Extreme Dayz: “To The Extreme” Video by @CarsCalories

CARS & CALORIES, “To The Extreme” (video)

It’s been a hot second since I helped bring Norwegian duo Cars & Calories to your attention with not only the power-poppy “To The Extreme” but also the heart-pounder “Runner Up”.  You get a look at look at the lads, Jim André and Michael – and Jim André looks as young as his voice 😉  The video for “To The Extreme” starts off a little dry, but stick with it, because everything comes together within about the last minute.  I don’t know about you, but being older than the average blogger, I found that its generational theme put a smile on my face.  And now I digress:  When I was much younger, short-lived Canadian troupe Boys Brigade – who I got to see in concert, horn section and all, along with lead singer (eventually well-known producer) Malcolm Burn – had snippets of a similar idea, albeit gender-bending – given away from the start – in their video for “The Passion Of Love” below.  And I had the same warm reaction then too!

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