Discover New UK Singer @Eurielle_Music and New EP The Incarnation

EURIELLE, The Incarnation (EP)

It’s nothing quite like you might expect in 2013.  Eurielle is a new singer originally from Yorkshire, England, who is a classically trained soprano.  Her contemporary comparisons might be to Enya, Bat For Lashes, and Ellie Goulding.  But a veteran music listener like me can’t help but harken back to the 80’s of Kate Bush, Maggie Reilly, Kirsty McColl, and Annie Haslam.  Her songs are magnetic cinematic pop statements.  The 3-song EP was preceded by one of its songs as a single, “Gold”, whose beautiful, unique, and certainly provocative video you can watch above.   Eurielle’s music instantly draws you in and once there you are submersed.  The other songs in the EP, “Waterfalls” and “I’ll Be Waiting” are well-chosen and high quality; less being more in this particular case, making you want much, much more.  Listen to the EP sampler below and you will be convinced.  The Incarnation is available for purchase – in Canada it’s $2.97 – on iTunes.  It’s a stunning debut.

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Quacking Their Way Through Genuine Rock and Funk: @TheAquaducks EP


There’s a party that’s started in Nashville, and I’ve given you a few heads’ up over the last year so that you can get your VIP ticket when it starts to spread.  Rock, funk, and jazz fans (as well as other styles) will be extremely happy with The Aquaducks’ debut 7 song EP.  While their videos for “Fuel The Funk” and “This Far” portray them as a wacky party band – oh, and they sure are – the rest of the EP sees the band in more serious mode vocally and lyrically, so a song like “Lift Me Up” is beautifully sung and played, and just inserts an intermission into the fun.  Even “Why Can’t You See” appears to have a serious message, but has a Caribbean rhythm that will still have you on your feet.  

Best of all of course are all of the real instruments you hear, no synthesizers to sweeten or wash everything into one kind of sound, and there’s a great lead singer here in Creigh Reipe.  “All In” is about as straight ahead rock song as you can get within, and “New Growth” tips to R&B and features rapper Voltaire.  What you hear in the EP is the same music you will hear in concert – like the jam session going on in “Po’ Man Shuffle”.  If you’re going to make a splash, with some requisite quacking along the way, it’s gotta be great, and The Aquaducks’ EP is extremely enjoyable, full of explosive talent waiting to be heard.  You can get it on iTunes (USA / Canada) or stream it on Spotify (USA).

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In Transformation Mode: @Aiden (Grimshaw) with “The Cleaner” and “The Way We Are”


AIDEN, “The Cleaner” and “The Way We Are”

I can’t say Aiden Grimshaw’s releases after his Top 10 placing in the UK’s X-Factor show a few years back caught my attention.  However both his album and debut single “Is This Love” charted, in the Top 20 and Top 40 respectively.  While it took a while to grow on me after surfacing this past late summer as a free download, “The Way We Are” has a gorgeous and mysterious danceable pop rhythm that stands out from a lot of music out there.  And of course just as I’m digging this song, along comes a new song called “The Cleaner”, on which we’ve found Aiden is just Aiden (albeit with an image of him with a snake around his neck).  “The Cleaner” has a mix of angst-filled 80s new wave and electronically processed vocal, followed next by a big stadium-sounding vocal version of Aiden that reminds me of people like Noel Gallagher.  But it has this slinky and again danceable melody that gets under your skin.  So I’m not sure if this ‘transformation’s is meant to point to “The Way We Are” as an end to Aiden Grimshaw – I hope to hell not, I want it on his upcoming EP.  But “The Cleaner” is equally interesting if more stylistically removed from “The Way We Are”.  So here’s to Aiden and transformation and let’s hope it all doesn’t get too mucky in style versus content.

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New Video: “An Open Heart” by @BrightLightx2

BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT, “An Open Heart” (video)

I’m always pleased to write about new Bright Light Bright Light, and I’ve already written about this song, which will be on “In Your Care”, the upcoming EP by BLx2 (Rod Thomas).  But Rod has taken to release a video ahead of the EP as well.  It’s a simple affair, with Rod alone in a bright but barren room, which is in complete contrast to the upbeat melody but on point in terms of the sad lyrics that form part of the song.  Like with many of BLx2 songs, Rod wants you to think about your emotions and then do something about them.  As I mentioned a month ago, this could be one of my very favourites of 2013 (and it sounded oh so great in concert in NYC a few weeks back too).

