BILLCS Top 30 #441 – October 6, 2014

The top three songs have an incredible lock on the chart right now, and there are five debuts, so without further adieu:



Sam Smith “I’m Not The Only One”


Mikky Ekko “Smile”


Harriet “Afterglow”



  • So the next question is:  Can Brandyn Burnette’s “Thanks For Nothing” crack the Top 3, as it rises significantly, up 10-4?  The singer constantly reminds us on Twitter that the song may be a straight middle finger to a past relationship, but that it has an optimistic side to it about moving forward.  Gotta listen to Brandyn!!  There’s an ages old soul in that young body, methinks!


  • Those “Music Gods” keep forging ahead on this chart!  Davis Redfield and vocalist Carl Man climb 7-6 in this edition.


  • Get to know Canadian R&B/hip hop singer Corey Niles as his latest song “Get To Know You” spreads across Canada, with the help of rapper Ish!  It rises 9-7 🙂


  • Second time’s a charm, especially when it’s in a gorgeous, romantic, midtempo house remix!  “I Won’t Let You Go” by Adam Tyler in an Aron Friedman remix gets to the Top 10 for the second time, and that’s only happened once before, with Nelson Clemente’s “You Want Me Don’t You” in 2008/09, which peaked at #3 both times.  “I Won’t Let You Go” is at #8, three places short of its original #5 peak in 2011.
  • The fastest riser on the chart is “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware, moving 20-9, and arriving in the Top 25 on the UK Singles Chart this week.  Simply cannot wait to hear it in concert later in the month.  Looking at the Top 3, I have to wonder when “Say You Love Me” will be able to crack the mold, but we’ll see!


  • Jamie Scott’s “Unbreakable” may be unstoppable at this point – it moves up 16-11 this week and will almost certainly grab a Top 10 berth in two weeks!


  • Aussie faves 5 Seconds Of Summer seem to be making more waves at radio now as the Fall sets in with “Amnesia” rising up 17-14 🙂


  • Chromatone has such a good groove going on in “Play For Me” that you must check out the fantastic dance moves in its well-shot video.  It climbs 21-17.



  •  It’s an overdue debut, but always better late than never.  While his team has been promoting “Oh So Simple” and “Scared” from his fine EP Stage Fright, the romantic inside me has long been with The Voice contestant blue-eyed soul singer Jake Barker’s title song, which bows at #23.  You can only hear a preview on iTunes but it’s worth purchasing the EP for its entire four song selection.  The following lyrics alone just send me at each listen just after the minute mark:  “10,000 people looking down on me / All eyes on me / Could I picture my life / All I see is you”.  Jake Barker has an immense future ahead – and he didn’t even finish in the Top 10 on The Voice!
  •  A love song of a very different kind is “Brando” by Semi-Precious Weapons, which arrives at #24 in advance of their second 2014, following Spring’s Aviation release.  “Brando” gets away from the anthemic sounds on Aviation in favour of a song that sings about when you are faced with the fact that you are impossibly in love.  Justin Tranter’s vocal is on its best game here, and I’m really looking forward to more from SPW before the end of the year!  Now if we can only get them up to Canada to tour…


  • I wrote about Jane Badler’s “Losing You” a while back, but the song gets under your skin quickly, so it arrives on the chart at #26.  Actress/singer Jane previously reached #8 with “Yesterday’s Tomorrows”, so her alt.pop stylings are no stranger to this chart!  Be sure to check out the impressive video trek through personal hell below.
  • Those Janoskians fans have eaten up my Twitter timeline today as the boys play a show at the Danforth Music Hall.  I like these guys for the fact that they are bold enough to take risks to break out of the boy band mold, even though they will attract some similar fans as One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and even Justin Bieber.  The Janoskians shake things up with their innuendo with “That’s What She Said” at #27.  North American radio isn’t playing, but then again that’s no surprise.  The huge fan base says ALL!!


  • It seems like there’s always room on my chart this year for another Sam Smith song.  The 80’s flavoured “Restart” (particularly reminscent of Daryl Hall & John Oates or The Doobie Brothers brand of white soul) premieres at #28 along with a new video below.

 Extra! Extra!

The duo Erasure (being singer Andy Bell and keyboardist Vince Clarke) has long endured because they know how to deliver exactly what their audience wants, and continue to create new songs for their huge repertoire.  Their music is hugely influential on today’s electronica performers, whether that’s obvious or not.  Their latest album The Violet Flame is their best in many years, more than ever a throwback to their classic late 80’s/early 90’s period, which is where their set list focuses in concert.  While “Elevation” rises on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart, the chart-bound zinger on the album belongs to “Sacred”.  Listen below!!

  • Lastly, Tristan Thompson’s “Mistaken” shall return to the chart!  It’s been bumped to being the third single release from Here For You in favour of another song, which I shall be writing about very soon!

The Full Chart

01 01 I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE Sam Smith
02 02 SMILE Mikky Ekko
03 03 AFTERGLOW Harriet
10 04 THANKS FOR NOTHING Brandyn Burnette
05 05 NO FUN The Presets
07 06 MUSIC GODS Davis Redfield featuring Carl Man
09 07 GET TO KNOW YOU Corey Niles featuring Ish
13 08 I WON’T LET YOU GO (Aron Friedman remix) Adam Tyler
20 09 SAY YOU LOVE ME Jessie Ware
04 10 THIS COULD BE SOMETHING Anton Ewald featuring Medina
16 11 UNBREAKABLE Jamie Scott
14 12 ZEPPELIN Eli Lieb
15 13 JUST SAY HELLO Lyonn
17 14 AMNESIA 5 Seconds Of Summer
18 15 CRIMINAL Adam Tyler
06 16 I BELIEVE Bright Light Bright Light
21 17 PLAY FOR ME Chromatone
08 18 STRANGER Chris Malinchak featuring Mikky Ekko
11 19 TIME HAS COME Hannis
12 20 TEN FEET TALL Afrojack featuring Wrabel
23 21 KILLER WHALES Smallpools
25 22 HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE Penguin Prison
New 23 STAGE FRIGHT Jake Barker
New 24 BRANDO Semi-Precious Weapons
19 25 WHEN YOU LEFT ME Sam Dickinson
New 26 LOSING YOU Jane Badler
New 27 THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID The Janoskians
New 28 RESTART Sam Smith
29 30 KNEW YOU BETTER Adam Tyler

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