An Adventure of the Soul: Sophomore Album from @BaiyuMusic “Ayahuasca”


BAIYU, Ayahuasca

The sophomore album from New York singer Baiyu, is somewhat of a turnabout from her debut release, last year’s Hunter.  Ayahuasca (the name of a hallucinogenic herb which is said to have spiritual properties) allows Baiyu to delve inward and project hopes, dreams, and fears into her songs.  She released a song a month for free throughout 2013, leading up to this release, and some of those songs are included on the album.  

The songs in Ayahuasca are mainly alternatives to pop/R&B songs on the radio, with a few short interludes, though like with Hunter, Baiyu’s strength is to gild her pitch-perfect voice to softer songs which have appealing quiet-power.   “Paper” and “Fire” are very different from each other, but likely the two examples of Baiyu at her best.  Musically the record is at its most experimental with the title song, and lyrically with “Sandman”.  On a whole Ayahuasca is an adventure of the soul – moody, romantic, dreamy.  It’s a great example to display the development of an artist, and Baiyu has much, much more to offer.

Download Ayahuasca for free from her website right here and listen to “Paper” below.

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