Mid-Summer’s Mix featuring Jeronimo, Carlos Nobrega, Stone Walters, Adaku, Maskerade, Jon McLaughlin, Tone Damli & Eric Saade

There will be more blog posts to come this weekend as I get caught up after a bit of an unintended hiatus.

Jeronimo “Some Other Way”

Jeronimo’s debut album One Kiss is one enjoyable pop ride through thoughtful but generally positive ballads and amazingly infectious dance songs, such as the title track confection currently near the top of my chart.  I didn’t think we’d see another song/video from the album so soon after “One Kiss”, but “Some Other Way” shows the singer in soft pensive mode in a deserted room full of covered objects hiding memories, all sure to acquire more fans in the process.  Jeronimo’s charm is in his unique voice, and his production and songwriting teams knows how to match him up with the words and the flow that makes “Some Other Way” work so well.

Sky Santos featuring Carlos Nóbrega “I Miss You”

It’s only a snippet right now, but “I Miss You” will be released next week by Portuguese DJ Sky Santos, featuring none other than Poptronik artist Carlos Nóbrega, about whose songs “Pitiful” and “Turn It Up” I’ve recently written.  I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the extended mix of “I Miss You”, and being a sucker for Eurodisco and House music of just about any shape and form, I can say that this is a slamming track that would attract attention in the middle of a stomping DJ mix.  Starting with a rather simple percussive beginning and building from there, the song would sound great played outdoors (think Ibiza) and is enhanced by a spoken word break in the middle that allows the song to soar even more right after.

And it wasn’t originally posted when I wrote about it, so I’m posting the full version of Carlos’ “Turn It Up” a second time.  The absolutely contagious positive energy of this song has the potential for a dance smash – I’m waiting for the remixes!!

Stone Walters “World Keeps Turning”

Adaku “Or You Can”

Two new softer R&B songs bring a quiet old school charm to the usual dance-laden proceedings on my stereo.  I can’t get enough of R&B that takes me back to my younger days of the heartfelt sounds of Motown, Stax, Atlantic, and the list goes on.  

You already know UK singer Stone Walters from the beautiful ballad that will turn you into a puddle called “Home”, which flew to #4 on my chart earlier this year.  Stone is in the process of recording his album and has unleashed “World Keeps Turning”, another genuine but slightly more uptempo original which highlights the singer’s classic dulcet tones.  You can help Stone build his album by clicking right here.

Adaku is a new singer based in the US who is originally from Nigeria.  This gal’s got not only got the talent but the brains to go along with it in the form of a Master’s degree in electrical engineering.  Like Stone Walters, I’m really pleased to hear a return to styles of yore, and Adaku takes the best of people like Anita Baker and Janet Jackson (when she sings ballads) to find a happy mid-point.  “Or You Can” is jazzy gentleness incarnate, persuading you to “lay your head on my big ass ‘fro”, but she throws in a few solid high range notes for good measure, and of course makes you want more.

Listen to “World Keeps Turning” (download it with an email subscription) and “Or You Can” below.  

World Keeps Turning:

Or You Can:

Maskerade “Come To Me”

Maskerade is a relatively new R&B singer from California who has released a few acclaimed independent records already.  Literally hot off the presses, “Come To Me” is a sultry mid-tempo love song that will appeal to fans of Usher and Ne-Yo with Maskerade’s colourful vocals.  Consisting of a timeless melody and a familiar theme of longing concocted by songwriter JBreathless, “Come To Me” has punch provided by producer Ray Taylor which makes it instantly memorable.  Listen below.

Jon McLaughlin “Promising Promises” (acoustic video)

I’ve throughly enjoyed “Promising Promises” since I first heard it last Fall on Jon’s album Forever, If Ever.  With a positive reaction to the album’s re-release, you’ll watch the newly christened title track gets a fantastic acoustic workout by this wicked piano man by viewing this video – proof enough that you should get out to see Jon on his next go ’round the country.

Tone Damli featuring Eric Saade “Imagine”

Has it been a hot minute since I wrote about Mr. Saade and the wonderful songs from Saade Volumes 1 & 2 which till recently graced my chart?  In case you haven’t heard, he teamed up with lovely Norwegian singer Tone Damli and promptly went to Spain with her.  At least to shoot the fine, sexy video below, which greatly enhances the song’s appeal.  You can get “Imagine”, already a Top 10 hit in Norway, on iTunes everywhere – still unlike the rest of Eric’s songs, which seem to be mainly limited to Europe.  Hopefully that changes soon.  

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