MAY DAYS: Willy Moon’s album, Chromatone’s interview, Pierre Lewis’ preview, Bim’s video and demo, and Jeronimo’s B-side


WILLY MOON  Here’s Willy Moon

London-based Kiwi Willy Moon knows a lot about creating a really big sounding, splashy, and stylish debut album.  Here’s Willy Moon finally dropped in my country this past week and it’s guaranteed to turn heads and open ears just like when you first heard breakout single “Yeah Yeah” on the iPod commercials.  Some of the 14 songs (including two bonus tracks) on the self-produced album were already released on his previous self-titled EP so the record as a whole isn’t all new.  It’s a mix of new originals plus 3 cover versions that channel 50s/60s basics – only one song within is longer than 3 minutes – through our contemporary technological sound machine.  Led by Willy’s exuberant vocals, the album works most of the time (only the R&B flavoured opener “Get Up (What You Need)” seems out of place), and as I heard in Austin in March, he can replicate the sound on stage.


Willy’s originals often bask in the classic melodies of the past.  “Fire” is one of the standouts, recalling a song like “Heart Full Of Soul” by The Yardbirds in melody and style, but leaving a unique mark after you hear it.  “My Girl” sounds like Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer (of the Stray Cats) together, with stylistic whomp courtesy perhaps of 80’s Robert Palmer sounds.  You could visualize hearing “I Wanna Be Your Man” in a 60’s Go-Go club if it didn’t have all of the modern trappings.  Covers of classics “I Put A Spell On You” and “Shakin'” (video below – my favourite version of the latter is the cover by The Blasters in the 80’s), as well as bonus song “Bang Bang” , can easily label Willy as a competitive interpreter.  Second bonus song “Oh Nikki Darling” (co-written and co-produced with Martin ‘Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’ Kierszenbaum) is short and haunting – a sequel to the Prince song of almost the same name, perhaps?

So you can hear where this is heading.  Here’s Willy Moon is definitely one of the year’s boldest debuts by a singer who aims to dazzle from the start.

CHROMATONE, “Fire” – plus an interview!

Chromatone is turning out to be one of 2013’s most promising talents to watch, after getting to know his music a bit last year.  It’s all a plan to lead up to an EP coming this Fall.  Be sure to watch the clip below courtesy of the new Nupe Vibes series.  It features a brand new Chromatone original, “Fire” in a stellar live-from-the-floor performance which just makes me realize how grand his voice will sound when in a studio with added production!  Plus we get to know the man who answers some well-presented questions and you get to find out why he’s so good at making music.  Dynamite stuff, cannot wait for more!!  Also check out the video for his cover of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven” where he busts out some dance moves (and throws in some Gotye near the end for good measure).

PIERRE LEWIS, Consciousness (preview)

It’s been a while since we heard from UK pop-soul singer Pierre Lewis, who first came to my attention in huge style with his ballad “Broken” (#2 on my chart) in 2009.  Last year we heard his EP Transitions, featuring “Out Of My Mind”, as well as his duet with Kaya in a classic style on “When I Was Blind”.  His new album Consciousness drops next week, and there’s a rich blend of uptempo pop songs as well as softer R&B-influenced songs that so enchant his many women fans 🙂 There are bound to be a few surprises that you don’t hear in the preview below so you can count on me to bring you more very soon.

BIM, “Highlight” (The Barn Sessions video) and “Ghost” (demo)

One of last year’s releases often on repeat on my iPod Touch is Bim’s Lifelines EP.  The UK duo with whom you are well acquainted in this blog keeps taking their music to the next level in different ways.  So now we have “Highlight” (from Lifelines), in a performance video shot inside a barn, which finally gives you a visual of Rebecca and Denmark in what you would likely see in a concert setting.  It’s a passionate performance that brings life to the song that a creative music video can’t do justice.  Then, take a listen to the moving new song “Ghost”, in a pretty convincing demo format, and try to fathom why it shouldn’t be given a full release itself.

JERONIMO, “Fading Memories”

We’ve already been teased by Jeronimo, the Dutch singer with the highly recognizable voice, with an acoustic version of his upcoming single “Flying Solo”.  So then he actually records a video for the song that is the ‘B side’ to “Flying Solo”, “Fading Memories”, which is not only a great idea, but has probably turned out even better than expected!  The singer himself has such a fun personality and is a real cheerleader for having a good time.  So we get treated to both the serious side of Jeronimo in the performance part of the video (and we’ve already seen how well he does this in the videos for “Somebody Who Loves Me” and “Firefly”) for what is really a thoughtful song about moving on, and then the carefree side which appears to show him in historic sites in the Philippines.  To be honest, “Fading Memories” could/should be a single unto itself, it’s certainly a powerful enough song on its own.  This bodes very well for a full upcoming album of Jeronimo songs to follow up last year’s immensely entertaining One Kiss.

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