BILLCS Top 30 #434 – June 30/14

The end of June edition of my personal chart sees plenty of upward movement and four debuts, so I’ll be focusing on those this time.  Plus I have three winning chart ‘extras’!


Well perhaps except for the songs by the performer of our #1 and #6 songs…

  • Sam Smith is entrenched at #1 for a third appearance with “Stay With Me”, which will go down as a classic for which 2014 will be remembered.  Sam’s also at #6 with the beautiful “Not In That Way”.  Sam’s album In The Lonely Hour is thoroughly enjoyable, though I had already heard most of it anyway, and it’s not entirely a sad song affair, though that does seem to be his specialty 🙂
  • New Canadian boy wonder Tristan Thompson is poised to steal away #1 from Sam Smith in two weeks with “Tidal Wave”.  A great new voice plus a classic melody and infectious arrangement makes “Tidal Wave” an easy sell.

  • Jason Walker’s rendition of “Tell It To My Heart” (up top) moves up 10-4 and is just one of those records that smacks you in the face and changes your mood for the better, every time.  I absolutely adore it!  And whatta voice 🙂
  • Carl Man is a voice to get to know better on his collaboration with House Rockerz and Davis Redfield, “Electrify The Night”, which soars 12-5.  And it’s a great song all ways around too!
  • Convulsic’s crazy pop-inflected one-of-a-kind dubstep of “The Day You Left” climbs 9-7!

  • Attention, attention!  DVBBS & MOTi have arrived in the Top 10 with EDM that commands your attention, “This Is Dirty”, up 11-9.

  • Mr. Zorro Blakk (aka Daniel Volpe) also lands in the Top 10 with the pop-culturiffic “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)”, climbing 15-10, and features a nice blend of voices with singer Deniz Olivieri.  More on El Zorro later!


  • Stuck. In. My. Head.  That’s a very good reason for it to be the fastest riser, blazing up the chart 23-11.  It’s the Steve Smart and Westfunk radio edit of “Little Me” by Little Mix!

  • While radio is still giving attention to “Come With Me Now”, my preferred song by Kongos at this time is the bass-laden, playful “Hey I Don’t Know”, which moves up 19-15.

  • “Miracle” by E-Mute is no unassuming song, no sirree.  It keeps building and building, carried by Theo Mak’s riveting vocal and a classical piano melody that sticks in memory long after the song ends.  “Miracle” rises 20-17.

  • “The Fault In Our Stars” is a huge hit with the teen crowd, and it’s no surprise that Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” is about to be a defining song of summer.  It climbs 24-18.


I’ve already wrote about the four debuts in one form or another…

  • One of the most impressive songs I’ve heard in a while is the hybrid of Europop and dubstep in “Time Will Come” by new Finnish singer Hannis. It bows at a high #23!
  • As the deluxe edition of Adam Tyler’s Shattered Ice continues to resonate with me, the first single from the album premieres at #25, just as the long lasting “Electric Valentine” (also on the album, and Adam’s highest charting song to date, peaking at #3) is about to exit the chart.  “Knew You Better” is another Adam Tyler song about to make its mark on my chart 🙂
  • This one just makes you want to dance!  It’s the second entry by Zorro Blakk, taking lessons from hits by Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco with his penchant for long song titles!  “Big City Girls (Don’t Fall In Love With Small Town Boys)” will leave you equally breathless while you’re dancing, and it lands on the chart at #26.

  • Sam Dickinson’s debut album The Stories That Occurred is about to get a 37 song reboot, and the first single is an excellent choice that grabs you right from its guitar opening, carried by Sam’s potent voice.  “When You Left Me” debuts at #27.  Sam’s “Learn To Wait” reached #8 on my chart last Fall.  “When You Left Me” gets its official single release on July 7!



As “Fall Into Love” is about to leave the chart after peaking at #8, the duo of Simon Curtis and Wolfy released their second single together today, “Angeles”.  It couldn’t be a more different affair than “Fall Into Love”, but showcases the power of the pair.  “Angeles” has this beautiful, wistful melody, where you can picture a late night camp fire on an L.A. beach.  But the lyrics are bittersweet, arriving in L.A. with stars in your eyes only to find that the city is remote and disenchanting when all is said and done.  “Angeles” is a pleasing, personalized distraction, and will fit in nicely with this year’s end of summer songs.

ANTON EWALD featuring MEDINA, “This Could Be Something”

“This Could Be Something” is part of 20 year old Swedish singer/dancer/choreographer Anton Ewald’s latest fine EP On My Way, and it’s a danceable pop outing that definitely has designs on radio worldwide, and it could get there.  The talented singer duets with Danish singer Medina, and their combined forces really give an edge to the song’s chorus.  A song full of ‘ooh oohs’ and ‘oh ohs’ might not seem so favourable but for the enthusiasm of these two talents.  Katy Perry watch out, “This Could Be Something” could definitely be just that!

JAKE BARKER, “Stage Fright”

I was really pleased when Jake Barker was added to “The Voice” tour, even though he didn’t finish in the Top 10.  His talent and personality are unmistakeable.  The title song from his independently released EP is an up close recounting of that thing singers dread, whether on stage or about a relationship, and the cure is having his girl by his side.  Remember, Jake had never performed in concert before appearing on “The Voice” – and you’d never know it from the confidence he displays on stage.  The EP doesn’t mince any words, and Jake’s soothing R&B-influenced style makes it both romantic and easy to take in many doses.  You can hear an excerpt of the song only on iTunes.

The Full Chart 

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

01 01 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
02 02 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
03 03 PROXY Martin Garrix
10 04 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
12 05 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
08 06 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
09 07 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
15 10 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
23 11 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk radio edit) Little Mix
13 12 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
05 13 LOVE SPACE Convulsic
07 14 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer
19 15 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
20 17 MIRACLE E-Mute
24 18 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
06 19 DEAR NICOLE FrankMusik
21 20 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
25 21 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
26 22 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
New 23 TIME HAS COME Hannis
New 25 KNEW YOU BETTER Adam Tyler
New 27 WHEN YOU LEFT ME Sam Dickinson
16 28 BE MINE Kendal Thompson
17 29 FALL INTO LOVE Wrathschild
22 30 LATCH Disclosure featuring Sam Smith