Party NYC Style with @OsvaldoSupino and “Livin’ Again”

OSVALDO SUPINO, “Livin’ Again”

Italian star Osvaldo Supino’s latest single “Livin’ Again”  follows last year’s “I Have A Name” and “Ma Radio”, both of which graced my personal chart.  “Livin’ Again” is a hot mess of a dance record that quite deliberately and gleefully throws back to a variety of past hits.  You can tap 2 Unlimited, Fedde LeGrand, Taio Cruz, and maybe even Fatman Scoop, mix it all with current club pop/dance styles, and you have a song that is so European but yet concocted by American writers and producers.  It’s an uplifting blast, and enhanced by an Osvaldo-in-NYC video where he’s out and about to have a great time with pals in the city, with one other wanna-be-friend in hot pursuit. “Livin’ Again” also may be a bit stylistically all over the place but fun is had by all and it’s simply one-of-a-kind Osvaldo.