Your Weekend Jams: Matthew Koma, Eric Saade, Matthew Kurz, Matt & Kim, Ryan Silverman, Kim Smith, and Cee-Lo Green & The Muppets!!

Matthew Koma “Parachute”

“Parachute” is pure pop as cutting edge as it can be for 2012. Of course it’s no wonder, it’s brought to you by singer/songwriter Matthew Koma, whose unique and wide-ranging voice makes the song soar. The melody is vibrant and inviting – really what more can you ask for? Oh yeah – a truly fun dance mix courtesy of Kat Krazy. Watch the video below and listen to the remix.

Eric Saade, “Marching (In The Name Of Love)” and “Miss Unknown”

After truly dazzling us with two splendid albums in 2011 (and taking me totally aback, especially with “Popular” and two subsequent #1 songs on my chart), Swedish singer Eric Saade uses the same strategy to bring us two new singles before his next album’s release. In these songs he seems to have put aside the frenetic arpeggio-laden electronic dance pop, which may yet emerge on the album. “Marching (In The Name Of Love)” plays more on the R&B/hip hop appeal in Europe for Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Labrinth, and Tinie Tempah. It’s likely to be more of a crowd pleaser than “Miss Unknown”, which reminds me more of a mid-tempo Ne-Yo ballad. Do I think these are his best songs? No but they may be growers, and I think his vocal particularly shines on “Miss Unknown”. Looking forward to the album to see what he will bring us. Watch the lyric videos for both songs below.

 Matthew Kurz, “One Night (Damn!)”

After tantalizing us with a series of recent cover versions (most notably a brilliant version of “Titanium”), Matthew Kurz is back with a new original song that draws you in and holds on to you all the way through. What is essentially a ballad takes a hip hop sidestep quickly that gives the song a flavour that compares nicely to some of Bruno Mars’ songs. I like the mix of swag and sweet, and it’s songs like these that will take Matthew far. Give a listen below.

Matt & Kim, “Let’s Go”

 I’ve already praised the duo to the hilt recently for their concert and new album Lightning. They have a lot of fun with an entry for the model business in the official video for “Let’s Go” (currently on my personal chart). A great cast of character faces keeps this one moving along with Matt & Kim’s endless appeal. Watch below.

Ryan Silverman, “The Crossing Tree”

While you may already know New York-based Canadian Ryan Silverman from his starring roles on Broadway, he entered the pop world recently with a striking video and cover version of “Come On Down To My House” which I brought to you in July. Now he’s back with an original that he co-wrote, “The Crossing Tree”. The song has a similar jazzy swing to it but changes it up mid-way to become more of a pure pop, storytelling entry about making choices. Ryan is definitely in the same class as Michael Buble, Matt Dusk, and Harry Connick Jr., but this fine entry also will appeal to fans of the likes of Chris Isaak, Neil Diamond or Chris Mann. Watch the video (with some fine NYC shots) below.

Kim Smith, “Zombiez”

Here is your musical Hallowe’en treat. Australian cabaret performer Kim Smith (who has a following in the U.S.) takes a detour into electropop creepiness (from a forthcoming album) with his enthralling “Zombiez”, which is accompanied by an appropriately edited video comprised of scenes from the original “Night Of The Living Dead”. The song would only work with another voice as equally magnetic as Kim’s. Watch below and enjoy the Ricardo Autobahn remix.

Cee-Lo Green & The Muppets, “All I Need Is Love”

And here is your joyful Hallowe’en-meets-Christmas treat. There is no singer better suited to work with The Muppets on a regular basis than “The Voice” judge Cee-Lo Green and his sweet soulful voice. In anticipation of what will likely be a huge video for the song, we have the lyric video below, which will also prove that the original Muppet Show TV theme is way too hard to get out of your head.

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  1. […] It’s no surprise that the highest, at #17, is “Parachute” by Matthew Koma, if you read my rave about it recently. The one newcomer that I haven’t written about yet is “Yeah Yeah” by Willy Moon […]

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