“Atypical” is slick lyrical house from @ManilaKilla’s 1993 EP – and check out its inspiring video

MANILA KILLA featuring GIGI, “Atypical”

I really enjoy finding out more about an artist as they grow with each release.  And such is the case with Washington DC-based producer Manila Killa’s recent 1993 EP and the song “Atypical” featuring vocalist GiGi.  It’s a rousing house track that is taken to the next level by its inspiring video.  For it’s here we find that our Chris Gavino is a former dancer, and choreographers The DayOne Project have blessed “Atypical” with an on-point lyrical dance routine that flows beautifully to the song.  It’s great to see Manila Killa making his own spot-on moves with the rest of the dancers.  My own daughter danced competitively from ages 6 to 14 so I’m only too familiar with all of the work and effort that is involved after witnessing countless competitions during those years.  Check out the video for “Atypical” above and let it stir that inner inspiration in you.

Just Reminiscing: The video for “Time” by @SteveGrandmusic

STEVE GRAND, “Time” (video)

Because I’m so supportive of the Steve Grand crowd-funded project which just brought us his fine, fine album All-American Boy, I have to include words about the video for his recent single “Time” (which peaked at #9 on my personal chart), which I believe was also funded by that project.  

It’s a poignant and thought-provoking story that only Steve and his team could envision, continuing from the viral success of “All-American Boy” and “Stay” in 2013.  It clearly depicts how a relationship begins and develops, taking the same route of many of us when we become part of a couple whether straight or gay.  You do what feels right and goes with the flow.  Only when commitment wanes does it come into question, and fortunately for us, the videomakers allow us to come to a conclusion without it being decided for us.  While it lasts, Steve’s on-screen interracial relationship makes us all reminisce fondly of our own enjoyable times, which come hand-in-hand with the challenges and temptations.

Watch the video above and don’t forget to purchase Steve Grand’s All-American Boy on iTunes.

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R∆ R∆ Oooh La La: Simon Curtis Video Project is A GO!!


Back in March, I wrote that L.A. based singer/songwriter and favourite boy robot Simon Curtis announced that he would be launching a ‘kickstarter’ project sometime soon.  Always true to his word, I’m pleased to say that today (Saturday July 27), Simon revealed that the $5,000 goal to make a video for a brand new song had been met – in TWO DAYS.

This only proves more and more that investing personally in your favourite performers’ works and careers is becoming the way to go in these days where record companies are much more selective about who they sign and invest in.  The rich do get richer, but that doesn’t stop the rest of us from helping to make things happen.

Simon is leaving the door open to accept more pledges which could cover additional costs of releasing a single.  But really that will be well-earned and tasty icing on the newly baked cake.  Here is the link if you want to pledge:   http://simonkillu.tumblr.com/post/56446221445/help-bring-my-debut-video-to-life 

Also, you can read my comments about a recent and unreleased song of Simon’s called “Meteor”, which gives you a flavour of where the singer might be headed with new songs.

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A Visual ‘Slice’ of #PumpkinPie

It’s well before the usual time of year when we all dig into pumpkin pie, but I’m glad the video for Evan Taubenfeld’s “Pumpkin Pie” from his digital release Welcome To The Blacklist Club has surfaced to support interest in the record, which I blogged about a few weeks back.

I’m no longer enamoured with the video format, it is basically a commercial outlet to promote a record.  Nonetheless, I’m impressed with the down-to-earth quality of “Pumpkin Pie”.  It tells the story, it’s all Evan, and best of all, it’s sincerely honest, with a good message for the younger generation.  Twitter figures prominently – no surprise since it has helped build Evan’s fanbase  as well as his weekly online Soda Sunday streams – along with his website.

Despite thinking that I would quickly tire of the song, it has much to my surprise become one of my very favourites from Blacklist Club.  If it can grow on me, the same could easily happen to you.

“Pumpkin Pie” is a great end-of-summer hit in waiting.  Make it happen people 🙂

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Today’s iTouch Shuffle Playlist and Flashback Video

Today’s hour-plus drive to work yielded the iTouch shuffle playlist below.

K’naan featuring Adam Levine “Bang Bang”

Eve 6 “Promise”

DJ Tatana featuring Jael “Always On My Mind”

Chris Cornell “You Know My Name”

Alcatraz “Give Me Luv” (all 8 wonderful minutes of the extended mix)

Michael Buble “Georgia On My Mind”

Danity Kane “Damaged”

Level 42 “Eyes Waterfalling”

Donnis “I Am Me”

Newton White “Breathless”

Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”

Gibson Brothers “Cuba”

Lindsey Buckingham “D.W. Suite”

Faith Brothers “A Stranger On Home Ground”

And today’s flashback video song was heard on shuffle a few days ago – Adamski featuring Seal with “Killer” from 1990 (before Seal’s first solo CD was released, and, of course, when he had hair).  Great pop ‘mad scientist’ video!