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Redux for 2013: “All Our Love” by @GentlemenHall


Regular readers of this blog are already familiar with Boston sextet Gentlemen Hall, who have released an EP When We All Disappear and the single “Sail Into The Sun”, heard in Target and on Samsung smart camera commercials earlier this year.  Island Records picked up on “Sail” and released it officially this summer.  Well great things are happening, the band’s been touring with Third Eye Blind, and Island decided to release a fuller, brighter-sounding “All Our Love”, which was initially on the Disappear EP.  Like “Sail”, “All Our Love” is one of my favourite songs by the band, reaching #7 on my chart last year.  Gentlemen Hall have also released other songs online to You Tube or Soundcloud and I’m hoping some of them will appear on another EP or perhaps an album when it surfaces.  In any case, you will be hearing (and likely seeing) much, much more of Gentlemen Hall.  Watch the new lyric video above.

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@SIRPAUL’s Seductive Spin on Danceable Pop with New Album Seventh Star


SIRPAUL, Seventh Star

After hearing SIRPAUL’s music over these past few years and following his enthusiastic tweets, I like to consider him as a disco ambassador of love… and lust. His new album Seventh Star certainly contains enough positive, timeless energy to spill over into three albums of music, and is a fine follow up to songs that appear on the two This Beat Is…Poptronik! compilations, his recent collaborations with Armand Deluxe, and of course his last album The Horse. It’s a slick blend of pop and club-oriented dance tracks whose topics frequently lead to bed… never a bad thing of course! Collaborating producers include Armand Deluxe, Kevin Maroda, Baron, AKB, and Human Body.

Lead single “Every Single Moment” is hands down the best song, (already performing well on my chart at #24, video to come soon!), simply fresh and wondrous danceable pop. Similarly suited to bridge pop and dance is “He’s So Unusual”, which I honestly didn’t like at first, but it has an early 90’s dance vibe with lyrical reflections from past eras, and I think a lot of guys will relate. The album doesn’t waste time to have SIRPAUL get his major sexy on with a menage-a-trois of club bangers right in the middle: “Turning Me On”, “Black Leather”, and a standout, “Your Bedroom”, featuring producer/rapper Baron. The latter is late night, get-your-groove-on, pulsating and thrusting… whatever you desire! “Side By Side” is also a high point, propulsive eurodance that will keep you moving. Only the closing song “The Centenary Diamond” really to me doesn’t fit on this highly engaging album.

SIRPAUL continues to have a unique pop/dance approach and Seventh Star is now available on iTunes worldwide. Next up…. remixes!!



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BILLCS Top 30 #417 – November 4/13

Not to discount some of the significant activity on this edition of my personal chart, but do consult it below to find out to what positions songs by Pet Shop Boys, Parralox, Osvaldo Supino, DATABOY, FrankMusik, Ryan Star, Zendaya, and Jarell Perry, some of whom could make great gains in the coming weeks 🙂

The Top 5: 

  • Selfishly, Miguel & Jessie Ware advance to #1 with the year old “Adorn”. It’s one of my favourite songs of the year which I didn’t pick up on till months later, and the stunning duet is my way of making restitution! And it’s too bad that the two haven’t sung it together in performance – at least I can’t find anything (if you know, please let me know!).
  • ARTPOP is due next week, which is when I hope to hear the high quality releases. After “Do What U Want” and “Venus”, I have avoided the other new songs. In the meantime, Lady GaGa has fired her longtime manager, and taken out some sort of space insurance. But still “Applause” climbs to #2.
  • It’s one of the most pleasurable and positive songs of the year, and “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who advances to #3!
  • East coast Canadians will find Toronto quartet Neverest opening for Shawn Desman on an upcoming tour. They have other plans in store for the rest of us! After two weeks at the top, “Rewind” drops to #4.
  • Selfishly, and it’s not the first time I’ve done it, I charted “What’s Going On” by Monsieur Adi & A*M*E (which takes on Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” – and wins) months prematurely, and it exited the chart quietly a month ago – otherwise it may have disappeared from my chart before it was available for sale. Its official release date has been moved up to next Sunday, so it has returned for another 10 chart run. And what a return – #5 – a number one contender, I think? 🙂  Watch the très stylish video below.

Fast Risers:

  • It’s no surprise to regular readers that last week’s two debuts by Simon Curtis are high flying this week, though the Internet buzz on his free mixtape WWW has gone somewhat quiet. Nonetheless, “Do I Have To Dance” (19-11) and “Berlin Wall” (28-19, cute lyrics below) are still smashing Simon songs, certainly enough to whet our ears for his upcoming video and album.

