Reeeboot! Shattered Ice (Deluxe Edition) by @AdamTylerx


ADAM TYLER, Shattered Ice (Deluxe Edition)

With this reboot of the almost 3 year old debut album by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Adam Tyler, Adam has shown impressive growth in the new songs, which makes your purchase (particularly if you don’t have the original) all the more worthwhile. He first came to my attention with the riveting single “Friction” in 2010, still one of my favourites from him. I posted about Shattered Ice way back when, and Adam is a frequent visitor to my personal chart. His voice has grown more versatile, and works best on infectious light electropop or darker EDM.

The new single “Knew You Better” (below) is a grower, along the lines of the singer’s “Music Freak” or last year’s “Fade Into The Light” (also included!). Even better is “Criminal”, with a catchy synth line and melody that sends me back to the 80’s, and I can’t wait to see what a video of this might look like. Extremely impressive is the Aron Friedman remix of Shattered Ice’s debut single “I Won’t Let You Go”, which strips away a lot of Adam’s high notes and matches his lower register against a slow house beat. This is a well thought out treat that can stand alone as if it was a brand new song! Single potential all over again!

The other new songs are the Paul Hetherington-produced “Only One” (which I’ve already written about), plus “Magic”, “Paradise”, and “Concrete”. “Music Freak” and “Emergency” see alternate 2.0 versions that are highly complimentary to the originals.

There are 31 songs, mostly produced by pop whiz Sky Felix, including all of the original 11 Shattered Ice tunes, 6 new ones (including “Electric Valentine”, plus the previously released Hetherington-produced “Waiting In Line”) and lots more fun remixes. This deluxe edition is a great strategy to rebrand the timeless songs from the original album, plus provide us with more than an EP’s worth of new ones and more than another EP’s worth of remixes. You will not be disappointed if you pick up Adam Tyler’s Shattered Ice – Deluxe Edition on iTunes, I will guarantee it!


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