Love, Inc.’s dance classic “You’re A Superstar” gets a fine reboot, complete with @SimoneDenny, courtesy of superstar veterans @MickyModelle and @FridayNitePosse


Here’s a text book example of how to bring a much-loved dance hit back to life.  Two superstar producers from across the pond, Ireland’s Micky Modelle and England’s Friday Night Posse, have combined their major forces to reboot Canadian trio Love, Inc.’s “You’re A Superstar”, and what better way than with the voice of the original, the amazing Simone Denny?  While “You’re A Superstar” was a radio hit in Canada and a dance club hit in the US, it was a Top 10 pop hit in the UK and throughout Europe in 1998.  Veterans who began their careers around this time, and worked together on the “Clubland” compilations, Micky and Friday Night Posse (Harry Hard – who himself had a #1 record in the UK producing DJ Casper’s “Cha Cha Slide”) inject “You’re A Superstar” Mach 2 with 90’s techno vibes and pulsating synths along with contemporary bells and whistles to make it sizzle once again.  It also is accompanied in its EP by a variety of remixes to check out.  Sounding cheerier than ever, “You’re A Superstar” aims to help you celebrate the good times that you deserve.

The @StereoDynamite Sessions Volume 1 by @SimoneDenny arrives with “Black Roses”


SIMONE DENNY, “Black Roses”

After two decades of success front and centre in dance clubs with hits by BKS and Love Inc. as well as other collaborations and solo releases, Canadian singer Simone Denny’s debut album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume 1 is now on release, with the reflective “Black Roses” as the lead off featured song.  Last year of course I just adored the introduction to this project, “Your Love Fades Away, which got to #16 on my chart, a complete shift for Simone away from dance territory music and straight into her R&B roots as a sultry jazz/soul club songstress.  It works beautifully, showing the power and emotion that is in fact the basis for so many dance music hits.  And “Black Roses” extends this with its heartbreak and self-realization after the end of a relationship occurs.  This is the kind of performance that should give Simone yet another Juno Awards nomination in the end (she already has 5 of those awards!).  I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album – which also contains her ballad take on ABC’s “The Look Of Love” – so get to know “Black Roses” with the clip below, and pick up The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume 1 on iTunes.

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BILLCS Top 30 #436 – July 28/14

I’m a tad late due to vacationing in New York City but there’s plenty brewing on the new chart that’s of interest!!

Fancy That, Another New #1

It’s probably one of the more obscure songs to top my chart, but you owe it to yourself to check out “Electrify The Night” by House Rockerz, Davis Redfield and vocalist Carl Man below.  It’s one energetic romp with great lyrics that will connect to the music lover and club goer inside you 🙂  Right now, I’m only aware of it being available on a European dance compilation “House Rockerz – Feiern ist wichtig! Vol. 2” released by Kontor Records.

The Rest of the Top 10

  • That clever, swirling Steve Smart & Wildfunk remix of “Little Me” by Little Mix finds its way to the dance-filled Top 5 at #4!
  • I’m hoping that the fun “This Could Be Something” by Sweden’s Anton Ewald and Denmark’s Medina finds its way to international clubs and radio, it’s too irresistible to pass up.  It climbs 9 to 5 🙂  Watch the video right here!  I don’t know why it can’t be made available on You Tube or Vevo…
  • The last chart’s fastest riser, “Time Has Come” by Finland’s Hannis, makes another big bold move 13-6, and should find itself easily in the Top 5 in two weeks.
  • “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)” (below) takes Zorro Blakk & fellow vocalist Deniz Olivieri to a new peak of #7!  El Zorro is also moving up the chart further down with “Big City Girls (Don’t Fall In Love With Small Town Boys)” at #18 as well!
  • Also new to the Top 10 are Charli XCX’s soon-to-be-seminal-summer-song “Boom Clap” at #8, and Kongos’ rollicking “Hey I Don’t Know” at #9 🙂

Movin’ On Up

  •  UK alt.rock performer E-Mute’s intense, rocking “Miracle” climbs up a few more notches to #12!
  • Don’t be surprised if more songs from Adam Tyler’s deluxe edition of Shattered Ice start appearing on the chart soon!  In the meantime, “Knew You Better” continues to rise up 18-13.
  • Sam Dickinson’s deluxe edition of The Stories That Occurred is coming soon, and just ahead of that is the classic-sounding “When You Left Me”, moving up the chart 19-14.
  • The fastest riser on the chart is no surprise at all, “I Believe” (27-16), the new single by Bright Light Bright Light from his album Life Is Easy.  North American audiences will now be able to see Bright Light Bright Light open for Elton John on select dates 😀
  • We should see Simone Denny’s new album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume One later in the year, but for now enjoy the change of pace for her with the torch ballad “Your Love Fades Away”, climbing 20-17.  It’s available on iTunes.
  • Two of the three performers at #1 this week have their own collaboration jumping up 28-23 – “Music Gods” by Davis Redfield and UK singer Carl Man.  This one’s available on iTunes.

