#MusicMonday Roundup

Saint Motel “Dear Dictator (Sam Sparro remix)”

Sam Sparro’s remix has given a 70’s lustre to this L.A. quartet’s caustic humour that screams disco balls and polyester with this song, but still sounds contemporary in a dramatic Scissor Sisters kind of way.  It might take a while to catch on, but well worth it.  Download it for free right here .

Tyler Hilton “This World Will Turn Your Way”

It’s been over 6 years since LA’s Tyler Hilton debuted with his CD The Tracks Of, which featured the catchy and modest “When It Comes” and jaunty crowd-pleasing fare such as my personal favourite, “The Letter Song”.  He had featured roles in TV’s “One Tree Hill” and as a young Elvis in the film “Walk The Line”.  He’s used his website, MySpace, and meet-and-greets at his shows to communicate with and secure his extremely loyal fan base, which has waited, through singles, album tracks, and EP’s for his upcoming full album release “The Storms We Share”.  From his latest EP “Ladies and Gentleman” comes the optimistic “This World Will Turn Your Way” with a very eye-catching and touching video, above.  Fans of Ryan Star and Rob Thomas should dig this, and if “World” is any indication, “The Storms We Share” will be well worth the long wait.

Elouise “Pretender”

If Sam Taylor’s “Run Away” was a contemporary torch song for the youngins and since Rufus Wainwright is wrapped up in the opera world, the UK’s Elouise is finding a niche with her own version of alternately sultry, soulful, campy, and bold torch pop that brings to mind everyone from Shirley Bassey and Dusty Springfield to Dionne Warwick.  Matched with Kylie Minogue producer Steve Anderson, Elouise’s 3 song EP Stardust, including “Pretender” (a live snippet in the video above, whose sonic power on record soars through you), goes right through the high quality meter, leaving you wanting much more.  I second and third the raves from fellow bloggers MyFizzyPop and Don’t Stop The Pop, so now the world has to catch up! Order it from Elouise’s website or via Bandcamp (where you can also hear the full version).

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