“Killed The Love” is more potent R&R from Canadian quartet @BondsOfMara


BONDS OF MARA, “Killed The Love”

“Killed The Love” follows last summer’s Top 20 rock radio hit “Lights Out” with more potent Canadian rock and roll from the quartet Bonds of Mara.  This is tight and tidy rock that will sound even better in concert.  Joining guitarist/vocalist Sal Costa (Smashing Satellites, My Darkest Days) and bassist Dave Benedict (Default) in the band now are vocalist Bryan Crouch (from Hail The Villain) and drummer Daryl Ralph.  Produced once again by Default’s Danny Craig, “Killed The Love” doesn’t let up with the urgency that is so much needed in rock and roll today to stand out.  Bryan is a worthy successor to Brian Byrne (who co-wrote the song and had to bow out of the band for personal reasons) with his memorable and cutting vocal.  Though only two songs into their career, with their reputation as a fan favourite that collectively sews together the audience of their past groups, Bonds Of Mara is well on its way to being a Canadian treasure that could also see significant exposure in the American market once more songs are released.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Bonds Of Mara!  Listen to “Killed The Love” below.

Amid their current tour, Bonds Of Mara plays The Music Hall in Oshawa, Ontario, tonight (see ya there!) and the illustrious Horseshoe Tavern on Thursday March 5.

Former @SmashSatellites and My Darkest Days vocalist Sal Costa drops exclusive unreleased song “Lover Of A Lost Cause”

SAL COSTA, “Lover Of A Lost Cause”

I think this one even surprised his most ardent fans. 

Over a year ago, former Smashing Satellites and My Darkest Days frontman, Toronto’s Sal Costa, pretty much announced his retirement from the music business to pursue other interests and support his young family, although he didn’t totally dismiss the ideas of performing or offering new songs in the future. 

So yesterday, those of us that follow one of the most genuine guys in music on Facebook got the unexpected thrill of hearing the previously unreleased “Lover Of A Lost Cause”, written with Cody Hanson and Marshall Dutton not long after Sal left My Darkest Days. 

“Lover” is a completely smokin’ song which made many of us realize how much Sal’s singing is missed.  It’s as powerful as Satellites songs like my favourite “Waterfall” with a simple arrangement including a backdrop of strings that really showcases Sal’s voice.  Whether it will see more than its appearance on Sal’s Facebook videos page remains to be seen.  However as you’ll likely conclude as well after hearing it, rock radio in North America would likely totally jump all over it. 

When I commented about the song on Facebook, Sal responded and suggested that I might write about it.  As you’ve read, I was more than happy to oblige!  There’s another new song coming on Wednesday November 28 at 7 pm EST so follow Sal on Facebook to find out more 🙂