Quick Reeecap: DATABOY’s New Gem, Jane Badler’s High Drama, Sam Sparro’s Dancing Kingpin, and Nick’s High Notes

DATABOY “Dreams Are Gold”

It’s no secret that I can’t get enough of the music that DATABOY is creating right now.  The Austin, Texas duo of Cameron Maxwell and Adam Bailey continued to win me over recently when I wrote about  their free Summer Now EP, and their song “Lotion” in particular is on repeat in my head as I write.  But today they unveiled the title song of their upcoming album Dreams Are Gold.  It’s a real gem.  These fellas are amazingly clever.  They’ve managed to meld a beautiful and often playful melody, crafty house rhythms, ever so soulful vocals (secretly, I think they listen to a lot of R&B), and some truly heartfelt and identifiable lyrics.  By design it’s a sincere and joyous invitation to get your ass on the dancefloor and to never, ever stop dreaming.  And if the rest of the album is this good, DATABOY will be on many playlists for this summer and beyond.  So well done!!  Listen below.

Jane Badler, “Yesterday’s Tomorrows” (Stormby’s Drama Mix)

Not too long ago, I wrote about the potential of “Yesterday’s Tomorrows”, by noted actress Jane Badler, who has also had a singing career for a while now, with her latest release an EP called Mistaken Identity.  Visions of a grand Broadway play with gorgeous costumes, people, drama, murder, and lust, all filled my head.  And then along came Stormby’s drama mix… and now my visions are turned on their head, into a grand Broadway musical, with over the top costumes, lots of make up and colour, drama, and dancing.  If a song is going to be transformed, do it in high style like this.  Dance clubs, here it comes!  Listen below.

Sam Sparro, “I Wish I Never Met You” (video)

“I Wish I Never Met You” is the bold antithesis of a pop/dance hit, but it really works, as I wrote recently.  I hadn’t found the video though until now, where we have Sam as a 30’s prohibition kingpin who gambles, dances, and gets his comeuppance – or does he?  Watch and find out!  I hope to find my way to Sam’s Return To Paradise album soon!

Nick “Human Nature”

It’s been a while since we heard something new from our boy Nick Hagelin (now using only his first name).  You see, he’s been kind of busy, making new friends in pretty high places, and finding himself a record deal.  And not just any deal.  You may have heard of Streamline Records. It’s a subsidy of Interscope.  The lead act on the label is one Lady GaGa.  And while we had a fling with getting to know “X Games”, from his upcoming album, the song was pulled off the interweb to make you anxious for more.  A lot of you are out there because you made my post on “X Games” in January my most read blog post in the three years I’ve been writing!  So Nick’s promised to be viral once again, and his return to acoustic covers is with a version of Michael Jackon’s “Human Nature”.  Nick’s honest charm, talent, and gorgeous high notes are all on display.  Watch below.

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