Spring Popervescence #1 featuring Jeronimo, Audio Playground, Daniel Bedingfield, Martika, Conor Maynard, The Garlics, and HandS

It’s that time of year again, when new songs start to swell at the seams, resulting in a big POP – hence Spring Popervescence is born for 2012 🙂

Jeronimo “One Kiss”

Pardon me while I rave.  You’ll recall that I got all mushy and teary-eyed at “Somebody Who Loves Me”, the Jeronimo song which hit my chart late last year and rose to #22.  The Brazil-born Dutch singer has done one even better.  “One Kiss” manages to capture the same charm as “Somebody” while riding the crest of success of groups like The Wanted.  You’ll notice a folksy European flavour to “One Kiss” similar to “Glad You Came” and perhaps to other dance hits like Edward Maya’s “Stereo Love”.  But the real key is Jeronimo, for if his vocal wasn’t so spot on the song would be less than the sum of its parts.  And it’s available internationally – get it on iTunes 🙂

Audio Playground featuring Snoop Dogg “Emergency”

Yes, you ready that right.  It’s a huge score for a Canadian group to have an internationally successful performer participate on a record.  Audio Playground just reached the Billboard Dance Club Top 10 with “Famous”, featuring Kardinal Offishall.  Snoop Dogg is the featured performer on “Emergency”, whose similar dance vibe is already breaking big time out of Montreal.  “Famous” was a Top 40 radio hit domestically.  Expect the equally fun but rocking “Emergency” to follow suit.  Audio Playground is headed for the global market soon.  Like “Famous”, “Emergency” is available in English and French.  Watch for more linguistic dynamics from AP as their songs become known throughout the world 🙂

Daniel Bedingfield – Stop The Traffik – Secret Fear (EP)

Comeback kid #1 in this post is New Zealand-born, L.A.-based Daniel Bedingfield, who we last heard from back in 2004/05 with his sophomore album Second First Impression, which somehow didn’t even get international release despite hits with “Nothing Hurts Like Love” and “Wrap Your Words Around Me”.  Of course, you know him best from the title song of his 2001/02 release Gotta Get Thru This, whose title track with pitched-up vocals and D’n’D remix reached the top of many country’s charts.  Stop The Traffik – Secret Fear is an EP available for free download with an email subscription, but is also available on iTunes with two additional songs.  And with the gap in time, expect the music you hear to be a little different.  Released independently, the EP rocks out and totally kicks butt with the outpouring of release on “Secret Fear”, the emotional strength of “O.V.E.R. U.”, the blunt, quirky and quick “Rocks Off”, and the funky Maroon 5 companion “It’s Not Me It’s You”. You can listen to the free EP on Grooveshark right here .

Martika “Flow With The Go”

I already told you that U.S. singer Martika was headlining the “Poptronik” music festival in Spain this September.  But I hadn’t yet heard “Flow With The Go”, comeback kid #2’s latest release.  And it’s one catchy piece of business with the singer sounding and looking just fabulous as if she had never left her heyday of #1 “Toy Soldiers”, “Love… Thy Will Be Done”, and “Martika’s Kitchen” some 20 years ago.  “Flow With The Go” glides and bounces along with a positive summer flavour sure to keep you happy during those warm months.  It’s from her forthcoming album The Mirror Ball.

Conor Maynard “Can’t Say No”

To me, “Can’t Say No” is a breath of fresh air among male pop singers who have a major label (EMI) behind them.  They actually picked UK’s Conor off of You Tube thanks to his viral performances.  They’ve done good with “Can’t Say No”, a delightful slice of soulful pop that sets the stage for much more success ahead of him.  The song was kept out of #1 by Canada’s own Carly Rae Jepsen in the UK, but be prepared for some deserved North American success.

The Garlics featuring Amasic “Tout ce que t’es pour moi”

In efforts to broaden your appreciation of pop music recorded in another language, I bring you the latest from Quebec rockers The Garlics.  “Tout ce que t’es pour moi” means “all you are to me”, and it’s a high energy effort carried by lead singer May and guest vocalist, Quebec teen sensation Amasic.  The voices truly sound like they were meant to be together.  And thanks to always top notch production and mixing by John Nathaniel (who also co-wrote it), the song is even taken to a higher level.

HandS “Wake Up”

Joining in the big, excellent sweep of Nordic music that is finding its way across shores internationally, we have duo HandS, consisting of Hakon and Sofie (hence H and S – get it?), who hail from Bergin, Norway, home base for Annie (“Don’t Stop”) and the dynamic duo Royksopp, but are now based out of London.  The music of HandS fits nicely alongside the emotional pop of the likes of Bim, Bright Light Bright Light, and of course Robyn – touching lyrics alongside melodies that make you sway and more.  Listen on Soundcloud below.

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