An Exciting Fusion of Dance and Song: Ballroom Remixed

Towards the end of last week, a sudden surge of excitement began to brew on the InterWeb about Ballroom Remixed, a new project presented by dream choreographer Melanie LaPatin from TV’s So You Think You Can Dance.  

And the pieces begin to come together. Little did I know, my feature a few weeks back on “The Lover’s Rumba” by Elouise was the start, and I did not know the song was to be part of this project, though Miss Elouise did tip me off to a specific connection a while ago.  Then I learned other performers very well known to this blog such as Simon Curtis, Kyle Brylin, and Nelson Clemente were also connected, along with Ninthwave Records – well, the eyebrows stayed arched throughout the entire weekend.  

This could, singlehandedly, be the most important project to fuse the contemporary TV dance competition world and beyond back with even more contemporary music recorded in a style that could convert non-ballroom fans.  Think of benefit albums, like the Red, Hot & Blue collection, along with the fine work of dance compilation labels like Ultra and Ministry of Sound; combine that approach with some of the finest artists on the rise, largely through endorsement from the BlogVerse; throw ace producers like Ricardo Autobahn and Richard Hymas into the mix along with in-demand lyricist Charlie Mason; and voila, 22 songs to tantalize you and get you movin’ 🙂

Well let’s hope so anyway.  This melding of great minds reads so well on paper, and snippets in the above video showcasing clips of songs by Elouise, Neo, Kaya (with Nelson Clemente), and Simon Curtis sound, well, mahvelous!!

Ballroom Remixed is available on May 24 – just in time for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance.

PS – I’d just love to know how everyone kept this project such a secret 😉

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