The Story Behind Javi’s “Situation”

It’s one of the more unassuming songs of 2010 – suddenly, from out of nowhere, it’s got you by both ears.  That’s “Situation” by New York singer Javi Silva, a pop/dance shaker which I tweeted about as early as last February that’s one of my favourite songs of the year, and has an interesting back story in the singer’s own words:

My producer gave me this disco beat and I just got this image of this smooth operator on the prowl at a club.  The song is his internal monologue. The main mix of the song isn’t even done yet. That [Monsieur] Adi remix got out really early.

The wonders of the BlogVerse and Internet made this happen, and we’re all the luckier for it.  Can’t wait to hear the original as well as other versions of “Situation”, a song that will make remixers very happy indeed.

You can download “Situation (Monsieur Adi remix)” for free right here.