It’s Time for Spring Popervescence!

There’s so much great new music to talk about that it’s difficult to know where to begin.  So here goes…

“Another Dimension” by Bass Robbers
featuring Matt Blue

Dutch producers Bass Robbers have released “Another Dimension”, a hooky but uncomplicated new house track that should be a delight for the dance floor.  What makes this song special is the vocal from fellow Dutchman 18 year old Matt Blue, who was featured on this blog back in February with his sparkling cover of Jason Derulo’s “What If”.  The vocal not only has loads of personality but at the :54 mark, Matt’s powerful voice lifts the song way into orbit somewhere for 19 seconds, which is enough time to make my jaw drop to the floor and stay there for a while.  Listen to the track below and be sure to purchase it on iTunes.  This is only the beginning for Matt Blue, who is one to watch in 2011!  Great work Bass Robbers 🙂

“Tainted Love” by Elouise

Elouise’s show “Little Belter” had its latest production in London on April 17.  I had been dying to hear her rendition of “Tainted Love”, perhaps expecting something a little campy or slinky.  But I should have known better – the songs in “Little Belter” are class acts, and what Elouise and producer Steve Anderson have done to “Tainted Love” is nothing short of phenomenal.  Stripped away is the sleaze of the 80’s Soft Cell version.  It’s been replaced by sultry and saucy at the start, and then some unexpected empowerment later in the song.  You have to hear it to believe it.  Do I foresee a North American tour of “Little Belter” in the future?  I sure hope so!

“Do It In The AM” by Frankmusik
featuring Far East Movement

There it is, the cover art to Frankmusik’s upcoming single “Do It In The A.M.” from the album of the same name.  And below you can hear this irresistible track, which features not only an amazing lyrical hook (the melody reminds me of another song whose title I have yet to place) but yet another fantastic vocal from Vince.  I think the song will be a wake up track for many people in the months to come (it’ll make a great ringtone!)… I’m still adoring both “The Fear Inside” and “Hurt You Again” right now but my playlist will definitely make room so I can do it in the a.m. 🙂  You will have the single on iTunes on May 4.  I’m also enjoying the Les Loups Funkstep remix.

“Body Moves” (Prince Vince remix) by Van Go Lion

Van Go Lion is a Portland, Oregon duo comprising co-songwriters Amy Paige (vocals) and Josh Loerzel, and they specialize in upbeat lyrical electropop.  They’re brought to us by the same wonderful folks who have given us songs by Kyle Brylin and Adam Tyler – Ninthwave Records.  “Body Moves” will keep you glued to some inspirational dancing while Amy’s vocal (which has Annie Lennox undertones) tantalizes you with ear candy.  This is one dance track where the sum of all of its many influences creates a unique and contemporary experience.  Hear the remix below and buy the original on iTunes.

“Atlantic” by The Midway State

Here’s your first taste of The Midway State’s upcoming album Paris or India called “Atlantic”.  The Toronto-based quartet adds a more uptempo variation to their lyrical, emotional rock that won over many fans with “Never Again” and “Change For You” from their debut album Holes two years back.  I’m definitely looking forward to the full album and more concert dates from these guys.  You can purchase “Atlantic” on iTunes.

“Bad Girl” by Matt Webb

By day, Matt Webb is erstwhile guitarist for Canadian rock stars Marianas Trench, who are currently experiencing some success in the U.S. with their 2009 Masterpiece Theatre album.  But by night he transforms into pop star Matt Webb, who has just released his debut solo single “Bad Girl”.  This is one catchy piece of business that will introduce Matt to another audience within the pop/rock spectrum.  It sounds like a throwback to a lot of early 80’s pop tunes like Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” or other artists like Huey Lewis & The News.  Get it on iTunes and hear it below.

“What I Want” by Jon McLaughlin

You know him from “Beautiful Disaster”, “Beating My Heart” (my very favourite song of 2008), and a featured part in the film “Enchanted”, which netted him an appearance on the Oscars singing the nominated song “So Close”.  Two years or so later, and Indiana’s Jon McLaughlin is back with chipper anthemic piano-led pop/rock in the form of “What I Want” from his upcoming album.  You can get this one through an email subscription to Jon’s newsletter at his website, but you can give a listen below.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a song or two but will make up for that within the few days.  Watch this space for my new personal chart and blogs about Jamie Woon’s Mirrorwriting and Songs For A Sinking Ship by April Smith & The Great Picture Show.

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  1. a thousand yes to Elouise of course, but enough other meaty morsels here to keep me going for a while 😉

  2. […] include the #20 premiere for “Another Dimension” by Bass Robbers featuring Matt Blue, which I blogged about on the weekend.   Matt’s voice is so powerful it goes right through you on this track!  Our last debut […]

  3. […] goes to “Tainted Love” by Elouise, the retooling of the song best known by Soft Cell, which you can hear in my previous entry a few weeks back.  And the song sparked an entire investigation about cover songs on my chart, and that discussion […]

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