New for 2012: Vincent Did It, Jason Mraz, Marianas Trench… and a couple of neat remixes

Vincent Did It “Dynamo”

Vincent Frank laid his Frankmusik moniker to rest in December and took a break from Twitter.  As of today, he’s back as Vincent Did It with his first free download of the year, “Dynamo”.  On one hand musically it’s unlike anything that he’s ever done, and on the other contains the thoughtful lyrics he’s been known for over the past few years.  2012 needs someone to push the envelope and Vincent Did It is just the guy.  I’ll look forward to whatever Vince releases this year because of all of the work he puts into everything.  This is the second time in a year he’s had to put a positive spin on a turn of events, and this is the way to do it – in style.  Hopefully he’ll continue with the uStream studio visits he started in December too!

Download “Dynamo” for free below, courtesy of Flop of the Pops blog.

Also be sure to check out Vince’s pre-Christmas take on dubstep called “Fathom”, available for free download below.

Jason Mraz, “I Won’t Give Up”

It took me till after the first minute with the chorus, but Jason Mraz’s new single “I Won’t Give Up” will help keep you warm and fuzzy during the first part of winter.  The song just gets better as it goes along, bridging nicely the quiet, relaxing style that won him Grammys with “I’m Yours” a few years back, as well as the lyricism that made his first two albums such winners.  The song simply exudes happiness, and we all need songs like this to turn to when we need to tune out of life for 3 minutes.  Can’t wait for the rest of his upcoming fourth album.  “I Won’t Give Up” is a return to what made me enjoy Jason Mraz on record and in concert.  Get it on iTunes.

Marianas Trench’s album “Ever After”

It was released back in November, so my comments about the Trench’s third album Ever After are a little overdue.  However the Vancouver quartet may have just released its best single yet in the form of “Fallout”, which sits at the centre of the album and pretty much anchors it.

The album has a winning story about a quest for happiness, and definitely contains some of their best lyrics yet, though I still greatly cherish those in sophomore album Masterpiece Theatre.  Singer Josh Ramsay produced and wrote the entire record, which is a major accomplishment.

Ever After leaves behind some of the subtleties of Masterpiece Theatre in favour of a more radio-friendly pop sound, but to the contrary of what I’ve heard from some fans, it does not abandon its rock origins – the instrumentation from guitarist Matt Webb, bassist Mike Ayley, and drummer Ian Casselman (Josh and Matt also play piano) comes off as quite versatile – if anything it flaunts them.

Overall, Ever After sounds like a variation of Roy Thomas Baker-produced albums of the 70’s and 80’s, particularly Queen’s A Night At The Opera and Jazz or The Cars’ debut.  Most of those albums were sequenced with little or no gap between songs, and so Ever After sounds seamless like them.  Other key songs include “By Now” (a bit similar to “Right Beside You” from Masterpiece Theatre), “Desperate Measures” (listen below), “Porcelain”, “B Team”, and the finale (of course) “No Place Like Home”.

Ever After could be the record to break the very deserving Trench internationally – they already have many American followers.


I love remixes when they’re done right, and a couple have put their spins on some recent songs.

Rihanna “Where Have You Been” (Jadion Missing Persons remix)

I’m one of the few people who seems to be on the fence about Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album.  I have failed to get into the first two singles, “We Found Love” and especially the awful “You Da One”, and I think I like Rihanna best when she’s sassy (like in “S&M”) or captured by a club vibe (‘Don’t Stop The Music”, “S.O.S.”).  Jadion, known for his innovative production of records by Simon Curtis and Ro Danishei, has managed to de-Dr. Luke-ify  “Where Have You Been” in favour of a tribal, dubsteppy bounce – this remix does not give an inch and sustains all four and a half minutes.  Download it for free right here and mix it in with your post-New Year’s party music for 2012!

Sky Felix featuring Adam Tyler, “Taking Back My Love” (remix)

Producer/writer Sky Felix is one of the contributing creative forces amid Adam Tyler’s Shattered Ice album, which has already drawn two hits on my personal chart, “I Won’t Let You Go” and “Pull The Trigger”.  Adam’s about to release a video for the currently charting “Like A Drug” (tantalizing snap from the video shoot above), and in the meantime Sky has put a crisp, bright, and snazzy retro house spin on “Taking Back My Love” that’s too good to pass by (note: download link will return!).  Be sure to get Adam’s Shattered Ice on iTunes and watch for the video in the coming weeks!

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