  • The Nordic countries are lucky to have Anton Ewald and his infectious style of pop that I will continue to associate with his friend Eric Saade. This is more of Anton’s year though, his EP “A” is stellar, and “Can’t Hold Back” climbs 21-12. Too bad more of his (and other Swedish pop star) videos and songs are blocked from view over here. Does not make sense if their releases are available for purchase!
  • Lawson have created quite a tempest (no pun intended) with “Juliet” and their latest record store signings and opening gigs for Jessie J in the UK. One day we will be able to purchase more than “Learn To Love Again” over here. In any case, “Juliet” soars 23-17.

  • Travis Garland’s fourth run up my chart is with the album track “Easy” (26-18) from his self-titled release. It’s Latin-flavoured rhythm mixed with more than a smattering of disco will simply give you happy feet. Travis plays in Toronto at The Garrison tomorrow night (Thursday November 7) – alas I am unable to attend due to illness, but there will be a next time!
  • “Every Single Moment” by SIRPAUL defines ‘popervescence’ and dances the night away from 30-24. His new album Seventh Star is out tomorrow… more to follow!


Yes, one debut. But it’s well-deserved as the band’s “Dirty Floors” exits the chart after a maximum 10 chart (20 week) run. Andy Suzuki & The Method continue their uninterrupted chart run with “Keep Me Running”, whose video I wrote about a while back. Like “Dirty Floors”, it’s from their winning album Born Out Of Mischief. Lots of great things in store for this trio!

Special Feature:

You already know UK singer Sam Dickinson from “Learn To Wait”, which peaked at #8 two weeks ago from his album The Stories That Occurred.  Another one of those stories is “Lift Your Head”, which is dedicated to cancer awareness.  It’s a simple, lovely video which allowed some local British folks to commemorate their losses as Sam sings the song, which is his new single.  A great way for a new performer with a dynamite voice like Sam to connect with, well, just about everyone.  Watch below – tissues mandatory.

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and details web edition of my chart.

Here’s the full BILLCS Top 30 :)

04 01 ADORN Miguel F/ Jessie Ware
03 02 APPLAUSE Lady Gaga
01 04 REWIND Neverest
02 06 AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME Ryan Adamés
10 08 HEADHUNTER Parralox
11 09 I HAVE A NAME Osvaldo Supino
19 11 DO I HAVE TO DANCE Simon Curtis
21 12 CAN’T HOLD BACK Anton Ewald
05 13 BLACK LIGHT (Stormby remix) Kaden
15 14 MA RADIO Osvaldo Supino
17 15 HYMN FrankMusik
08 16 LEARN TO WAIT Sam Dickinson
23 17 JULIET Lawson
26 18 EASY Travis Garland
28 19 BERLIN WALL Simon Curtis
22 20 IMPOSSIBLE Ryan Star
24 21 REPLAY Zendaya
25 22 4TH OF JULY Jarell Perry
07 23 TAKE BACK THE NIGHT Justin Timberlake
13 25 ROYALS Lorde
14 26 I REMEMBER Nick Pes
16 27 SKIRT Kylie Minogue
18 28 HOMEWRECKER Travis Garland
New 29 KEEP ME RUNNING Andy Suzuki & The Method
20 30 PROBLEM (Kat Krazy remix) Natalia Kills

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@CageTheElephant Score Big with “Come A Little Closer”

CAGE THE ELEPHANT “Come A Little Closer”

Call me a newbie here to Cage The Elephant, but the song and video by the Kentucky quintet led by singer Matthew Shultz have caught my ears and eyes this time around.  I think it’s because the sound of “Come A Little Closer” has Cage The Elephant filling a most notable void in alt.rock left by bands that are no longer, such as R.E.M., but with a soulful edge. “Come A Little Closer” sounds like one of those rare alt.rock songs that will turn pop radio ears. The tour video is an intriguing showcase and very reminiscent of the 90’s, leaving one to wonder what the band is like in live performance.  It’s from the band’s recent album Melophobia.

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‘Scary’ British Quartet @YellowCreatures Arrive with “Town Hall Crypt”



 “Town Hall Crypt” arrived just in time for Hallowe’en by Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s quartet Yellow Creatures, who seem to use 80’s early new wave/post punk bands – Bauhaus, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen – as a jumping off point. Whether it’s scary or not is another thing, but I do enjoy the sense of humour. It’s pretty creative and tidy (2:11!) alt.rock with vocals that will quickly capture your attention. Watch for more from these guys!  Listen below.

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