Superfraiche NYC: Simon Curtis, Databoy, Sky Ferreira

Combine it with a need for a quick getaway from the daily routine and the opportunity to see Arjan Writes’ Superfraiche featuring a set by Simon Curtis… I had no choice but to go 🙂

So despite tremendous flight delays from Toronto due to bad weather on the east coast and in New Jersey, I got to the show via LaGuardia airport instead of Newark at around 9:30 pm (I was supposed to be in NYC around 3:30!!).  New duo She’s The Queen was already performing and I couldn’t focus in on their set, but with beverage in hand my day of travelling finally finished!

(stunning photo courtesy of Gabi Porter/Metromix New York)

LA-based, Oklahoma-raised Simon Curtis played his first ever New York City show as part of the Superfraiche series, this time held at the Galapagos Art Centre in Brooklyn – the lovely intimite but open concept setting was great for the performers.  Simon’s set of powerful dance pop songs from last year’s 8-bit Heart and the forthcoming R∆ was indeed raw and intense in so many ways.  Highly emotion-charged new songs like “Pit Of Vipers” and “Enemy” worked the audience over, while 8-bit fans heard “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” and a medley of the always rousing “Beat Drop” and no holds barred “Diablo”.  Best of all was “Laser Guns Up”, which I have a terrible time getting out of my head – all it needed was some actual laser effects!  And with props to Ms Spears’ release of Femme Fatale, Simon’s vocal prowess was showcased in an acapella sing-along of “…Baby One More Time”.  All in all, our Simon has more than enough stage cred to get into the major leagues.  The hot, aggressive new songs from R∆ will help get him there.  And as a side note, the amazing photo above from Metromix New York speaks volumes.  See more pics from the evening right here.

Simon’s set

Don’t Dance (first single)

Pit of Vipers

Don’t Wanna Be Alone

Chip in Your Head

Beat Drop/Diablo medley


…Baby One More Time

Laser Guns Up

The evening was full of surprises for me.  Immediately before Simon, Austin duo Cameron Maxwell and Adam Bailey, who comprise Databoy, performed a four song set of playful, energetic, and smart electronic dance/pop.  In fact they could have used some fun props to fill some of the space on stage as they bounced and danced.  You may have already heard the deliriously catchy “Stupid” and can certainly get this single on iTunes.  There’s more lyrically to this song than meets the ear.  The rest of the set included “Click”, “Only Human” (featuring a prominent sample of Toto’s “Africa”), and my favourite of the night, “Just Once”, which embodies a high voltage “here comes summer” spirit.  Good things are coming from these guys soon so keep your eye on their website.

Headliner 18 year old actress/singer Sky Ferreira won me over with her magnetic stage presence.  The sound was a bit off – when she spoke I couldn’t really hear from where I was in the room – but her singing was spectacularly on-point, showcasing songs from her new Capitol Records EP As If! (in advance of a full album release this summer) including a top notch single “Sex Rules”, plus “99 Tears”, and “108” (there’s even a bit of Canadiana in there, with “Traces” co-written and produced by Toronto’s Colin Munroe).  Sky came across alternately vulnerable and sexy, and the crowd could have watched her all night.

Thanks once again to the charming and personable Arjan Writes for curating the Superfraiche series, you sir have a great thing going.  I was also thrilled to meet and chat with Simon after the show too.  Superfraiche is a great way for the spotlight to shine on new performers on the bubble in a classy setting.  I’m sure I’ll get to another one of these events – I’m a big city boy, and Los Angeles or New York can call me back anytime 🙂 (Toronto could use one of these events too 😉 )

I took some photos but they are trapped on my blackberry, which has decided not to work properly.  Once I get them off of it, and if they turned out decently, I may post a few in this space.

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  1. Wow, i bet your were antsy that you weren’t going to get there at all!! So glad you made it and had a good time 🙂

  2. Yes delayed FOUR times, three of which occurred at boarding time. The last one occurred when I got on the plane – half hour delay. But better to have had the commute from LaGuardia than Newark! Great event 🙂

  3. […] summer pop anthem “Just Once” lands at #1 four and a half months after I saw them perform in New York at Arjan Writes’ Superfraiche show.  I couldn’t wait for the song to be released and it’s one of eight free downloads to […]

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