Nelson Clemente “90 Days”

I think I first heard Australian singer Nelson Clemente (now based in South Africa!) when I was first discovering MySpace a few years back.  I remember exploring someone’s list of friends, checking out those who were making music.  At the time Nelson was working on his first EP 6th Perception, which was released in 2008 featuring the sensitive and danceable ode “You Me Us We”, the reflective “It’s All My Fault”, and the song that made my year end Best list two years  in a row (the original in 2008 and the Spekr Freks remix in 2009), the mysterious and compelling “You Want Me Don’t You”.

Nelson is back to kick off the new decade with a similarly mysterious, melodic, and attractively sung new song called “90 Days”.  I love pop music that makes you think, through a story however vague it might be, accompanied by a strong voice and great melody.  That it’s now available on iTunes and Amazon is a bonus – and we get remixes right away!  I like the Sound Baker mix best; it seems to have carefully captured the essence of the original while making it clubworthy.  The other two mixes (the Electro Freak mix and Shpank’s Summer Anthem Radio Edit) are also quite good.

With the talk of summer in the lyrics and it having a Summer Anthem edit, for those of us in the West you just have to remember that it’s Summer in the East.  “90 Days” will help get the rest of us to warmer months indeed!  A You Tube link is below… you can catch up with Nelson at his My Space site as well.