Introducing @StargrovesBand and Their Self-Titled Album


STARGROVES, Stargroves (album)

Stargroves is a five-piece New York City band which represents lead singer, songwriter and producer Teddy Watson, who is the album’s cover boy.  It’s one of those alternative pop records whose depth isn’t easily summed up in a few paragraphs.  It’s certainly a highly personalized effort – I can’t really begin to understand all of the stories without many more subsequent listens.  But the music is pure ear candy in every best sense, introduced by the opener instrumental “Untitled”, preparing you for luscious arrangements that run through some fairly lengthy songs.  Those arrangements include strings, which form a classical base.  

But Stargroves is obviously contemporary, and best comparisons would find a place somewhere between Stars and Owl City.  Particularly reminiscent of the latter is the duet between Teddy and Oscar nominated actress Abigail Breslin on new single “Westfjords”, and she also lends beautiful contrast in “Within Me A Lunatic Sings”.  Like someone such as Rufus Wainwright, besides his own playing, Teddy’s voice is another of the album’s attractions.  He doesn’t sound like anyone else, Adam Young of Owl City is likely the closest.  It makes a unique experience listening to stories like “Half Awake In Reykjavik” (Teddy spent several months in Iceland writing songs for this album), “A Good Child Sings A Good Song”, and another memorable single, “Hats In The Air” (video below).  

Stargroves’ album has magical moments which begin to spell great things for Teddy and his mates.  It takes some effort to get through it all but you will be very glad you did.

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