Risky Business: An Original by @JamesPoole_ “The Clocks Of Our Lives”


JAMES POOLE, “The Clocks Of Our Lives”

I love it when a singer wants to be a game changer and take risks.  UK singer James Poole has set aside his excellent viral cover version choices for an original this time, “The Clocks Of Our Lives”.  James has already hinted at taking risks with his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”, which was  a huge score with a decidedly different version of the song.  

“The Clocks Of Our Lives” reminds me particularly of 1970’s Elton John, who also took many risks with long, classically-based songs.  Here James incorporates Einaudi’s “Nuvole Bianchi” piece into the basis of the melody.  So it takes me back to Elton’s best work such as “Tiny Dancer” or “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, but I would say comparisons could also go to Chris de Burgh and his early to mid 80’s works, as well as to Jim Steinman, who wrote such beautiful songs for Meat Loaf.  

“The Clocks Of Our Lives” wants the singer to go back in time to start over, but he knows that he has to endure the heartache instead.  By the 3 minute mark, when James’ voice soars, it is a heart-wrenching moment.  Even though it’s over 5 minutes long, the song never seems that long as its resignation unfolds.  

I think James is secretly trying to educate us all on classical music and opera in his music 😉 and he might succeed.  This is a brilliant first original, but one that is so bold that I think it might take some time before it could catch on.  Nonetheless, it only makes me want to hear more from James Poole and his amazing voice.

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