New Popervescence from 100 Akres/Roz Bell, Elouise, Russ Chimes!!

100 Akres featuring Roz Bell “Breakup Anthem (We Never Cared)”

The two creative forces that brought us the soulful and stunning “Pink Cadillac” last year (a #1 on my chart) are back with this cheery (?) and playful song about relationships that went south once both sides realized that they never cared anyway.  It makes great company with something equally energetic like Greg Kihn’s “The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em)”, an oft-forgotten gem from 1981.  And perfect timing, for end of summer breakups and departures!  I think Keith and Roz need to make a full album together, don’t you?  Download “Breakup Anthem” for free right here.

Elouise “The Winner Takes It All”

Paul of My Fizzy Pop finds out about some glorious musical moments and one of those is Elouise’s upcoming recording of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All”.  After all, when was the last time you heard an effective ABBA cover?  The “Mamma Mia” film or show? A Bjorn Again concert?  The sample of “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” in Madonna’s “Hung Up”?  Well gorgeous Elouise – currently riding my chart with torch song “Pretender” from her Stardust EP – brings it back full proper circle.  I have learned through listening to my daughter (a BIG ABBA fan) sing that ABBA songs are not at all easy, and for whatever we may have thought 30 years ago, Agnetha and Anni-Frid are extremely talented with great voices.  Elouise agrees, and voilà – a faithful, brilliantly sung rendition with contemporary Steve Anderson production that will go a long way.  Seriously, someone better sign Elouise to an international record deal and send her to Broadway.  I haven’t listened to Larry Flick’s interview with her yet, but you can hear the full version of the song at the 23:50 mark right here – and of course listen to the interview too!

Russ Chimes “Never Look Back”

A story interwoven into a succession of music videos by the same performer is not a new idea.  Think back to the 80’s, to those ZZ Top videos from the Eliminator album, (“Gimme All Your Lovin’”, “Legs”, “Sleeping Bag”, and “Sharp-Dressed Man”, see clip below), as well as many others.  However as videos became more like commercials for the songs, the creativity diminished.  But in the second decade of this century, the creative juices seem to be flowing again.  British producer/DJ Russ Chimes has created a three-instrumental song project called “Midnight Club”, and the first of these is “Never Look Back”.  The song itself sounds like it samples either some British soul tracks or perhaps even snippets of singer Michael McDonald’s voice.  The video (above) keeps your head spinning with the back-and-forward-in-time editing and the alternating scenes of good times and suspense, and it stays in your head long after watching.  You’ll want to see part two and three… One to watch!!  And could Russ Chimes be the new Giorgio Moroder/Cerrone/Alec R. Costandinos that us disco fans have been waiting for lo these many years?

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