Must Hear New Album: Sam Dickinson – The Stories That Occurred


SAM DICKINSON,  The Stories That Occurred

I like to think of today’s music world as a treasure trove of delights waiting to be discovered.  I’m fortunate enough to receive previews of songs and albums, and occasionally get my socks knocked off by some terrific performers.  Sam Dickinson is a relatively new UK singer whose album The Stories That Occurred is released on Monday.  I already wrote about his initial single/video “How It Used To Be”, one of the standouts of the very personal songs on the album.  Sam is one of those quintessential UK soul voices that comes along rarely, though guys like Charlie Brown and Daley are good company for him.  But The Stories That Occurred is awash in more old school soul – definitely back to the 60’s with Sam & Dave and Aretha, but more noticeably 80’s such as Paul Young and The Style Council, but particularly Simply Red.  And just as when you look at Mick Hucknall, you do not expect such a big, resonant, soul-ridden voice to come out of Sam Dickinson.

But it does, and indeed it is the showpiece of the album, as it should be.  The Stories That Occurred contains upbeat songs and ballads, and is richly produced to compete with any similar sounding big label guns.  His new single “Learn To Wait” is a foot-stomper that leaps out of your stereo speakers with its powerful vocal and big horn arrangement – watch the video below.  The other standouts on the record are “Lift Your Head”, which is an inspirational and heartfelt song about cancer awareness, and the ballad “A Million Miles”, which uses Sam’s power and the horn arrangement to different effects.  

Sam Dickinson is definitely not a talent you want to miss!  Watch for the opportunity to catch his shows if you are in England.  The fine work on this album speaks for itself.  It should attract pop and R&B/soul fans in droves, and “Learn To Wait” is the single that will help get Sam the attention that this album deserves.  Get it on iTunes!

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