New to the Chart

I’ve written about all three recently, so that’s always a good sign for songs to start appearing on the chart 🙂

  • Dutch producer/DJ Afrojack and American singer/songwriter (Stephen) Wrabel collaborate on “Ten Feet Tall”, bowing at #20, it’s gorgeous and affecting lyrical dance-pop which I still think you will hear soon on your local Top 40 radio station.
  • “No Fun” by Australian duo The Presets is more fun than a lot of songs you will hear right now.  It’s got a great playful funky groove to it that’s different from the lads’ last efforts, while retaining the big stadium-like anthemic feel of many of their songs.  It arrives at #21 as a single available on iTunes.
  • Another slice of funky business, early 80’s style, is “Stranger” by New York producer/DJ Chris Malinchak, pairing up with versatile Mikky Ekko, who has never sounded so soulful.  It debuts at #22.

The full chart can be found further down the page…

Listen for My New Music Pick Of The Week on!

As many of you are already aware, after many years away from the microphone, I am now pleased to be back as a voice on Canada’s National Internet Radio Station, which mainly plays a selection of oldies, mostly from the 50’s to the 90’s, with soon to be more intrusions from the 2000’s and other new music.

Do listen in for my New Music Pick of the Week feature on 8 times per day starting at 2:05 AM EST on Mondays, and while the station is only live in the evenings from 9:00 pm to midnight (with my long-time musical partner in crime “The Musicman” James Rogers), you can hear my voice at other odd times, particularly if you’re an oldies loving night owl on the weekend overnights 🙂


The Full Chart

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

02 01 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
01 02 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
03 03 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
06 04 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk radio edit) Little Mix
09 05 THIS COULD BE SOMETHING Anton Ewald featuring Medina
13 06 TIME HAS COME Hannis
08 07 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
11 08 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
12 09 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
04 10 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
07 11 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
14 12 MIRACLE E-Mute
18 13 KNEW YOU BETTER Adam Tyler
19 14 WHEN YOU LEFT ME Sam Dickinson
05 15 PROXY Martin Garrix
27 16 I BELIEVE Bright Light Bright Light
20 17 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
21 19 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
New 20 TEN FEET TALL Afrojack featuring Wrabel
New 21 NO FUN The Presets
New 22 STRANGER Chris Malinchak featuring Mikky Ekko
28 23 MUSIC GODS Davis Redfield featuring Carl Man
10 24 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
29 25 LOVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY Neon Trees
15 26 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
17 27 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
26 30 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer

BILLCS Top 30 #433 – June 16/14

My new personal chart this week sees some longer lasting songs peaking with no shortage of great new songs to replace them down below.  So while it’s an active chart, movement is slow and steady 😉

The Top 10

  • Tuesday June 17 is release day for Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour in North America at last!!  So I’ve picked that up and will be listening, but in the meantime Sam’s “Stay With Me” gets a second appearance in at the top, while “Not In That Way” climbs to #8.
  • It’s looking highly like young B.C. native Tristan Thompson could succeed Sam Smith at the top in two weeks with his debut single “Tidal Wave” (below).  It moves up significantly, from 5 to 2!  I’ve also included a link to the new Boomtang mix radio edit!

  • Convulsic now has two of his songs in the Top 10, which is amazing for a new performer.  “Love Space” still climbs up to #5, while “The Day You Left” enters the Top 10 at #9.  Unique and infectious dubstep just waiting for your attention!
  • FrankMusik’s “Dear Nicole” rises to #6, as the third video from By Nicole is released.  Watch “Stabilizher” below – such a well shot video, full of great colour and effects.  Plus, it’s a feelgood video, harkening back to “No I.D” or “Do It In The A.M.”  Well done to all!

  • Bounding into the Top 10 at full velocity is the massive cover of Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart” by Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones.  If you want a song to lift you up and make you feel great, Jason’s fierce rendition will do just that!!  Below is a video re-edit featuring the Toy Armada and DJ GRIND club mix.

Moving On Up…

  • They’re from the nearby town to the north-west of me called Orangeville – the DVBBS brothers (with MOTi) are Top 10 bound with the powerful and rollicking “This Is Dirty” at #11.

  • “Electrify The Night” by the team of House Rockerz, Davis Redfield and singer Carl Man is a song that resonated with me out of the blue.  It only has limited availability, but you can listen to it through the link below from Soundcloud.  I predict great things coming for the song on the chart in the next few weeks, and it moves 16-12.


  • The pop culture references and the feel good vibe make Zorro Blakk & Deniz Olivieri’s “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)” a treat for your ears and feet!  The song is from the mysterious Zorro’s debut album The Fairy Tale of Zorro Blakk and climbs 19-15.
  • SIRPAUL smashed it last weekend at Long Island Pride (along with the likes of Debbie Gibson and Robin S!).  The singer lays it all out bare 😉 with “Black Leather” rising 22-18 from his album Seventh Star.
  • The fastest riser belongs to the quartet of brothers who go by their last name of Kongos.  The gritty and bassy “Hey I Don’t Know” moves up 25-19.

