Winter Popervescence Goes Poptronic!

If it wasn’t for huge anticipation of upcoming releases from Frankmusik (still TBA for Do It In The A.M., but Vince has been posting some amazing free downloads that show positively MAJOR potential to be unveiled), Penguin Prison (now scheduled for April), and new UK pop/R&B sensation Jamie Woon (March), I don’t think I would be getting signals that 2011 more than ever appears to be a year in which Pop and Electronica are fusing more to commercial appeal.  To support this, we are getting some terrific fusion both on the pop charts and in some potential new talent.

I currently enjoy Enrique Iglesias’ music much more than 10 years ago when he won fame as a balladeer.  Lately Enrique’s been on a really fun club sound bent, and though huge pop hit “I Like It” burned on me after a while, and ballad “Heartbeat” with Nicole Scherzinger turned into a minor European hit, it looks like “Tonight (I’m Fucking You)” is going to be even more massive.  Credit that to the busy and infectious electronica backdrop that sets the song firmly in Clubland… and radio has jumped on the more, erhm, polite version “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”.  I think the appearance of a Ludacris rap is kind of unnecessary but is playing to both radio and street cred.  So is North American radio finally set to embrace a steadier diet of Poptronic sounds, or is this just a one off?  We’ll see later this year.

Then we have the latest case in point from UK’s Patrick Wolf, whose songs have alternately been darker, alternative affairs and fantastic bursts of pop/dance.  The vibrant, catchy pop of 2007’s “The Magic Position” won me over, wondering what Patrick would offer next.  It’s taken till now for something equally brilliant to surface, but the free download of the Richard X mix of “The City” signals good times are ahead for Poptronics.  Watch the feel-good video above, which captures the essence of the positivity in the song, and download the Richard X mix below while you still can.

Australian duo Bag Raiders signal the first signs of Western world summer – though for Aussies they are well into it right now in the East – with their latest song “Sunlight”.  What makes this sparkling song even more special is the presence of Poptronics whiz Dan Black on vocals, and the result is summer beach party central.  I can’t wait for what Mr. Black has to offer us next, and this kind of collab will help bridge that gap in time.  Be sure to get this one for free right here!

Blu Eden is a new pop/dance vocal duo who have already started to achieve some notoriety in London with some live showcases.  Comprised of vocalist Nora Blu and partner/producer Richard Eden, the duo combines a UK soul and club sound with edgy electronics, which are featured prominently in the crunchy production in the extended version of “Rip It Up”, the original version of which you can hear on their official website.  Songs like “Rip It Up” make the UK dance sound seem fresh all over again, and club DJ’s in particular should find favour with Blu Eden’s songs.

Lastly, 21 year old Toronto-based producer/DJ Volta! is a name to watch both for experimental electronica and Poptronics.  His Soundcloud page is full of interesting ideas fleshed out with swirling electonics.  You won’t be able to deny the infectious appeal of one of the songs remixed by Kash Jay called “Conan”.  The original song appears on Volta!’s Soundcloud page and doesn’t really sound too similar to the remix.  But the remix definitely gets planted in your head and stays there.  It works fine as an instrumental but something tells me that a honkin’ female R&B vocal might suit the song in an alternate version.  Check out the free download below.

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