Making Music Memories: “Zeppelin” by @EliLieb


ELI LIEB, “Zeppelin”

Iowa born singer/songwriter Eli Lieb has created one of those songs that will become ingrained in the musical part of your being after you hear it just once.  It’s “Zeppelin”, and while some people might think “why Zeppelin?”, others will think “as in Led Zeppelin?” – and then “but why is Eli Lieb singing about Led Zeppelin?”  Well Eli hasn’t risen to new heights for nothing after five years of You Tube recognition, a 2011 self-titled independent album, connections with the likes of Adam Lambert and Cheyenne Jackson, and his powerful 2013 song about male romance “Young Love”.  He’s zeroed in on how we sometimes relate to relationships, gay or otherwise, and that is through music and our favourite performers.  In this case, his video unfolds below referencing back to great times listening to songs by Led Zeppelin.  And while it seem easy to include pop culture in the lyrics, Eli convincingly makes you listen to hear how references to Led Zeppelin songs unfold.  “Zeppelin” is destined to put Eli Lieb’s name into the ears of the 18-45 set in the same way that 5 Seconds Of Summer now make the younger set think of American Apparel underwear, and all you have to do is lend it your eyes and ears.  It’s available on iTunes.

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