Long Weekend Playlist: Andreas Moe, Gentlemen Hall, Shawn Desman, plus new faces Devon Pax and Zach Matari

On the Bubble:  Andreas Moe

John DeSohn featuring Andreas Moe “Long Time”

Norman Doray featuring Andreas Moe “Cracks”

Andreas Moe “Long Time (acoustic)”

It seems like only yesterday that Swedish-born London-based singer/songwriter Andreas Moe came to my attention because of his sparkling and understated “Collecting Sunlight”, which currently resides at #9 on my personal chart.  But that song and its accompanying EP seem to be the solo culmination of a lot of work that’s been happening behind the scenes.

For one thing, I learned not long ago that he is also the vocalist on Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness”, which became a  hit overseas late last year.  It has obviously been overshadowed in North America by the chart success of “Levels” – but not enough to prevent Andreas from being flown to Tokyo last month to sing it in front of a crowd of 5,000!  Another hit overseas is now materializing into a dance club success in North America.  That’s “Long Time” as featured in John De Sohn’s song, which went multi-platinum in Sweden.  Andreas recorded a pensive version of it acoustically for his Collecting Sunlight EP.  Listen to both below.

Just this past week, a song Andreas co-wrote got to #1 in the Netherlands.  That’s “Alles Overwinnen” by Nick & Simon (listen below – even if you don’t know Dutch 🙂 ).  And another song came to my attention, more in the dance vein, which is “Cracks” as featured in the Norman Doray release.  This song has the potential to be a great dance club companion piece to “Long Time”.  Listen below.  There is no doubt in my mind that with all of this activity, Andreas Moe is going to be beyond the bubble in the very near future! 🙂

Gentlemen Hall “Makes Me Feel Alive”

Starting this past week, Gentlemen Hall are posting songs from their upcoming album every month.  After generously offering their fine EP When We All Disappear for free – still on my active playlist after all these months, with “All Our Love” getting to #7 on my personal chart – the sextet is taking its time to get their album just right while soliciting active feedback from their fans about the new songs.  “Makes Me Feel Alive” sounds sparse at some times and then multi-layered at others.  It’s a compelling showcase for all that they can do both musically and vocally.  Every instrument gets its due and the harmonies are wicked.  Give a listen below and watch online for more!

Shawn Desman “Nobody Does It Like You”

After some national success last year with songs like “Electric”, Toronto’s Shawn Desman is back with an easy going, funky, sexy vibe in “Nobody Does It Like You”.  The groove just makes you want to sway and dance, or get up close and personal with your love.  Shawn has a slick new look and his vocals are top notch.  He’s come a long way since local dance hit “Don’t Wanna Lose You” back in 1999 and has been no stranger to my chart over the years.  Watch the video below.  Dancing is encouraged.

Devon Pax featuring Jeronimo “The One”

I am just such a sucker for an R&B ballad, but after listening blindfolded it might surprise you that “The One” comes from a young white Dutchman named Devon Pax.  A bonus attraction is a featured vocal from the talented fellow Netherlander Jeronimo, who just recently reached #1 on my personal chart with his jaunty “One Kiss”.  While it suffers a bit from too much studio trickery to accompany such simple lyrics, Devon’s vocal prowess shows through in this lovely song.  Give a listen below.

Zach Matari “What You Are To Me”

R&B songs seem to be finding their way to me lately, and I was particularly impressed by “What You Are To Me” by a 17 year old from New Jersey, Zach Matari.  It’s a sweet song that crushes on Zach’s object of his affection, accompanied by the snazzy video below which shows off many fine shots of New York City.  Zach’s voice has a nice mix of inspiration from the likes of Ne-Yo, Omarion, and other fine singers.  It would hardly surprise me if Zach Matari doesn’t get to the next level with this song.  I’m looking forward to more from him 🙂

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