“I Wish U Heaven”, a YouTube playlist tribute to Prince, features @DarrenHayes’ stunning cover

DARREN HAYES, “I Wish U Heaven”

Rarely do I write about songs made available online-only, but when it means a new Darren Hayes vocal, then exceptions are made!  We’ve had no new music from Darren since 2011, while he works on other projects, making the occasional brief live appearance (such as the one I was lucky to see in April 2016 in L.A.).  Debuting on Christmas Day, in case you missed it, Darren seamlessly covers Prince’s brief “I Wish U Heaven”, originally from the 1988 Lovesexy album.  The song wasn’t a North American hit but did well overseas, particularly in the UK.  With a minimal arrangement of strings and piano, Darren’s vocal lovingly pays tribute to pop’s purple hero.  It’s not the first time Darren has covered Prince.  In concert 10 years ago as part of the Time Machine tour, which I saw in Toronto, he dazzled us by incorporating Prince’s “Baby I’m A Star” into a medley with his own playful funky pop of “Pop!ular”.  Perhaps we will see a video of it one day.  While I encourage you to check out Darren’s cover above, you can also listen to the entire “I Wish U Heaven” playlist right here.

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