Hot New Music from Kyle Brylin, Grace Jones, Christian TV, BT, Baiyu

Kyle Brylin “Telephoto Lens” (EP)

Every release that Kyle puts out shows how much he is growing as a talented independent performer.  We had a snazzy video and lots of remixes earlier for “Committed”, as well as a frenetic cover of Rihanna’s “S&M”, but to me it was the all-Kyle video for the memorable and sexy “Everything I’m Missing” that really made him a contender.  This continues with the new 5 song EP Telephoto Lens.

There are two versions of the title track and I must say that this is one of Kyle’s most mature-sounding songs to date in which he makes no bones about telling some things like they are over a funky, sensuous beat.  “If They Only Knew” is another interesting tell-tale song with a much faster pace.  But of course with Kyle there’s always fun and humour in the mix.  There’s a new mix of “Big Fat Bass” included, but my favourite track name-checks my wonderful fellow blogger “My Fizzy Pop”.  It’s another song that’s going to continue to define the Summer of ’11 for me – light, fun, pure pop with witty lyrics that are so befitting of both Kyle and Fizzy Pop himself (aka Paul Reynolds) – you can read Paul’s thoughts on the song right here.

You can hear  ‘Telephoto Lens” at the top of the blog and “My Fizzy Pop” right below.  More importantly, show your support with your purchase on iTunes.  Telephoto Lens is another great step ahead for Kyle Brylin.

Grace Jones “Williams Blood (Aeroplane remix)”

I really wasn’t sure what happened to Ms Grace after her last record 22 years ago and since she dropped off the acting map pretty much after 1992’s “Boomerang”.  But it appears as if she hasn’t really left and making a comeback at age 63 ain’t nuthin’ but a number these days.  The dance community in particular will be all set to embrace Grace’s new album Hurricane as much as it did when Grace first appeared on the scene in 1977 with disco/dance hits like “La Vie En Rose” and “I Need A Man”, through to all of her 80’s shenanigans with smashes like “Pull Up To The Bumper” and “Slave To The Rhythm”.

Hurricane isn’t a new release, being first issued overseas in 2008, but it’s being tweaked for the North American market.  “Williams Blood” is a perfectly spicy and sizzling affair that doesn’t go over the top and will make you only want to hear more.  You can download the Aeroplane remix for free by going right here.

Christian TV featuring Boldy James “Girl I Used To Know”

No sooner than “I’m In Love” attains a #3 peak on my chart comes another release from Detroit-via-LA’s Christian TV, who is turning out to be one of my favourite performers on the cusp of something great.  “Girl I Used To Know” is a late night nugget with a classic R&B groove that could bring back a little something called the Motown sound.  Really.  Watch the video below.  But the boy is busy – another new single on the way!

BT featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw “A Million Stars”

Following up last year’s dynamic “Suddenly”, electronic music wizard extraordinaire BT has released “A Million Stars” from his Grammy-nominated These Hopeful Machines release.  It features the sensational vocals of Kirsty Hawkshaw, whom you may know very well from her early 90’s work with dance troupe Opus III, which recorded one of my personal dance favourites “It’s A Fine Day”.  So having the two artists on one track together is a match that was meant to be.  Let “A Million Stars” take you away to danceable bliss – watch the video below.

Baiyu “Together”

I’ve known about this song for a while, but it’s all set to debut on MTV’s Logo Network tomorrow (August 4), so the time is right to finally spring it on you!  Baiyu is a beautiful and talented singer from New York City (armed with a degree from Princeton no less) whom you may have already seen on MTVu if you’re in the US.  “Together” is a warm and gentle slice of R&B which may initially announce Mariah or Beyoncé influences, but I would say a comparison to someone like Keri Hilson may be more on-point.  The song has one of those pure vocals that makes you smile and some lovely inspirational messages to help turn your day around.  Watch the video below.

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