Wrapped Up In The Music: @ColorTheory Presents “Headphones”

COLOR THEORY, “Headphones”

For readers not familiar with Color Theory, this one-man band, producer and engineer (aka Brian Hazard) has over the past 20 years or so specialized in a reverent Depeche Mode style of electronic music amid many original pieces of music as well.  Most recently Color Theory crept onto my personal chart as guest artist on the hypnotic “Colder” by Amelia’s Fault.  

Color Theory’s most recent album is Adjustments Part 2, in which you will find “Headphones”.  This song is one of those unassuming gems that surfaces every now and then and I just love it!  The lyrics depict an obsessive loner who is wrapped up in the music inside his headphones.  I think music fans will totally relate – there are just times when music consumes you and sometimes the best way is just to block everything else and let the sounds in the headphones take over.  And while the original version above pulls you into its technological fortress, the Matt Mancid retro crossover mix (which you can hear and download right here) gives the song a vibrant, more 80’s kind of makeover, particularly at the beginning, with a more lilting melody and less mechanical arrangement, making it perfectly suited for the dancefloor, very reminiscent of electronic music circa 1985 (I want to point to Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts” or Talk Talk or Pet Shop Boys).  Brian himself suggests you might hear Madonna’s “Borderline” – and I do, but it’s only a small part of the melody.  

Even though the subject matter is introverted, the result is fascinating and enthralling.  “Headphones” in its original version or remix is one of those intriguing songs that slips inside your head and stays there for good.  You can pick up the original version and the album Adjustments Part 2 on iTunes.

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