Ever So Delicate: “Silver Moonlight” by @JamesPoole_

JAMES POOLE featuring YIRUMA, “Silver Moonlight”

If it’s not clear by now from my previous blog posts, UK singer James Poole clearly has one of the best new voices of 2014.  It’s already been proven with adventurous cover song choices, as he moves into recording and sharing some original songs.  We’ve already heard the emotional, classical-based “The Clocks Of Our Lives”, so far one of the finest new songs of the year yet to be released.  “Silver Moonlight” follows that with another gorgeous, delicate piano melody (courtesy of South Korea’s Yiruma) matched with romantic lyrics and imagery – okay, folks… just.. remember… to… breathe!!  The song highlights James’ head voice range, whereas other songs have given us pop styles with his deeper octave which shows his opera training.  

Another thing that I like about James’ new songs is that they are subtler and quieter but still promoted to the attention of a younger generation that won’t hear them on the radio. With James’ online and in person dedication to his fans, he seems to be honing in on a unique market.  And don’t forget that transitioning out of being a ‘boy band’ member (late of Class A) and into this classic pop style would have once seemed as unfathomable.  

But once again James delivers, makes it extraordinarily memorable, and now the rest of the world must simply catch up.  Listen to “Silver Moonlight” above.  I don’t normally write about songs so far in advance of an actual official release, but I’m looking forward to the day that I can buy these ones 🙂

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