Quacking Their Way Through Genuine Rock and Funk: @TheAquaducks EP


There’s a party that’s started in Nashville, and I’ve given you a few heads’ up over the last year so that you can get your VIP ticket when it starts to spread.  Rock, funk, and jazz fans (as well as other styles) will be extremely happy with The Aquaducks’ debut 7 song EP.  While their videos for “Fuel The Funk” and “This Far” portray them as a wacky party band – oh, and they sure are – the rest of the EP sees the band in more serious mode vocally and lyrically, so a song like “Lift Me Up” is beautifully sung and played, and just inserts an intermission into the fun.  Even “Why Can’t You See” appears to have a serious message, but has a Caribbean rhythm that will still have you on your feet.  

Best of all of course are all of the real instruments you hear, no synthesizers to sweeten or wash everything into one kind of sound, and there’s a great lead singer here in Creigh Reipe.  “All In” is about as straight ahead rock song as you can get within, and “New Growth” tips to R&B and features rapper Voltaire.  What you hear in the EP is the same music you will hear in concert – like the jam session going on in “Po’ Man Shuffle”.  If you’re going to make a splash, with some requisite quacking along the way, it’s gotta be great, and The Aquaducks’ EP is extremely enjoyable, full of explosive talent waiting to be heard.  You can get it on iTunes (USA / Canada) or stream it on Spotify (USA).

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