Push Rewind…Again and Again: Slick Debut Solo Album from Chris Wallace

The stunning rising hit and feel good end of summer anthem “Remember When (Push Rewind)” (currently atop my personal chart) has paved the way for former White Tie Affair frontman Chris Wallace’s debut solo album, Push Rewind.

There are no stunning revelations within.  It’s a slick pop record focusing on to-the-point and often empowering lyrics set to shimmering melodies that will light up radio playlists.  No complicated themes, no hidden meanings, Chris and his songwriting team tell it like it is.  Best of all are Chris’ sharp, unique vocals.  There is no doubt that this boy can sing and his voice will take him far.  Compare the studio version of “Keep Me Crazy” and the acoustic version – Chris Wallace doesn’t need fancy effects on his voice to cut to the chase or dazzle you.

Another great thing about Push Rewind is that it won’t ride on the success of “Remember When”.  Superlative songs like “Hurricane”, “Time Bomb”, the soulful “Don’t Mind If I Do”, and “Invincible” emerge at every turn, making the album a breeze to hear, and best of all, making you want more, hence the title of this post.  

Push Rewind is finely crafted, shiny pop made by a team who know their stuff for a singer with a fine voice.  Pop music fanatics should flock to this record.  Next stop:  Chris Wallace live shows, where the essence of these songs will be brought to life.  Buy it on iTunes – U.S. folks can get “Remember When” for free this week!  You can also listen to excerpts of the songs on Chris’ website right here.

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