80’s Soul Revival: “When You Left Me” by @SamDickinson (official video)


SAM DICKINSON, “When You Left Me” (official video)

One of the most pleasing debut albums I heard last year was Sam Dickinson’s The Stories That Occurred.  It’s full of both traditional and 80s/90s soul influences much of which come from the unique sounds of his fellow Brits.  It’s almost a year later, and The Stories That Occurred is about to get a reboot.  “When You Left Me” is the emotional and energetic trigger, if you will, full of 80s-styled horns and rhythms that will send you back to records by Paul Young, Simply Red, Culture Club, and particularly to me, The Style Council.  The video puts Sam back in front of you too, because this reboot involves a reissued 37 song album – with numerous remixes coming – due in August, as well as a number of upcoming opportunities to see Sam perform in and around the north east part of England.  “When You Left Me” was just featured on BBC2’s The Graham Norton Show over the past few days, so there’s keen interest in Sam Dickinson and his many talents.  You can purchase “When You Left Me” from the standard edition of The Stories That Occurred on iTunes, but watch for all the news to come at Sam’s website!