Get It For Free: Download “WWW” by @SimonCurtis … And Dance Yourself Silly!


Following Friday’s post featuring links to preview songs from WWW, the full 8 song electropop mixtape surfaced today as a free download from Simon’s good friend Bradley Stern aka   Fans will remember that WWW features unreleased songs (which Simon announced today were written for other people) that will not appear on Simon’s upcoming official album release.  That’s not to say that they are any less than what should be on an official release.  Many times songs do not make the cut for a variety of reasons which have nothing to do with whether or not they were ‘good enough’.  Straight away, the best song hands down is the epic dance track “Do I Have To Dance”.  This is a massive club hit in the making, taking early house influences and marrying them with the Britney/Katy/GaGa pop of the day that Simon so adores.  The song features some of Simon’s best vocals and showy production, giving his lower and higher registers a major workout.  “Berlin Wall” is another battle cry that Simon’s fans love and the song just cruises along from beginning to end.  Similarly “Fight For Your Life” draws listeners in as Simon makes it a highly personal experience.  

The Swedish-pop-sounding “Heart In 2” (above) is the closest to what could be a pop hit, another fine piece of songwriting and production.  “Diamonds On The Dancefloor” (below) is solid 3 minute serendipitous pop if a little more familiar sounding as some of Simon’s other songs.  Even almost more unassuming is “Satellite”, another tidy pop song that clocks in at just over 2 minutes long.  “Meteor” was quietly unleashed online after being featured in the ABC Family show “Twisted”, but it and “Neon Lights” are to me needlessly filled with autotune that detracts from Simon’s brilliant voice.  These are the only songs on WWW which lose me.  But I’m so glad Simon chose to offer WWW to us as a free download after more than two years without new songs.  WWW finds him generally on a much more pure pop mission than in the past, thanks to input from new co-songwriters and producers, and this bodes well for what’s coming.  If there’s one song that stands out though it’s “Do I Have To Dance”, a truly monster dance song revolving around Simon hypnotically and repeatedly singing “notice me”, for which I would love to hear remixes 🙂

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