Pennsylvania-bred singer/songwriter @KohnerRice sings a big pop ballad “Me Without You”


KOHNER RICE, “Me Without You”

“Me Without You” is a big pop ballad production from young singer/songwriter Kohner Rice.  It follows up the fun no-brainer “Move” and another recent but more dramatic ballad “Storm”.  “Me Without You” has a lot of great balance which is led by Kohner’s passionate and powerful vocal.  It’s a throwback in a lot of ways to what you might have expected from the Backstreet Boys years ago, with some dazzling guitar work that seems to have been teleported in from the 80’s.  So yes “Me Without You” is somewhat familiar in all of its trappings, but it’s not unlike what you might hear from Nick Jonas or Jesse McCartney.  A song like this traverses the One Direction era of boy band pop and arrives in 2018 in more of a classic pop setting.  “Me Without You” definitely has potential for pop radio, and you can add it to your Classic Ballads playlists using the Spotify link below.

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“Move” is infectious dance/pop from @KohnerRice with a delightfully silly video


A few years back, I was fortunate to hear some catchy songs from Florida-based Kohner Rice, who at the time was in a duo with his brother, but their overall spin on a teen-pop sound seemed to be starting to go out of vogue, and so the songs I heard never saw official release.  Now solo and with a fine-tuned sound that would not sound out of place next to R5 or Conor Maynard, and Kohner returns with a video for “Move” as his re-introduction.  Its fun pop vibe will be sure to hang on to the fans he and his brother won over and likely get even more.  The video is delightfully silly as Kohner and his friends try desperately to teach each other some basic dance moves, culminating in one that you might have seen in “Dirty Dancing” (or, maybe not!).  The video closes with outtakes of said move.  It’s a fine re-emergence for Kohner that should find friends on video playlists, and is definitely on-the-money for Top 40 radio airplay consideratio.  Definitely watch and listen for more of Kohner Rice, but do check out the video for “Move” up at the top.

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