  • E-Mute’s “Miracle” gets easily stuck in your head with a compelling vocal and classical piano work.  It climbs 24-20.


  •  I haven’t been a fan of their past efforts, but even months after its original release “Little Me” by Little Mix has won me over with the swirling carousel of a remix by Steve Smart and Westfunk.  It gets down and deep but the keyboard melody and the vocals which build up the chorus are the selling points.  Plus the song has a very important and positive message for young women about beauty and image.  It debuts at #23.

  • Next at #24 is another great new female voice and songwriter – Charli XCX.  Her song “Boom Clap” from “The Fault In Our Stars” will immediately remind you of a more pop-edged Lorde, but it’s immediately catchy and memorable, and certain to be a huge pop hit as we head into summer, given the singer’s success as appearing on Iggy Azalia’s “Fancy”.

  • I wrote about this next song recently and now here it is on my chart.  Simone Denny was the voice behind great dance hits like Love Inc.’s “Broken Bones” and “You’re A Superstar”, as well as Wide Life’s “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)”.  She’s never been away and is back with something a little more subdued which is perfect for her wide-ranging voice.  “Your Love Fades Away” bows at #25 from the upcoming album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume 1.

  • The last debut belongs to Atlanta-based Nick Hagelin, with another choice song for summer from his free download EP City Lights.  “Trust It” scores all the way around – great rhythm, story, and one of Nick’s best straight ahead pop vocals.  It arrives at #26.

Extra, Extra… Give ‘Em A Listen (or Five)

HANNIS, “Time Has Come”

The more I hear songs like “Time Has Come”, the more I enjoy the EDM dubstep experience.  This song by the Finland native, who got into listening and singing to EDM at the request of her boyfriend, starts off like many great European electro records of the early 2000’s with a soft introduction with Hannis’ inviting voice.  And then right before the minute and a half mark, this huge layered wall of dubstep hits and lulls you in like it’s your best friend 🙂 This is truly amazing production work from Alwegs, who hails from Latvia.  If his name gets out there, he’s gonna be noticed!  “Time Has Come” is a terrific but unassuming start for Hannis, and big things could happen if word of mouth gets out about the song and its unique hybrid EDM style that totally works.  You can download the song for free using a link from Hannis’ Soundcloud page.

TANYA THE SAVAGE, “We Were Once Built There”

It’s somewhat of an interesting recording name, but Tanya The Savage records songs which are guaranteed to embed a mark on your listening experience.  She’s based out of Miami, and has been performing since she was a child violinist age 8!  “We Were Once Built There” is gorgeous, emotional British/European-flavoured EDM that would be much different without her affecting and powerful vocal.  It’s another song to hit you square right out of nowhere and then make you want much more.  Tanya The Savage is currently recording an album with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Rodriguez.  “We Were Once Built There” is available on iTunes.


And Now, The Full Chart 🙂

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

01 01 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
05 02 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
02 03 PROXY Martin Garrix
06 05 LOVE SPACE Convulsic
07 06 DEAR NICOLE FrankMusik
09 07 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer
10 08 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
11 09 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
13 10 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
16 12 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
15 13 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
19 15 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
18 16 BE MINE Kendal Thompson
08 17 FALL INTO LOVE Wrathschild
25 19 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
24 20 MIRACLE E-Mute
23 21 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
12 22 LATCH Disclosure featuring Sam Smith
New 23 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk radio edit)  Little Mix
New 24 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
New 25 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
New 26 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
17 27 I WISH WE WERE LEAVING Bright Light Bright Light & Elton John
26 29 BACK TO CALIFORNIA Steve Grand
27 30 MONEY ON MY MIND Sam Smith


A Familiar Voice Returns: “Your Love Fades Away” by @SimoneDenny


SIMONE DENNY, “Your Love Fades Away”

A great Canadian voice has decided to step away from her Dance music roots and into smoky R&B ballad territory. The diverse and talented Toronto singer Simone Denny is back.  You know her as the lead vocalist on Juno Award-winning #1 Dance records such as Love Inc’s “Broken Bones” (also a Canadian and UK Top 10 hit) and “Astroplane” by BKS, as well as Widelife’s “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)”  – the theme from TV’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. With the restrained power in Simone’s voice, you know that the roof is about to be blown off in whatever style she chooses.  “Your Love Fades Away” combines heartache with self-realization and there is no question about Simone’s versatility.  Because the Dance Club community never lets a great performer go too long without providing a new club hit, I know Simone will have us dancing up a storm again soon.  But for now this preview of her upcoming album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume 1 holds a lot of promise.  Pick up “Your Love Fades Away” on iTunes!