Back In Fine Form: @Erasureinfo with “Elevation”, @DaveAude & @AndyBell_info “Aftermath (Here We Go)”


ERASURE, “Elevation”

DAVE AUDE featuring ANDY BELL, “Aftermath (Here We Go)”

I was thrilled to find out this summer that Erasure is back not only on record with The Violet Flame in September, but shortly after its release, they will be touring and making a stop in my city *tickets bought*… I first saw them in 1986 and last (of five times, I think) in 2011!!  So first on deck we have “Elevation” (ab0ve), a sparkling mid-tempo song which takes us back to their mid-90’s songs such as “Always” courtesy of glistening Richard X production.  It’s going to sound great in concert!  Next up is a US club #1 for “Aftermath (Here We Go)” (below), and if this was a radio era like 20 years ago, you’d be hearing it to death everywhere.  Truly, this song has HIT written all over it and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Dave Audé clearly put his Erasure inspiration hat on and gives us one of Andy’s best recent vocals (and Andy’s looking wonderfully fit in the video as ever).  At times it sounds so much like Erasure that even hardcore Erasure fans wouldn’t know!  The last quarter of 2014 looks to bring us great music and shows from Erasure and maybe even more songs from Andy given the success of “Aftermath”.  

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