story about him.  I’m not sure if “Something I’m Not” can get to #1 next week, but it will give it the old college try!  Do check it out – you will miss something special from this talented singer/producer/remixer otherwise!

Next, I have to comment about Evan Taubenfeld’s terrific track “Starbucks Girl”.  Because of its connection to Starbucks, and Evan’s fans’ reaction to his use of autotune, the song has been pulled from the Welcome To The Blacklist Club CD and is no longer available as a free download.  And that’s a damn shame.  As is, “Starbucks Girl” has immense appeal, and the excellent, simple video expands on that appeal.  Sure, I said that I’d like a version without the autotune too, but to no longer make the original version available is a mystery to me.  Watch the video yourself and decide!  The song still moves up 25-20 on the chart!!

The chart is full of massive activity this week.  P!nk’s Grammy performance of “Glitter In The Air” is her best record in more than 6 or 7 years, and debuts at #23.  New Yorker Javi, of Puerto Rican and Panamanian background, debuts at #24 with the gorgeous European-sounding Monsieur Adi remix of “Situation” .  UK’s Example could give Calvin Harris a run for his money with “Won’t Go Quietly” at #25.  This song may seem a little static at first but it really grows on you.  Then blog-darling Ellie Goulding arrives at #26 with “Starry Eyed”, which has many remixes (including one by Penguin Prison), but my preference is for the shimmering retro Monarchy remix.  Justin Nozuka’s fans light up this blog as his new CD You I Wind Land and Sea gets closer to release.  “My Heart Is Yours” bows at #27.  And finally, Vampire Weekend enters the chart at #28 with “Cousins”.  The indie band scored a #1 Billboard album with Contra a few weeks back.

One last piece of housekeeping:  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since I started this blog last Fall.  I have one rule on my personal chart.  Songs must leave the chart after 10 appearances (20 weeks).  This allows a fresh rotation of songs to occur, but it doesn’t prevent them from re-entering at a later date, though this doesn’t happen very often.  Both Mika’s “Blame It On The Girls” and Dan Black’s “Alone” left the chart this week for this reason.

Have a great week and let’s see your comments 🙂