You will be tantalized by the expressive @LucienDante’s “Black Water” (Free DL)


LUCIEN DANTE, “Black Water” (free download)

Just when I think that 2015 can’t be loaded up with more fine singers and new music, and along comes Chicago-based singer/songwriter Lucien Dante with “Black Water” from his release Our Of We, available for free download right here (I am unable to embed the link).  This is a young man who is able to marry real-life experiences, largely from living overseas in Germany, to his art, and is thus able to touch the listener profoundly.  I still have to listen more to “Black Water” to figure out what it’s all about, but the strikingly subtle production, which becomes quite powerful towards the end, compliments the singer’s refreshingly shy-sexy-confident vocal that has the ability to draw you in and keep you there under musical lock and key.  Think of him being somewhere between Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver, and Matthew Koma… what a unique artistic space to find him in!  I will be delving more into the Our Of We release in the coming release and I expect to rave on further about Lucien Dante.  Below is also the first song I heard from him, “Spark” (also available as a free download right here) which is in a different more EDM setting, but look past a sometimes busy production for the unique vocal performance.  Lucien Dante is one-of-a-kind and you can’t say that about many singers in these contemporary days when so many fine voices pervade social media.  


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